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This story is No. 3 in the series "Slayer Sonnets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Faith and Anita head back to the wizard world

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Anita Blake > Faith-Centered
Harry Potter > Faith-Centered
(Past Donor)LupoFR18612,770023,15621 Nov 076 Jun 08Yes


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters contained within.

That would be Joss Whedon, L. Hamilton, JK Rowling




It’s been weeks since she was found, and the choice he gave her

He can still feel the rage, in the eyes of the Dark Slayer

When they went back to find her, to the place she did stay

She’d vanished from the city, no one knew she’d went away


He wanted her to join them; she would insure that they win

He needs to bring her to their cause, before the siege can begin

The school year would be starting, and the brats will be back

Although he wouldn’t mind, if three were caught in the attack


He looked across the room, to the preparations that were there

The bones all laid out carefully, on the long table by the chair

The dagger used to kill the Slayer, is sitting there along side

The dark magic it was made from, keeping the death trapped inside

All they need is one more ingredient, to bring the Master back

The blood of the Necromancer, that was there during the attack


That fool Lucias Malfoy, had failed to acquire it yet again

Botching the attack at the cemetery, then choosing Roberto to send

Against the St. Louis triumvirate, who had gained victory

That they would live through the battle, he did not foresee


Soon it will not matter, the endgame still draws near

Once the Dark Slayer has been converted, and brought over here

She will be able to vanquish Dumbledore, and the castle overtake

Then hunt down and bring back, the necromancer Anita Blake


Anita sat at the table, with the glove just laying there

She was explaining the portkey, to Faith from her chair

Faith was up and pacing, trying to come up with a plan

All the things she’d need to do, once she went to Scotland

Faith couldn’t decide, if she should ask Anita to go

After all that happened last night, she just didn’t know


“So this glove will take me where?”, Faith suddenly asked

“To Dumbledore’s office” said Anita, her emotions masked

“And when I get there, if this thing works what will I find”?

Faith continued “Cause I’m thinking that you, should just stay behind”


“You just got your people back; things are still out of control”

“You have started to rebuild, what Asher’s death stole”

“They’ll need you to keep peace, till they get back on their feet”

“I won’t need you there, for me and Dumbledore to meet”


Anita looked up, at the Brunette Slayer as she spoke

“Faith you cannot treat this, like some kind of big joke”

“These wizards are powerful, more than you can know”

“Don’t try to fight me on this, cause I won’t let it go”


“We just met, and haven’t known each other very long”

“In the time that we have, I’ve found you brave and strong”

“You were willing to do anything, in the battle so we’d win”

“I can’t let you go by yourself; you don’t know where to begin”

“The wizards over there won’t stop; they’re fighting an evil war”

“Dumbledore will need both of us, to help even up the score”


“As far as the triumvirate goes, the boys will be okay”

“The issues they need to work out, don’t need me to stay”

“Richard hates being, Jean Claude’s animal to call”

‘Being bound to the triumvirate, makes his skin crawl”

“If he was given a choice, of this life or his death”

“He would have fought against the joining, to his last breath”


Faith thought it over and agreed, Anita might be right

She could use the Necromancer’s help, if it came to a fight

She glanced to where Anita sat, speaking from her chair

Watching as the setting suns light, seemed to dance in her hair


Faith heard a small voice, it sounded inside her head

“Faith I’m still with you, just remember what I said”

The voice was familiar, the tone was teasing and light

She was hearing Buffy’s voice, and had been since last night

“Remember what I told you, Faith your time is at hand”

“You need to take Anita with you, when you go to Scotland”


While Faith listened to these thoughts, inside her own head

Anita started to ask, about what Jean Claude had said

“When you fought Jean Claude, you had the sword at his heart”

“He said he looked in your eyes, and here is the strange part”

“As you stayed your hand, from completing the killing blow”

“Your eyes changed color for a moment, to green they did flow”


Faith walked over and took a seat, then put a hand to her eyes

What Anita was saying, was not really a surprise

She had felt Buffy presence there, lurking inside her mind

She was helping to control the rage, Faith felt all the time


Faith tried to explain to Anita, as best that she could

She watched Anita’s eyes, to see if she understood

“Ever since the night I woke up, and knew that Buffy died”

“She has constantly been with me, I can feel her inside”


“I don’t feel alone anymore, the way that I always did”

“She is helping me to control, the crazy tendencies I hid”

“If not for her help, when I had your vamp against the wall”

“I would have cut out his heart, only a pile of dust left to fall”

“She wants me to trust you; she thinks that I’ll need you there”

Faith finished her speech quietly, then got up out of her chair


“Where do you think you are going?”, Anita wanted to know

If Faith was trying to take off, she would have to let her go

There would be no way to stop her, once she made up her mind

She would hop the next plane to Scotland, and leave Anita behind


Faith replied “I need to go out, burn off some of this energy”

Then with a smirk “Unless there’s some way, you think you can help me”

Anita started to feel the blush, on her cheeks begin to bloom

She slowly got up from the table, and started to leave the room

She replied “The kiss yesterday was nice, but I’m sorry to say”

“Faith don’t take it personal; I just don’t swing that way”


Faith thought she was lying, but decided to let it go

When Anita was ready, she was sure she would know

“Alright then I’m gonna go out, find someone to play with or fight”

Anita said “I’ll check in at the Circus and meet you later tonight”


Faith wandered down to the Blood District, a little while later

Looking for some distraction, to ease the tension in the Slayer

She found a club called “Guilty Pleasures”, half way down the street

It was as good a place as any, to find someone to meet


Faith walked into the club, then while looking around

Up on stage there were vampires, stripping she found

Off towards the back, to a long bar that was there

Is where she headed first, ignoring everyone’s stare


Faith went over to the bar, ordered a drink then leaned back

Noticing as she did, a cute brunette dressed in black

She stood there watching, with her back against the wall

She looked to be no more, than five and a half feet tall

She had short curly brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes

The werewolf energy coming off the girl, was a surprise


All in all pretty cute, in a Barbie’s little sister kind of way

Taking a sip of her drink, Faith decided to see if she’d play

“You come here often?” Faith asked, knowing it was lame

The brunette turned to look at Faith, but answered just the same


“You know how bad that line is, when being asked by a man?”

“Well it’s even worse from a woman”, she said holding out her hand

“My name is Sylvie, in case you wanted to know”

Faith shook her hand feeling, the wolf energy start to grow

“I’m Faith and I know, that line is awfully lame”

“But you’re so cute I lost my head, I’m really not to blame”


Sylvie gave a laugh and smiled, deciding to take a chance

“Faith I’m glad to meet you, now how about a dance?”

She led Faith onto the floor, the music was fast and loud

They started dancing in perfect rhythm, tuning out the crowd


Sylvie’s wolf was sensing, something powerful in this girl

She could feel the waves of energy, rippling out with every twirl

There was no hint of danger from Faith, as she was dancing there

She could not look away when, she ran her hands up through her hair


Faith knew that Sylvie was watching, and could not look away

Sylvie wasn’t the only one caught, when Faith’s hips start to sway

They danced through two more songs, then went to take a rest

Faith was digging Sylvie’s style, she liked the way she dressed


They sat down at a table, doing the getting to know you thing

Faith started to ask her home, when Sylvie’s phone let out a ring

Sylvie said “Give me a minute”, and turned to take the call

Faith tried distracting herself, checking out pictures on the wall


Sylvie hung up her phone, putting the conversation to an end

 “Faith I’m sorry but I have to go, there’s a problem with a friend”

Sylvie continued “Maybe we can meet again, how long are you in town?”

Faith said “I got some things to do, not sure how long I’ll be around,”

Sylvie replied “I’d really like to see you, if we can get together soon”

Then with a laugh “That is of course, unless you changed your tune”


Sylvie said “Here is my cell number, call if you get the chance”

“I really have to go now, but thank you for the dance”

She left the table, crossed the room then slipped on out the door

Faith just watched her as she left, wanting something more

Looking around the club again, Faith decided she would go

With Sylvie gone she did not want, to stay and watch the show


As she left the club, her enhanced hearing heard a man’s voice

He was arguing with a woman, about not giving her a choice

Faith let her senses out to check, if the woman was alright

Since Sylvie had to leave, she was looking forward to a fight


She walked on down the street, to where the alley entrance was

She could feel some kind of energy, along her skin it caused a buzz

Three men were there surrounding, a girl pushed against the wall

They were crowding in around her, which Faith didn’t like at all


The men were all on the big side, and wearing those stupid robes

You would think that wizards, could make some normal clothes

She looked at the woman, who was standing there unafraid

Faith could clearly see her, even in the shadows the alley made

The girl that they were crowding, was Sylvie she saw with surprise

The wizards hadn’t noticed Faith, as she started planning their demise


The wizards were trying to get Sylvie, to take them all somewhere

Then they all drew silver swords, it seemed from out of thin air

Pulling weapons was more than enough, Faith moved in from behind

She was going to kick some wizard ass, and get Sylvie out of this bind


Sylvie looked past the wizards shoulder, and saw Faith moving there

She gave a wicked smile to Faith, as the Slayer continued to stare

One of them drew back his blade, to give Sylvie a warning slash

She shoved him away so hard, he flew across the alley with a crash


His body slammed into the wall, which was where he hit his head

“You’ll pay for that you little bitch”, one of the other wizards said

The last two had started moving in, to subdue her they would try

Faith jumped in and joined the fight, to make sure Sylvie didn’t die


Faith grabbed at the closest one, and flipping him around

She broke his arm and his wrist, as she slammed him to the ground

The sword he held clattered away, as he gave a shout

Faith dropped her knee into his chest, and then he just passed out


Sylvie had grabbed the last one, he was well under her control

She gave a heave throwing him, down the alley into a light pole

Then she turned to Faith, after making sure they were all done

“Hi there Faith, long time no see, thanks for taking out that one”


Faith replied with a smirk “Hey there yourself, Sylvie we better go”

“They may have friends who will look for them, if they fail to show”

The two girls left the alley then, and went back up the street

Faith tried to find out who it was, the wizards wanted to meet


Faith reached out her hand, and gave Sylvie’s arm a rub

While saying “let’s go back inside, and get a table at the club”

 “Those guy’s said that they were wizards”, Sylvie began to say

“They wanted to find my Ulfric, that’s pack leader by the way”


“I’d really like to go back in, but I promised that I’d go”

“And if someone is hunting my Ulfric, I have to let him know”

She said goodbye then went to her car, that was down the street

Sylvie got in and drove away; Faith hoped again they’d meet


Once again back at her place, the night was almost through

Faith was still feeling restless, and there was nothing left to do

She remembered before she came here, the wizard in the cape

She looked around to find the card, given by Severus Snape


An idea started forming, shaping up into a plan

All she really needed was, to get a message to this man

Say that she was joining up, it’s what they wanted from the start

She’d have to talk to Anita, make sure she played her part


Anita could use the portkey, to meet with Dumbledore

Faith working under cover, would help them so much more

Once she was on the inside, putting an end to their evil plans

Snape will pay for delivering Buffy, into Voldemort’s hands

After this battle was all over, and when she had a chance

Faith planned on finding Sylvie, for more than just a dance

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