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"Biological father? You had an affair?"

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Summary: Mothers shouldn't keep secrets like these.

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CSI > CSI Las VegasKarieFR151220,9741621791,26323 Nov 072 Mar 10No

Chapter One

Title: "Biological father? You had an affair?"

Disclaimer- I don't own anything you can recognize.

Pairings- Grissom/Sara, BTVS pairings to be determined

Spoilers/warnings- While I've watched CSI a lot, the hours I work prevent me from watching the episodes as they come out, so a lot of the storyline is my own take on it. Things might not be in order, so don't hold it against me =) It shouldn't take too much out of the story (I hope) If I get anything *really* wrong, lmk and I'll do my best to fix it. Spoilers for BTVS all the way through S7.

AN- Been out of it for a while =) RL and computer problems have kicked me where it counts, but it looks like I'll be able to get back into the fanfic again. I'll be going back over some of my old stories to see what I can salvage and hopefully finish. I lost everything on my old pc and had to start over from scratch. LMK if y'all like this story- feedback means quicker updates *grin*


"You have to be kidding me," Willow Rosenburg stared at her mother as if she were a two-headed beast, only with more disbelief.

"There's no need to be so crass, Willow," Shelia Rosenburg sighed and sank into the comfortable chair situated off to one side of the sofa in her daughter's small house on the outskirts of Cleveland. This was the first time she'd been here, but she hadn't allowed herself the time for curiosity. She wasn't here for a friendly mother-daughter visit, not that they'd ever really had such a visit. Her plane left in five hours and she was never one for wasting time.

Willow raised an eyebrow at her mother's rumpled look. She looked like she hadn't slept in a couple days. The small redhead had never seen her mother look any less than professional, even at home. But then her mother had never really been at home longer than a day or two at a time, even when Willow was young. "Well, if this isn't a very bad joke, then what the hell is going on? Biological parents? I'm not adopted. I would've found the papers."

"Not adopted, Willow. Really, would you pay attention," Shelia answered wearily, her green eyes running over her daughter's face. If she was disturbed by the cool reception and non-emotional reaction to the news, she didn't show it. "Your biological father wants to meet you. He would have been here himself, but apparently I am easier to contact than you are."

"Whoa, take a couple steps back. Biological father? You had an affair?" Delicate eyebrows raised and a quickly hidden smirk lifted the corner of her mouth. Dimly, Willow realized that she should have been freaking out by now. Later, she promised herself. Really, it wasn't all that surprising that she wasn't more upset. She'd survived a lot without her parents, not even counting the years with babysitters when she was too small to take care of herself, and then living alone while dealing with the hardships of being a teenager. Maybe she'd become desensitized to everything. Now *that* thought was enough to upset her, but she tucked it away to deal with later.

"Affair is such a trivial term," Shelia wasn't looking at her anymore, but examining her manicured fingernails. She had a chip in her polish. Maybe once she arrived in Rome she could find a decent salon. "Ira and I weren't married yet. It was while we were still in college, dating seriously but waiting on marriage until after we graduated. I-"

"Cheated on Dad- I mean, Ira," Willow supplied, enjoying the hell out of mocking her mother. It was really mean, and completely out of character for her- but it had been a long month and she wasn't really in the mood to play all emotional 'why didn't you tell me' kind of game. Hell, if she was honest, she didn't really have any kind of connection to either of her parents. They'd always provided everything she needed in the material sense. Money in trust funds, birthday money- three months late and never on the same date. A house she called home and lived in by herself until college. But no connection. No one to talk to about the crushes, the hurts, no one to ground her or lecture her on the things that mattered.

She'd done a lot of thinking about it over the years, especially after Tara died and she went on her 'little rampage'. What if she'd had parents who actually cared? Would she still have made the same mistakes? Would it have been worse? Or better? To this day, she still didn't have an answer.

"That's not the point," Shelia said after a long hesitation. "Gil and I had a... fling I guess you could say. Ira and I were taking some time apart, and I- Well, I guess I don't need to bore you with the details. I ended up pregnant, Ira and I decided to get married earlier than we'd planned. End of story."

"No, not end of story, or you wouldn't be here. When did you tell 'Gil' about me? Right when you found out you were knocked up, or later? Did he find out on his own? Why take the time out of your precious schedule to come all the way to Cleveland to tell me this now?"

"Because he wants to meet with you. And I told him when I found out I was pregnant. We talked and decided Ira and I were better to raise you. He stepped back voluntarily."

"So? What does that have to do with you? Couldn't you give him my number or address and leave it at that?"

"I wanted to give you some sort of warning," Shelia answered, her cool tone matching her daughter's. Apparently this wasn't going the way she'd wanted it to. "I should have just left a message. He gave me his number to give to you. It's up to you if you want to contact him." Shelia got to her feet, handing over a business card with a handwritten number on the back. She didn't make a move to hug her daughter- she'd never been good with showing affection. She hesitated a second before moving towards the door.

Willow felt like a total bitch, like she was being mean to a woman that had never really felt like her mother. "Mother... Mom, thanks for coming here to tell me all this. I know you didn't have to."

Shelia stopped at the door and turned to look back at Willow, seeing more of herself in the young woman than she'd ever cared to even look for. "You're welcome, Willow. You know how to get in touch with us if you need anything." Then she was gone.

"Yeah," Willow sighed and went out the back of her house, into the small backyard. She sat down underneath the huge tree that took up a good portion of one side and hugged her knees to her chest. She hadn't been expecting a visit from her mother- or the news she brought with her. Now that she wasn't facing off with her mother, she was able to digest the news.

She had another father. In so many ways it was comforting to know that the distant and often cold man she knew as her dad wasn't really her 'real' father. But it was also disturbing in a way that only someone who grew up on a hellmouth could imagine. Willow wasn't exactly unknown in the supernatural circles. There was a good chance that this guy who claimed to be her biological father could really be a demon in human disguise.

The redhead looked at the white business card in her hand. Gilbert Grissom, Las Vegas Crime Lab Supervisor. She turned it over and stared at the long-distance number on the back. She sighed and got to her feet, returning to the house. She couldn't use personal technology like a cell phone or watch- for some reason they tended to short out and quit working if they were too close to her skin for too long. Giles said it was normal for someone of her magical signature. But then, even he had to agree that not much about her could be considered normal, even in the circles they frequented.

"Hey, Dawn, can I talk to Giles for a sec?" Willow leaned against the kitchen counter, looking over the memos held on her fridge with cute little magnets. "Yeah, Giles, I need to talk to you. I just had a visit with my mother..."


"Gilbert Grissom, Las Vegas Crime Lab, supervisor, worked there for fifteen years bringing the lab from fourteenth to second in the nation. Lived in California most of his life, parents were-"

"I get the point, Dawn," Willow cut in with a sigh. She rubbed her forehead, fighting a headache. She knew she was overreacting. Either she contacted him or she didn't. "So, he's legit."

"Why don't you at least call him. You don't have to meet him face to face yet," Buffy asked from her seat next to Dawn. The blonde slayer was leaning forward with her chin propped up in her hand. "We can go with you if you do want to meet him. Just think about it, a vacation in Vegas! Even if the meeting is a flop, we can still do a bit of sight-seeing."

Willow had to grin at her friend's eager expression. It didn't bother her that they were making light of the situation. If they'd treated it like the life altering event it really was, she'd have really had a melt down. By keeping it trivial- like an unplanned vacation that just happened to have a weird stop- she could keep herself from going overboard on worrying about it.

She turned to look at Xander, who was sitting next to her, watching her closely with a half-smile on his face. She knew that look well. "So, Vegas?"

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