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Tale Of Two Spirits

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Alexander Winchester Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Story number two of the Alexander Winchester Verse........ Now That The Secret Is Out, How Will The Brothers Handle It?

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own characters from Supernatural, nor Buffy. That privilege belongs to Cw and Whedon (sigh).

And I'm sorry about the suckyness of the cheer. The cousins I have that were formally cheerleaders didn't get back to me on a cheer, though one gave me a few ideas for names of later victims. :)

I hope those of you that liked my last story 'Alexander Harris Winchester' will like this one!

SPOILERS: Season 1 of Buffy, and possibly Season 1 of Supernatural

As in the first story, Buffy is set the summer after the first season, and Supernatural is set before 'Dead Man's Blood' (the season is stretched out so the episodes before 'DMB' is before and during the summer)

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Part 1
I Got Spirit. How 'Bout You

"Ready? O.k!" The head cheerleader, Cami said and clapped her hands.

She and the other ten girls began a series of complicated flips and dance moves, then slowed down and chanted.

"I got Spirit!
I got Spirit!
Yes I Do!

We got spirit!
We got Spirit!
How 'bout You!"

Unknown to the cheerleaders, their practice was being watched. After a few more cheers, Cami noticed the movement near the door to the gymnasium between the outside metal bleachers.

"That's enough for today. We'll meet again Monday."

"But we've only practiced an hour. We haven't even practiced our new cheers yet." Terri, who was co-captain complained, stepping up to face Cami.

"We will next practice." Cami said firmly, letting Terri as well as those who had backed Terri that the final word was hers.

"What's up? Why are we stopping so early?" Steph, who not only was the other co-captain, but also Cami's best friend asked. She wasn't as confronting as Terri, merely curious.

"Jeff's meeting me here. He's waiting for me in the gym." Cami said carefully, watching the other girls slowly go back into the school to make sure no one overheard them.

"But you're not supposed to! Not since what happened to-" Steph stopped talking, looking extremely nervous and guilty. "You know'

"It was an accident what happened Steph." Cami said sternly, yet also looking guilty, as well as defensive. "Besides, Jeff wasn't the only one there. We all were."

"I know, but your parents said you had to stop seeing him or you had to quit cheer leading." Steph reminded worriedly. "Does this mean your going to quit?"

"No!" Cami exclaimed, as if Steph had were asking if Cami were going to start dating the president of the chess club. "That's why your the only one that knows I haven't stopped seeing him." Cami said pointedly. "In fact, I'm telling my parents that I'm staying over your house tonight. If they call, you're going to cover for me. Ok?"

"Ok, but you so owe me" Steph said, making a face. Steph then made Cami promise to call her later, waved, and left as well.

Cami waited until everyone had left before she went inside the door leading into the gymnasium. The gym was left open a few hours during the day in the summer for the sports and cheerleader tryout and practices.

She paused in the doorway to the actual gym. The lights were turned off since the practice had been outside, so the only light there was was coming from the small rectangular windows near the ceiling.

"Jeff?" Cami whispered loudly, afraid to say his name louder in case anyone was nearby to hear.

She saw movement by the wooden bleachers, so she went closer.

"Jeff?" She asked again, becoming irritated. "Is that you?"

Cami got more irritated when again, there was no answer.

"I can't believe you expect me to go in there. Especially after what happened!"

Cami stood in between two sets of the bleachers at the opening between the wall and the bleachers. Before a month ago, she as well as a lot of the cheerleaders and jocks had used the space under the bleachers as the popular make-out and sex spot. But that was before the accident.

"Come on Jeff! If I have to go in there, second base is as far as you're getting buddy! I mean it!" Cami lied, knowing full well she couldn't resist his charm.

She stood at the opening, biting her lower lip, and shifting her weight from one foot to the other as she tried to decide if she were going in or not. She thought of how soft Jeff's lips were, and how good it would feel to have them all over her.

Decision now made, Cami stepped inside. Once inside, she stopped a minute to let her eyes adjust to the near total darkness.

"This isn't funny, you know." she said, trying to sound more irritated than she was so that she could get him to do what she wanted once they were done. If she pretended she wasn't as into it as he was, she could get whatever she wanted.

Again, there was no answer. But she saw a darker form sitting against the wall a little further in.

"I thought GIRLS were the ones to give GUYS the silent treatment when their mad." Cami teased. "I only ran five minutes longer than I said I would. I promise that if you stop ignoring me, I'll make it up to you."

Cami then sat on the form's lap, straddling him. When Cami went to take Jeff's head into her hands to give him a kiss, she only barely touched it and it rolled to the side. Faint light from between the bleacher stairs shown into Jeff's clouded, wide, terror-filled eyes.

Realizing that Jeff was dead, and not playing one of his stupid jokes, Cami screamed, standing up. At the same time Cami screamed, the bleachers started to close, about to trap her under them. Screaming again, she raced to the rapidly depleting opening. But before she could reach it, the opening was gone, leaving her in complete darkness.
Cami screamed again, and stumbled towards the end, where the opening had been.

"Let me out! PLEASE let me out!" she sobbed, beating on the wood when it wouldn't budge. "I'll do anything you want, just please, PLEASE let me out!"

Behind Cami, she heard a wheezing, whistling sound that made all her hairs stand on end. The intense prickling sensation was followed by an also intense cold, leaving Cami not only shivering in cold, but trembling in fear as the cold and sound came closer.
All this time, Cami had been beating on the wood, hoping whoever had closed the bleachers would open them. She had refused to look back at where her dead boyfriend and the sound was.

But when the wheezing, whistling of cold air was close enough to move her hair, Cami took out her cellphone and opened it, turning around. The blue light from the phone illuminated something that made her open her mouth to scream again.
Before Cami could draw breath to release the ear shattering scream, a cold, nearly glow-in-the-dark pale white hand pressed hard against Cami's chest.

The second the hand touched her, Cami couldn't breathe. It was as if the hand was a ton of bricks on her chest. Panic filled her as she struggled to get loose, then escalated when she couldn't move. Not able to hold onto the phone, it dropped to the ground, dimming the blue light.

Cami's eyes bulged in terror, then as she couldn't make any other sound other than a wheezing sound of her own, Cami tried to beg for forgiveness with her eyes. Tried to let her know that she was sorry, and that they hadn't meant to kill her. Tried to beg for her own life.

It had only been a joke.

But soon the sounds coming from Cami's struggling breath was no more. And her eyes were as lifeless as Jeff's had been.
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