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The Kitten From Outer Space

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This story is No. 1 in the series "The Adventures of Miss Kitty Fantastico". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Didn't you ever wonder about Miss Kitty Fantastico's family?

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Movies > Cat From Outer Space, TheAlyssaraFR71726181,22723 Nov 0723 Nov 07Yes
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters -although my own cats often act like they are out of this world (translation - "spacey")- I am merely playing with them for my own demented purposes while trying to jump-start my Mewses; they seem to have abandoned me utterly on my other story *sigh*. Maybe I should try bribing them with Tuna...?

Willow let herself into the room she shared with Tara and flopped onto her bed with a silent groan. Today had been a series of brutal tests, one after another, administered by sadistic teachers…and they all counted as major percentages of her grades. She was pretty sure that she had aced them, but it still had wiped her out.

Sighing, Willow rolled over looking for Miss Kitty Fantastico – she had a sudden need to take one cat and apply topically for medicinal purposes. A quick glance showed no signs of the kitten and she got up to search. A faint frown crossed her face when she heard a low murmur coming from the closet, it sounded more like a human voice than a cat’s. Willow listened for a few moments but couldn’t make out any words, however that was definitely NOT meowing.

Having firmly learned the “better safe than sorry” rule from growing up (and surviving) on the Hellmouth, Willow grabbed a stake before flinging open the closet door. Two cats blinked up at her in the sudden light. One was Miss Kitty Fantastico, her wide kitten eyes looking slightly dazed; but the other cat was one that she had never seen before. It was a handsome Abyssinian with bright green-gold eyes and a collar made of crystal ovals.

He (he? Yes, he) moved protectively in front of Miss Kitty Fantastico and stared challengingly up at Willow who stared right back at him, the stake sagging in her loosening grip. Then her resolve face firmed and her grip tightened once more.

“Okay, what are you? Demon? Evil shape-shifter? Whatever you are, leave my kitty alone and get out of here!”

The cat looked affronted. “Demon? Evil? I’ll have you know that I am a cat with an impeccable background. My name is Zunar J5/9 Doric 4-7, but you can call me ‘Jake’; I’ve gotten kind of used to it since I’ve been on Earth. And for your information she is as much mine as yours, seeing as she’s my daughter! I’ve been looking for her for weeks since she went missing.”

Willow blinked. Okay, talking cat was new and he wasn’t attacking her which was of the good; might be time to back-pedal a bit. “Um, Jake? Sorry about the name-calling and the looming.” Looking down, she blushed and hastily hid the stake behind her back while backing up and sitting down on the bed. “Are you really Miss Kitty Fantastico’s dad?” The cat nodded in the affirmative. “Wow. That is so cool, I’ve wondered where she came from since we found her. And for her to be the daughter of a space cat is just neat. You’re going to have to tell me your whole story about where you’re from and how you got here and why. You aren’t planning to invade, are you? No, of course not, otherwise you wouldn’t have had kittens.” A look of panic appeared. “Wait a minute, does this mean you’re going to take her away? You can’t do that, Tara and I love her and we don’t want to lose her. I realize that you must love her too, but we’ve got her now and she should stay. I know that isn’t quite fair to you, but you could visit her all you wanted. Or maybe we could work out some kind of custody and share her?”

Jake looked amused. “I didn’t think humans could talk that much at once without breathing. But don’t worry, I had been planning to take her back home but she says that she would rather stay here with you. As long as I can come visit that will be fine, she would have moved out on her own fairly soon anyway.”

“That’s great! Uh, she said? Can you talk too, Miss Kitty?”

The kitten stepped up next to Jake and delicately placed a paw on his collar. “Of course I can talk; unfortunately, you can only understand me with Dad’s collar to translate. I’ve told Dad what a great home I have here with you and Tara and how lucky I am that we found each other.”

Willow’s eyes filled with tears and she gently scooped up the kitten to cuddle. “I think we’re lucky too. You’re the best little kitten in the world…heck, in the whole universe!”

The End

You have reached the end of "The Kitten From Outer Space". This story is complete.

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