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Dead Best Friends Club

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Fan Art

Summary: A series of shorts featuring the Zeppo and Neptune's favourite amateur investigator.

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Television > Veronica Mars > Xander-CenteredmasseffectFR132195092,25222 Nov 073 Dec 07No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Neither the characters or the original source images are mine. Credit to the respective owners.
Spoilers: Episode 1 of both respective series.
Notes: I've just started re-watching Veronica Mars, and Wallace calling Veronica a twinkie got me thinking.

Dead Best Friends Club

Their friends don’t understand it…

Neither fit’s the other’s “type”…
He’s not rich or troubled,
And as far as they can tell, she’s not a demon or Cordelia.

For some reason though, they’re together.

What their friends can’t see is that they comfort each other.
And maybe that’s not much. But late at night when we’re left with our thoughts and dead best friends just won’t stay dead.

Well maybe just then it’s enough.

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking