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This story is No. 6 in the series "Cooperation 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Seeley Booth looks like a certain vampire, but is he?

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Television > Bones > General(Past Donor)HenryFR181611,00344851,31921 Nov 0721 Aug 10Yes

Chapter Sixteen - The End

Author's Note: First off, I'd like to thank everyone who's stuck around and kept reading, even though this took so very long. Secondly, I'm hoping to find someone who would be willing to beta the whole thing before I put it up over at AO3. And lastly, yes, there is a sequel, if anyone is actually interested still.

Disclaimer: I do not own either Bones or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Connor was a little upset when Faith tasked him with Hodgins instead of his father, but he understood her decision and there was no time to argue. He'd seen picture of the man while going through the intel that Karina had gathered: a scientist of some sort. Easy enough for Connor to take down.

Hodgins didn't even seem to notice that Connor was approaching him. The man just continued to to load tanks aboard that boat. "Mister... Hodgins?" Connor said, repeating the name Booth had been yelling moments ago. There was no response from the man. Connor reached out to grab Hodgins' arm, and the man spun around. The only thing that saved Connor from a broken nose were his ultra-fast reflexes. Hodgins punched and Connor ducked. It was a short fight, Hodgins seemed to have power but no skill and Connor managed to knock him out before he did too much damage.

"You okay?" Faith called.

"I'm fine. But he's out for the count," Connor replied, and then carried the unconscious man over to where Willow was still perched over Booth.

Karina and Dawn gathered closer. "No one seems to have noticed the commotion," Karina said, kneeling down next to Hodgins.

"Faith, watch Booth, make sure he doesn't wake up. I'm going to take a look and see what's going on," Willow said, gesturing at Hodgins.

Faith nodded, and Willow turned her concentration to Hodgins while Connor looked on.

It didn't look like Willow did anything, but when she looked up her eyes were black she said, "I was right about Manahan, but Hodgins should wake up and be fine. As for Manahan, well, we should make a note for someone to check in on him in a hundred years. Right now he's safely asleep." The slight smirk on her face dissuaded anyone from asking what exactly she had done.

As if on cue, Hodgins groaned. "Where am I?" he slurred.

"You passed out. We're at the boat locker," Faith said.

Further explanation was cut off by a groan from Booth.

"Connor?" Booth said, and then attempted to sit up.

"Dad?" Connor asked as Faith prevented Booth from sitting up.

"If you sit up right now, ten to one odds you'll puke," Faith explained, hands still on Booth's shoulders. "Stay down for another minute or two, and I'll let you talk with Connor."

"Okay, Faith, I'll behave," Booth said, and Faith moved to check on Hodgins while Connor knelt down beside Booth.

"You remember me?" Connor asked.

"I do. It's fuzzy, like a dream, but I remember you, Connor," Booth said, a smile spreading across his face. "You've grown up so much."

"You're human now." Connor stared down at his father.

"Yeah, kiddo, I am. And from what I remember, it seems like I have a lot to make up for, if you'll let me."

"We should..." Connor started to say, but Dawn interrupted him.

"Hate to break up this father-son bonding moment, but the cops are on the way," she said. "And some of us should definitely not be here when they get here."

Faith and Connor got Booth up right as Willow and Karina steered Hodgins toward his car.

"We'll follow you in his car," Willow said, and Faith nodded.

"What just happened?" Hodgins asked as Willow helped him into the backseat of his own car.

"That," Willow said, "is a story for another day."

The End

You have reached the end of "Recognized". This story is complete.

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