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This story is No. 3 in the series "Slayer Sonnets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith and Anita head back to the wizard world

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered
Harry Potter > Faith-Centered
(Past Donor)LupoFR18612,770023,17121 Nov 076 Jun 08Yes


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters contained within.

That would be Joss Whedon, L. Hamilton, JK Rowling



Early the next morning, Anita called to say

She would be over, to see Faith later that day

Then they would discuss, where to go from here

They both knew damn well, that a battle was near


When Anita showed up, Faith had a surprise

Something had changed, there was a look in her eyes

Faith began to explain, what she thought they should do

She wanted Anita to know, she couldn’t go too


Faith said “Anita, I’ve given this some thought”

“I have a way to find the what, without getting caught”

“Before I came here, I got a note from a man in a cape”

“It was an offer to lead them, from Severus Snape”


“I’ll send him a message, to say that I’m in”

“They’ll get me right away, so the chaos can begin”

“What I want you to do, is let Dumbledore know”

“As soon as they call me, I’ll be ready to go”


Anita gave it some thought, it was a good plan

She would need to get backup, as soon as she can

She said to Faith “Are you sure you should go”

“If they find you’re a spy, you’ll be killed you know”


 “I’ve thought it through, it’s the only way I see”

Faith said “Remember that they came, looking for me”

“They know my past, it is what they expect”

“They want me to lead, on their evil project”


“I don’t like it, too much can go wrong” Anita replied

“You’ll be on your own, I’ll be pissed if you died”

“It’ll be five by five” Faith said with a grin

“This isn’t the first time, I’ve played my evil twin”



They made plans to go to the Circus, the very next day

To make the arrangements, that’ll send them on their way

Faith would send a message, to the man in the cape

By using the card addressed, to Severus Snape


Anita would follow, the day after Faith leaves

Using the portkey to travel, across the seas

She’ll have to stay, with the wizard Dumbledore

To pass on what Faith says, the bad guys have in store



Faith sent the message, she agreed to their plan

In it she stated, she wanted to meet the strange man

She settled in to wait, for the reply to show here

It didn’t take long, for an owl to appear


“I am glad you have agreed”, was writ in the note

“You could not resist”, the message did gloat

“I’ll send someone to fetch you, in the early morn”

“Tell no one you are leaving”, the note did warn


She waited in her room, as the night slipped away

Thinking over the choices, she made that day

As her thoughts circled round, inside of her head

She tried to take comfort, in what Buffy said


Faith tried for once, to feel Buffy’s thought

And knew right away, she wouldn’t get caught

She would go and stand true, to the promise she made

She’d avenge Buffy’s death, that debt would be paid


She paced back and forth, bags packed by the door

There came a knock, it was time she was sure

Opening her door, she allowed them in

There were two wizards, one fat and one thin


“We are here to escort you”, the fat one did say

“Back to our world, we should leave right away”

“You will be given all you need”, the thin one replied

“In our leaders house, is where you will reside”


Faith looked to her bags, then nodded her head

She would just go along, with what they said

With the clothes on her back, her weapons concealed

She led them through the door, keeping eyes peeled


They went to a park, just down the street

Faith thought someone else, they would meet

The thin wizard stopped, while holding her arm

Explained they would travel, by using a charm

To allow crossing the miles, that much quicker

The fat wizard disappeared, with only a flicker


Next she knew, her guts were being squeezed down

She could not see a thing, no sky and no ground

It went on forever, time did not exist

For a trip on a plane, she sorely wished


Then it was over, her feet touched the ground

Wiping tears from her eyes, she looked around

They were standing outside, an old mansion it seemed

The lights in the windows, from candles softly gleamed


They went through the gate, walked up to the door

Slayer senses tingling, she was watched she was sure

The wizard gave a short knock, then walked right inside

Faith stayed with them, her tension trying to hide


They went down the hallway, then off to the right

A room with three people, came into their sight

Books lined the walls, a long table was there

The wizard from the alley, got up out of a chair


He came forward to Faith, extending a hand

When he spoke, his voice seemed too bland

“Welcome Dark Slayer, we are glad that you came”

“We were awaiting you, to start our new campaign”


Faith noticed the others, there in the room

They stayed in shadows, hovered in the gloom

Senses still tingling, looking at the man from the chair

Something was not right, with the way he stood there


His appearance was wrong, plastic or fake

Too much magic was here, for her senses to take

She might be wrong, she just couldn’t know

Just to be careful, she would have to move slow


“Allow me to introduce myself” the wizard before her started

“As I did not when last we met, before I departed”

“I am Severus Snape, I lead here you see”

“All of your orders, will come directly from me”


He then turned to the others, that were gathered there

Started introductions, with one of white hair

“This is Lucius Malfoy, he will help in your quest”

“For causing evil mischief, he is one of the best”


“This is Dadelus, he is ruled by vampire law”

“At four hundred years, wolves are his animal to call”

“We are the only three, which you need to meet”

“We will supply all you need, your opponent to beat”


“Someone will show you, where you will stay”

“Do not wander off, there are places you must not stray”

Faith gave them a nod, then left with her guide

That this place made her wig, she was trying to hide


They came to her room and left her alone

She wanted to call Anita, didn’t dare use her phone

It would be awhile it seemed, before they could speak

When she told about Snape, Dumbledore would freak



Anita used the portkey, after Faith disappeared

Her vanishing without a word, was pretty weird

Anita figured that Faith, wasn’t given a choice

She would have given a lot, to hear the girls voice


When she arrived at Hogwarts, Dumbledore was there

He smiled a greeting, as he rose from his chair

“Anita glad to see you, but must say it’s a surprise”

 She couldn’t help but notice, the shrewd look in his eyes


“There’s a problem with your choice of friends”, Anita said

“Your pal Severus, has been trying, to make me dead”

Dumbledore’s look, was difficult to explain

He didn’t seem surprised, more like he was under strain


 “Who is this with you, I don’t believe that we met”

Dumbledore said “I’m sure your manners, you did not forget”

Anita took the rebuff, that he offered in stride

She said “This is Sylvie, who will stand by my side”


“I needed someone who, I could absolutely trust”

“I want her here as backup, she will do what she must”

With a smile for Sylvie, Dumbledore turned and said

“My dear you feel like a werewolf, inside my head”


“You are welcome to stay, as long as you want”

“There is plenty of game, in the forest to hunt”

“My students will arrive, at the end of the week”

“We will need precautions, of this later we’ll speak”


“Anita we will talk, of events you reported”

 “Now to your apartments, I will have you escorted”

“Where you can unpack, settle in before we eat”

“Having you both here, will be quite a treat”



A week had gone by, since the girls came to stay

When trying to speak to Dumbledore, problems got in the way

The professors arrived, the castle population grown

This made it harder, to get Dumbledore alone


When Anita saw Snape, she wanted to shoot him

He came to her and spoke, his voice low and grim

“Ms. Blake my sympathy to you, for your friend being lost”

“In the battle with Voldemort, we’ve all paid a cost”


“I regret I was not here, when you returned that day”

“To help you recover from her loss, however I may”

What helped her to stay calm, was Sylvie by her side

The soothing of the pack, is why Snape hadn’t died


Soon he left, ignoring Sylvie with disdain

That was another reason, to put a bullet in his brain

Sylvie turned to Anita, and started to speak

“Anita why are we here, we’ve done nothing all week”


“We’re waiting for a message, from a friend” Anita replied

“She’s fighting Snape, and his people from inside”

“We need to hear from her first, to know what to do”

“If we don’t hear from Faith soon, we’ll mount a rescue”


Sylvie startled at the name, of the girl undercover

If it was the same Faith, she’d have to discover

“Anita outside the club, when I was under attack”

“There was a young woman, who helped me fight back”


“I had met her inside, Faith was her name”

“Please do not tell me, this girl is the same”

“She had long wavy hair, and was sexy as hell”

“Is her description, ringing a bell?”


“Yea that sounds like Faith, “ Anita smiled

“She’s got attitude, favors leather and is a little wild”

“Faith is a Slayer, she’s called the chosen one”

“She hunts mystical bad guys, she thinks that it’s fun”


 “Snape and his wackos, offered her a place”

“To help them wipe Muggles, off the Earth’s face”

 “She has a rough past, but now fights for the good”

“If anyone can stop them, I’m sure that Faith could”


One thing Anita learned, in the week she was there

Was about a boy with a scar, and unruly dark hair

He stayed by himself, or with a friend or two

She couldn’t believe the stories, of what he’d been through


Dumbledore introduced them, after dinner one night

Anita had felt cold, when he came into sight

The last time she felt this, was as a faint chill

While fighting Voldemort, in the cemetery on a hill


“Ms. Blake and Ms. Barker, this is Harry Potter”

To Harry it seemed, the room just got much hotter

One woman was short, not much taller than him

The other was dark, and giving him a grin


Both of them were pretty, each in their own way

Harry found himself hoping, they were going to stay

“I am glad to meet you”, Harry held out his hand

When Anita touched him, it was hard to stand


Her Necromancy swelled, this boy was touched by death

Anita pushed back the power, by taking a deep breath

“Nice to meet you Harry”, was all she could say

Then took her hand back, while stepping away


He gave her a look, trying to see what was wrong

He was used to her reaction, but this seemed pretty strong

Harry turned to Sylvie, and gave her a wave

“Hi” was all he said, trying to be brave


Dumbledore spoke, into the silence of the hall

“I thought you should meet, because after all”

“You have something in common, now that Anita arrived”

“You’re the only two here, who fought Voldemort and survived”



Faith spent the week, trying to work out their plan

They wanted to take the castle, as soon as they can

The attack would be soon, she was pretty sure

She needed a way, to warn Dumbledore


She only saw Snape, for less than an hour

When he was around, she felt a strange power

This morning she was summoned, to the room she first saw

She walked inside, awhile after the call


“I called you almost an hour ago” Snape said

Faith replied “It took me awhile, I was still in bed”

“You will learn, that I do not like to wait”

The tone of his voice, was full of hate


Faith just looked bored and nodded her head

Then Snape continued “I want someone dead”

“You have yet to prove, that you I can trust”

“This will be shown, do this you must”


“There is a boy that has, interrupted my plans”

“I want him removed, I want his blood on your hands”

“His name is Harry Potter, he is under Dumbledore’s care”

“He will be in Hogsmede tomorrow, kill him while he’s there”


Snape was sitting, in his high backed chair

He seemed paler of face, with his long stringy hair

There seemed to be a ripple, from under his skin

From his right hand a silver gleam did begin


He ended the meeting, abruptly sending her out

As the door closed, she thought she heard him shout

It was not her concern, she had enough on her mind

She would need to figure a way, out of this bind



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