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This story is No. 6 in the series "Cooperation 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Seeley Booth looks like a certain vampire, but is he?

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Television > Bones > General(Past Donor)HenryFR181611,00344851,26421 Nov 0721 Aug 10Yes

Chapter One

Author's Note: Eleventh story in the Cooperation 'Verse
Disclaimer: None of these characters or show are mine.
Note: Takes place mid-season 3 for Bones and post-series for AtS and BtVS.

Rona was the third slayer to spot a man strongly resembling Angel, though the first to see him daylight. She’d even gotten a name, Special Agent Seeley Booth.

Giles sighed, even at this late date Buffy didn’t need to run into a man who might as well be Angel’s clone. Which Giles had already put Andrew in charge of checking out. Better safe than sorry.

Once they were out of Sunnydale and things had settled, he’d arranged a “transfer” for Rona to Ohio State University. In fact, with Willow’s technical skills and a few of Giles contacts, every new slayer who wanted a chance at college got one. Rona had stuck with it and had even decided to go on to graduate school. Giles had pushed for medical school, both because Rona seemed suited and because it would be an indispensable skill for a slayer. Instead, she’d chosen a physical anthropology program with a focus on forensics. She claimed to have come to like dead people better than either the living or the undead.

Her report had been exceedingly complete and Giles was once again glad she was heading up the Northwestern region. Seeley Booth was warm, drew breath and had a pulse. Apparently, Rona had pulled him out of an open grave he’d almost fallen into. He showed no signs of recognizing her, either as herself or as a slayer and she’s gotten nothing from her slayer senses. More importantly, he had stood in direct sunlight and not turned to dust.

Giles considered Angel, pushing away the old pain and betrayal. He’d disappeared three years ago, thought dead after decimating the Circle of the Black Thorne: Spike and the rest of Angel Investigations gone with him. If he hadn’t died, had gone underground, well, Giles thought Seeley Booth was the kind of person Angel might just want to be. Still, the man had stood in direct sunlight and the Gem of Amarra was destroyed.

Going with gut instinct, Giles asked Willow to do some research and asked a few slayers to keep a close eye on the man. Not Buffy; she’d find out eventually but by then Giles hoped he could tell her that Seeley Booth was just a man.
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