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This story is No. 3 in the series "Slayer Sonnets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith and Anita head back to the wizard world

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered
Harry Potter > Faith-Centered
(Past Donor)LupoFR18612,770023,15821 Nov 076 Jun 08Yes

Don't Go

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters contained within.

That would be Joss Whedon, L. Hamilton, JK Rowling


Don’t Go:


When the wind died down, and they opened their eyes

The Lupnar they found, was just over the rise

Richard walking towards them, a grim look on his face

The werewolves of the pack, began to gather at this place


They had brought Sylvie home, with the munin to be one

At the gathering tonight, this last bit of duty to be done

Anita had spoke of what would be, once they came back

Sylvie’s memories and essence, to be absorbed by the pack


Faith let them take Sylvie, after saying her last goodbye

She would not stay to watch, she could not even try

She left with Anita, feeling she could sleep for a week

No matter what Anita said, Faith would not to speak


Back at her room, and sprawled across her bed

Images of the battle, which ran through her head

She tried to find something, that she could’ve done

To save Sylvie’s life, and still the fight won


“Once more just not good enough”, she said to herself

As she looked at some pictures, she lined up on a shelf

One with her and B, when she first came to Sunnydale

The next of her first watcher, this thought made her pale


There were some from the Bronze, with Buffy dancing in the night

She remembered how they’d go there, before finding evil to fight

One or two of the Scoobies, who she tried to befriend

But Willow wouldn’t let her, scared she’d steal Buffy in the end


Faith’s thought of Buffy, brought Sylvie back to her mind

She felt her fists clenching, and her teeth starting to grind

Sorrow turned to anger, like nighttime turns into day

How dare the Powers again, take her happiness away


Her anger kept building, soon Faith was in a rage

She headed out the door, this room felt like a cage

The sun had gone down, the moon was on the rise

She’d find a demon bar, and take them by surprise


As she plowed through the lobby, she felt a shift in the air

From the corner of her eye, she caught a flash of black hair

Turning round to look, Anita was walking towards her at speed

An angry look on her face, something that Faith could not read


“I was coming to get you”, said Anita as she came to a stop

“I want you to help me, even though you’re not a cop.”

“I have a warrant of execution, for some very bad vamps”

“These five have been preying on, the city’s homeless camps”


“Women and children mostly, are who they attack”

“They raid them each night, to pick up a snack”

Anita finished talking, watching the look in Faith’s eye

She could see in their depths, something was going to die


Faith replied, “We go in and kill them, no arresting them right?”

This was just what she needed, a really great reason to fight

“I never arrest vampires, it’s too hard to hold them” Anita said.

“I find them; start shooting, and don’t stop till they’re dead.”


“We’re five by five then”, Faith said turning to go

“Where can we find them, is all I need to know.”

Anita said “We’ll get there soon; the lair’s not that far”

She led Faith outside, and then over to her car


Ten minutes later, they stood in front of a warehouse door

Faith’s senses picked out the five vamps, and then something more

It felt sort of familiar, like a prickling at the back of her mind

It didn’t feel like a demon or vamp, but still death of some kind


“Shit, shit, shit”, hissed out Anita, next to Faith’s ear

Faith noticed a chanting, so low she could barely hear

Grabbing Anita by the arm, and moving back out of sight

They passed by a window, looking in from out of the night


A series of runes, were painted on the floor

In two straight lines, leading away from the door

At the end of these lines, in the middle of the room

Where three naked girls, were awaiting their doom


They were tied up and gagged, could not move or speak

They were beat up and bruised, looking very weak

They lay in a circle, which was drawn on the floor

Surrounded by zombies, that were rotting and sore


Standing in a half circle, at the head of this sight

Were the vampires Anita, was hunting this night

Off to the side, by a small alter there stood

One other being dressed, in a cloak and a hood


“Why’s that guy’s power, feel so strange in my head”

Standing next to Anita, Faith quietly said

Anita replied, her voice causing barely a stir

“Death and blood magic, cast by a Necromancer”


“You do this shit”, Faith said in almost a shout

Still holding Anita’s arm, Faith spun her about

“What, are you crazy?”, Anita hissed back

“I only used magic to kill once, while under attack”


She stared hard at Faith, looking into her eyes

Then saw in those brown depths, to her great surprise

A look of pain and recognition, she could not believe

As Faith’s hand slowly drifted, away from her sleeve

“You’ve killed someone too?”, Anita did gently ask

While Faith’s face went blank, to her usual mask


“A long time ago, after I was first called as a Slayer”

“There was fight in an alley, I killed the deputy mayor”

“It’s not like I meant to, he just wandered in”

“He wanted to warn Buffy, the Ascension would begin”


“It happened so damn fast, and then we saw”

“My stake in his heart, as he started to fall“

“We were in a dark alley, in a fight for our lives”

“I moved out of reflex, stabbed him, he dies”


“No puff of dust, no bones disintegrating away”

“I wanted to run, Buffy wanted to stay”

“I’m making my redemption, did my time in a cell”

Faith finished, “You gonna explain this scene outta hell?”


Anita took a breath, then let it out slow

Not really sure, how telling this would go

“There are certain spells, that are not easily cast”

“That can bring back the dead, from out of the past”


“You have to remember, once dead, things change”

Anita hurried on, to cut off Faith’s exchange

She saw the hope in Faith’s eyes, as it died away

Going on more slowly, she continued to say


“The zombies are the first step, they are animated dead”

“Vampires are the second, undead but soulless” Anita said

“The circle will contain, their animating force”

“The girls are the sacrifice, death is needed of course”


“Once the life force is trapped, by the circle of power”

“The spell gets recited, at the top of the hour”

“The person to be brought back, to appear will begin”

“Created from the sacrifice, formed out of their skin”


Faith’s look of disgust, was what Anita wanted to see

It proved Faith would not pursue this, she’d just let it be

A grim look of determination, came over Faith’s face

As she said, “I’m gonna spread their guts, all over this place”


“We ain’t gonna let this happen, we’re stopping it now”

Faith said, “Find a way to distract them, I don’t give a shit how”

“I’ll get around behind them, sneak in from the back”

“Give me a couple minutes, and then go on the attack”


Faith headed around the corner, Anita went back to the door

She couldn’t shake the image, of those poor girls on the floor

She started a short list, of names in her head

Necromancers evil enough, to truly bring back the dead


The chanting from inside, grew in both volume and pitch

Anita swore to herself, “Son of a Bitch”

The ceremony had started, there wasn’t much time

She had to move now, and couldn’t give Faith a sign


She kicked open the door, moving in and to her right

This put the victims, out of the line of the fight

The vamps moved first, coming at her in a pack

Anita sighted down the Browning, and started her attack


Faith had just cleared the window, she used to sneak in

As she moved towards the front, she heard gunshots begin

Grabbing a fire axe off the wall, she crossed the floor in a bound

She ran through the doorway, taking a quick look around


Anita was at the front door, firing a double shot

One vampire turned to dust, another started to rot

The man at the altar, waved his hand to the right

The zombies started moving in, to join the fight


Anita shot through the rotting vamp, it did no good

The bullets passed through it, leaving it where it stood

As the zombies moved closer, Anita’s power clicked in place

She might be able to control them, she just needed some space


Faith moved in a blur, to a vamp standing there

Took its head with the axe, then smashed another with a chair

Grabbing a broken chair leg, before it hit the floor

She dusted the second vamp, and turned looking for more


The guy at the altar, moved back against the wall

Things were not going, to his liking at all

He recognized the one, at the door was Anita Blake

That’s when he finally, figured out his mistake


The vampires he was using, must have been behaving bad

Must not have been satisfied, with the hospitality they had

If they had went hunting, and the humans had found out….

“You god damn morons”, he let out in a shout


“You’ve led the Executioner, straight to this place”

“Kill them both now”, he screamed with fury on his face

Two vampires left, and a half dozen zombies to boot

Had to be more enemies, than even Anita could shoot


As he looked to the other girl, the one with blinding speed

He began to think these minions, weren’t all that he’d need

She was moving as in ballet, smooth, graceful, and deadly

Zombies were falling to her axe, as she danced a death medley


Faith was in her element, one moment moving, then she stills

Her rage from earlier quenched, by the savageness of her kills

Only three zombies and one vamp left, after she takes this one down

Looking over to Anita, she saw a couple drops of blood hit the ground


“Nita, watcha doin’?”, Faith called over in a yell

As she spun round with the axe, and sent the vampire to hell

 “Faith, hold these guy’s off me, I need a little more time”

Faith hollered back, “With pleasure” she was feeling pretty fine


Anita answered back, “I’m gonna try reversing his spell”

“It’ll either neutralize his power or kill him, I can’t tell”

Faith could feel the power, in the room start to change

It’s wavering between cold and warm, felt pretty strange


As she dusted the last vamp, the lights started to dim

She went after the zombies, the Necromancer called to him

Anita felt the power build, she knew it would work

She sent out the power, the Necromancer was flung back with a jerk


His eyes rolled up into their sockets, blood pouring out

He opened his mouth, trying to voice a horrified shout

The last of the zombies, fell down where they stood

Faith stepped back and watched, his blood soaking into the wood


Very soon it was all over, the man lay there dead

The echoes of the spell’s chant, lingering in their head

Anita and Faith went to the girls, in the middle of the room

They wanted to get them dressed, and out of there soon


“Yo, Nita, I gotta split before you call in five-o”

Faith said to Anita, when she was getting ready to go

“The girls’ll be safe with you, until the cavalry comes in”

“To tell you the truth, my tolerance for this town has grown thin”


Anita turned to Faith and said “You don’t have to go”

“You can get a Marshall’s job, you’d be good at it you know”

“Me as a cop, I can’t really see” Faith gave her a smile

“But maybe I’ll come back, and see you after awhile”


With that Faith walked out, headed back to her room

She wanted to pack, and get out of there soon

She would head back to Seattle and what she had there

Go back to her old life, where no one would care


She would take her time, get her head on straight

She had no one to answer to, if she stayed out late

 Maybe after awhile, if Seattle she couldn’t stand

She might make a trip, to the Hellmouth in Cleveland

The End

You have reached the end of "Deceived". This story is complete.

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