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It's Time For Play Time

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Fan Art

Summary: It's Time For Play Time will be filled with random fanarts that I have created. There will be crossovers with Buffy and non-Buffy-non-crossovers. Check them out! Latest fanart x-over with Weeds!

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Who Would Have Thought? [BtVS/HP]

It's Time For Play Time

Disclaimer: I do not own any TV, MOVIE, or BOOK characters, the pictures of any of them (they are from lots of fan sites), fonts (some from different font and digital scrap booking sites), and some background/overlays (some are from random sites and some are mine).

Notes: I've been playing more and more with fanart, so I decided I needed a story that was with random fanarts as that's what I've been doing. I also figured that I would have many stories if I decided to post every fanart separately in their rightful categories (Dark Angel, Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, etc so far). I hope you enjoy them, cause I've enjoyed doing them! Also, if you are inspired to write a story because of any of them, let me know and credit me with the initial idea and go ahead and write!

Who Would Have Thought?
Buffy and Harry Potter

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Idea: Harry accident mispronounces his spell at the exact time that Buffy jumps. This brings Buffy to their world.
Pictures: Screencap-Paradise
Overlay: Mine

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