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Summary: Dawn's long lost relatives, The Malfoys become her legal guardians after Buffys death.

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Title: Outsider

Author: Rebecca, red_pixie88, dust_ashes2003, or pixie

Disclaimer: I own nothing. If I did Buffy would be with Angel. Willow would be able to have Tara AND Oz, and Dawn would have her own TV show about her powers as the key.

Rating: PG.

Spoilers: BTVS seasons 1-5, HP up to OotP

Summary: Dawns long lost relatives the Malfoys become her legal guardians after Buffy's death.

A/N: Tara did NOT die. Dawn is more mature in this story. And the Malfoys have in-between 5-10 squibs (non magic people in wizardry families), and Dawn is a direct decedent from that side of the family so it was almost impossible for her to be magical (yay right!). And ignore all bad spelling and grammar. And Dawn will not be going to hogwarts till atleast the fifth chapter. And eventually she will be taken in by the Order of the phoenix.

Chapter one

Dawn's POV

Dawn Summers. The outsider. The sheltered slayer's sister, a wanabe scooby member. The lone researcher. Well, when Buffy died that changed. I was the baby. The one to be protected. They let me in, of their otherwise tight circle.

Spike and Giles trained me, in all the fighting technics.He just couldn't have his nib lit defenseless. Willow and Tara taught me the basics of magic, mostly protection charms and glamorous. Xander and Anya became my legal guardians. The court found them the most stable pair to look after me. It was heaven with them. Even in the night when I cried, I could always get up to a better morning.

I loved it, especially how when my dad showed up to try and claim me, the lawyers called him a dead beat father. Everyone was laughing like crazy. You would think they were banshees or something. But my new life did not last long.

Long lost relatives of moms came to my 'supposed rescue from the irresponsible young adults'. I fought of course. I did not want to stay with these people. They were scary, in a creepy bad vibe way. And considering they had blond hair that would rival Spike, was not a comfort. And they dressed like freaks. Seriously who wairs ROBES! It is just against all fashion rules, or something. But to the court system they were the ideal family.

Rich, a well cared for son, and no police record, unlike everyone in my life. I wanted to kill them, from taking me away from a life I was happy in. Well, one thing is for sure I wouldn't be staying with them for long. Any summers girl can sneak out of a house.

Buffy always said to trust your instinks. And mine were screaming to stay away from them. If I knew any better I would say they were witches. The air seemed to buzz around them. But that could be because I didn't sleep last night, or the fact that the guy next to me smells like alcohol.

But still as we walked out of that court house, I couldn't help but wonder if the only reason they came and claimed me was because of what I was................................. The key.
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