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When In England...

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Summary: Buffy/CCS/HP crossover. Four have been invited. And they are about to get their fill of magic. But as they say, when in England...

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HikaruFR1539,934023,08323 Jul 0321 Oct 03No

All You Do to Me is Talk Talk

When in England... (3/22)
By Hikaru

Summary: Buffy/CCS/HP crossover. Four have been invited. And they are about to get their fill of magic. But as they say, when in England...

Spoilers: Harry Potter through Order of the Phoenix; Buffy the Vampire Slayer through the show's finale; Card Captor Sakura through the end of manga book 12.

Chapter 3: All You Do to Me is Talk Talk

Struggling to catch his breath didn't render Syaoran from glaring at the smiling Hiiragizawa Eriol. He really hated the British git. Syaoran had run all the way to his apartment and as he was about to run all the way back, he noticed that Sakura and Eriol were only a few meters away from his house. Robes and sword in his hand, he panted for air as Sakura reached out her hand. "Are you okay, Syaoran-kun?"

"Of course he's all right, Sakura-san," Eriol said, beaming. "And with a minute to spare. I'll be honest with you, Li-san... I didn't think you would make it back in time."

Snarling, Syaoran retorted, "Hoping is more like it."

"Only mildly," he retaliated quietly. "Well, shall we?" he asked, motioning towards a sign post that was behind him.

Raising an eyebrow, Syaoran looked at Eriol as if he had gone completely insane. "That's a road sign, Hiiragizawa."

"Yes, indeed it is."

Syaoran leaned towards Sakura and whispered, "He's finally lost it." Nodding in agreement, Sakura smiled patronizingly at the mage.

"I heard that," Eriol coughed. Both of his descendents blushed of embarrassment. "Despite what you two may think of my sanity, I can assure you that this is how we will be making our way to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." By the blank looks on their faces, Eriol could tell that they just did not comprehend what he was talking about. He looked behind him at the DON'T LITTER sign and sighed. "Have you two heard of nothing? This is a portkey."

"It looks like a Don't Litter sign to me, Hiiragizawa," Syaoran observed.

Hanging his head in defeat, Eriol sighed. "A portkey is an object that will teleport those who touch it at an appropriate time to a designated area. They are disguised as ordinary objects that people wouldn't normally touch, as not to attract the attention of muggles."

"Muggles?" Sakura asked.

"Have you not heard of planes, Hiiragizawa?" Syaoran remarked, looking disbelivingly at the sign.

"Yes I have, Li-san. And I have also heard of you shutting up." Syaoran glared. "Muggles, Sakura-san, are people who do not have the power of magic flowing in their veins. For example, Daidouji-san is a muggle."

Sakura nodded in understanding. "I see."

"But why this sign?" Syaoran questioned.

Smiling smugly, Eriol replied, "Well I knew that you would complain about not having your robes with you, so I chose a place close to your home. I was going to make the playground pengi, but I was too afraid that some child would come up and touch it at a bad time."

Looking at his watch, Eriol proclaimed, "It's time for us to be on our way." He grabbed Sakura's right hand, much to the protest of Syaoran. "Now, Sakura-san, all you have to do is touch the sign. Come along Li-san, I don't want you falling behind."

Grumbling under his breath, Syaoran readied his hand to grab the sign at the right time.

"On my count," Eriol announced. "Three, two, one!"

Sakura closed her eyes tightly as she pushed her hand up against the sign. Instantly she felt as if she were being sucked through a drain. She was vaguely aware of Syaoran and Eriol beside her, shooting through the warp along with her. She grabbed Syaoran. And just as quickly her feet were back on the ground. She held on tight to Syaoran. Her trembling hands eased a little in their grip, but she by no means let go of her companion's hand. "I-is it over?" She observed her surroundings. They were on a platform of some kind. Trees surrounded the small building in front of them. She noted the train tracks that were only steps away from where they were standing, along with a train parked. So it was a train station?

Pushing his glasses up the bridge of the nose, Eriol confirmed Sakura's question, "It appears we are here."

"This is a train station," Syaoran retorted.

Eriol smiled patronizingly. "Well the students have to get to the school somehow, don't they?"

"You know," Syaoran stepped towards Eriol. Sakura immediately let go of her hold on the young wolf. "I'm getting pretty sick of you being such a smart ass, Hii-"

"Whut's this troubl' we got 'ere?" A deep, scruffy voice boomed.

Sakura looked up behind Eriol and Syaoran to the biggest human she had ever seen. "HOE!?" she exclaimed, resuming her tight grip on Syaoran, this time grabbing his shirt and hiding her face against his chest. If he was speaking English, it was the strangest dialect she had ever heard.

The gigantic man smiled at Sakura, and she instantly lightened her grip on Syaoran's shirt. "Ah, Eriol- these mus' be the transfer students!"

"Indeed they are, Hagrid," Eriol replied in English. "This is Ms. Sakura Kinomoto," Sakura straightened, recognizing her name. "And this is Xiao Lang Li," Eriol introduced. Syaoran nodded solemnly. He could only assume that Eriol was introducing them to the giant. And though he may have been smiling, it was hard for him to trust someone who was taller than Sakura's freakish brother. "So how have you been the past few weeks that I have been gone?"

"It's b'en right interesting here, to tell you the truth. I've b'en tryin' to keep up with the grounds-- gettin ready for the new students. Teacher's comin' all the time. In fact, the new Defense Agains' Dark Arts teacher just arrived today."

"So Snape didn't get the job again? He's probably pretty cross about that." Eriol scratched his chin as a mischievous grin formed on his lips.

Hagrid chuckled, "He stormed about for a litl' while. Cursin' under his breath-- he knows her, you know. Seems Professor Dumbledore and her had some business a while ago."

"As long as it's not that dread woman, Umbridge, I really don't care who teaches us, Hagrid." Both shared a loud laugh, thinking about the end that Professor Umbridge met at the end of the previous year.

Sakura and Syaoran were completely lost to what was going on. The looks on their faces could tell anyone that. Looking over his shoulder, Eriol noticed the bewildered looks on his decedents' faces. Laughing nervously, he bowed slightly, "Gomen," he apologized in Japanese to his friends. He turned to Hagrid, nodding back to his friends, "I think it would be best we get them to the castle as soon as possible. I'm assuming that Professor Dumbledore is prepared for our new guests."

Hagrid nodded. "Tha's what I was tellin' you. The new Dark Arts teacher came today. She's goin' to be castin' the spell."

"Not Dumbledore?"

"Not safe enough," Hagrid shook his head. "We can't be takin' risks."

Eriol's eyes flashed. "And it's a good idea for this new Professor to be taking a risks? It was my understanding that the spell wasn't dangerous at all. Dumbledore assured me-"

A smile crept on Hagrid's face, "Dumbledore tol' you that because he knows that the new Professor can pull it off. He knows what he's doin'. Now come on- your pour friends must be tired." Hagrid smiled to the two new students and said with his booming voice, "Welcome to Hogwarts!"

Syaoran took a step back, taking Sakura with him. He wasn't fooled by the giant's friendly grin. "Stay back!"

"Nanio Li-san?!" Eriol turned to Hagrid and apologized. "Xiao Lang isn't exactly friendly to strangers." He turned to his two descendants and explained in Japanese, "He was just welcoming you to the school. You don't have to be so rude, Li-san."

"Well I had no idea!" Syaoran retorted. "A scary guy like that, that I can't understand a word of-- of course I'm gonna be scared!"

"Syaoran-kun, calm down," Sakura pleaded, patting Syaoran on the arm. "Please don't fight you two."

Now Hagrid was watching the conversation with a blank look. He could tell that the Xiao Lang fella was mad at Eriol for something. The way they two bickered was like watching Harry and Malfoy go at it, but more-- he couldn't put his finger on it. They seemed closer than Malfoy and Harry. Like brothers, perhaps. And the poor girl Sakura. Hagrid could tell that the tiny sprite was trying to make peace between them. What power she had over those two. He could tell that the three before him had been through a lot together.

Eriol glared at Syaoran, "If you are quite done embarrassing me, I think we should follow Hagrid to the castle. I'm sure Dumbledore is expecting us."

The look Syaoran gave Eriol wasn't any nicer. "After you, Hiiragizawa. After all, we can't behave properly," he commented in a bitter tone. Sakura laughed nervously. It would be a miracle if they got through two years without killing each other.

Turning his attention back to the giant, Eriol smiled his trademark smile. "Lead the way, Hagrid!"

Sakura was expecting something a bit more-- magical. After all, they were going to a magical school, weren't they? What was magical about tiny wooden boats? Then again, after traveling via portkey, perhaps the boats would provide a nice, safe, normal, trip to the castle. The four of them boarded the boat quietly. Syaoran sat as far as he possibly could from Eriol, taking a seat at the very front of the boat. He propped his sword tip down in the boat. He threw his robes across his shoulders. Just by looking him you could tell he was not very happy. Sakura sat behind him, hands on his shoulders, wishing that he wouldn't be so cross. Hagrid sat in the middle, and Eriol in back. The boats took off by themselves. Sakura blinked as she noticed no one was rowing. Perhaps expecting a normal environment from now on was a bad idea.

But the view was absolutely breathtaking. Once they got around the bend, and Sakura saw the gigantic castle, her breath got caught in her throat. Eriol smiled at the cherry blossom, and said to her in Japanese, "It's a pity we couldn't have arrived at night. Hogwarts looks its best with a star-lit sky."

Risking a look at his female companion, Syaoran felt a blush form on his face as he saw how cute Sakura looked as she smiled at the castle. Same old Sakura, amused by the simplest things.

* * * *

The boats had arrived at the edge of the lake. Dumbledore didn't have to be told, he just knew. Like when poor Willow's feeling of abandonment sung out to him, or when Harry lied to him, or when they renewed Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Parlor. He just knew. A sixth sense to stack upon all of his other acquired powers. So he quietly slipped out of the room as Severus barked at the young Rosenberg. They wouldn't notice his absence. Rupert might, but he knew they were expecting the new students.

Down the stairs. Humming a marry tune. Dumbledore was not the average Headmaster.

He was outside in moments. Only meters away from the lake. Their figures became clearer as they approached. Eriol walked in front, with Hagrid bringing up the rear. The other two... Dumbledore smiled to the two teenagers, eager to see Clow's magic once more. The girl, whose name Eriol had told him was Sakura, looked so excited by the castle. She was the one who was the master of the Clow cards? No, the Sakura cards now. Amazing. She looked so fragile, so delicate. Hard to believe that she was so powerful. Much like the young Rosenberg up in the castle.

Sakura took an un-easy step off of the boat. The one leg that stayed in the boat trembled, trying to keep her balanced and not make a fool of herself on the first day at this new magic school. She looked ahead of her to see an old man, with a long graybeard that almost touched the ground and hair that was just as long. Even from this distance she could tell that he was smiling at the new arrivals, his eyes twinkling. Looking to Eriol, she asked, "Who's that?"

Eriol smiled, taking Sakura's hand to help her off the boat. "That, Sakura, is Dumbledore. The headmaster of Hogwarts."


Scoffing, Syaoran muttered, "He's probably out of his mind. He looks like he's a hundred years old."

"A hundred and fifty-seven, actually, Li-san," Eriol corrected. "But don't let his age fool you. He is one of the most powerful wizards in the world."

A smirk broke out on Syaoran's face, "Wasn't that you, Hiiragizawa?"

Eriol smirked right back, "Back in my day, yes, Li-san. But that is no longer how it goes. Sakura helped me with that, remember? You were there."

"But to give up all of that power-- must have made you very bitter, Hiiragizawa," the little wolf taunted, leaning in closer to the Clow reincarnation.

"Easy mates, easy," Hagrid boomed, pushing the two male teenagers apart. He didn't have to understand what they were saying to know that there was trouble brewing. "Eriol you kno' bet'er than that. With Dumbledore right there and all-- don't want them to get the wrong impression now, do ya?"

Brushing himself off, Eriol muttered, "Of course not. You will forgive me, Hagrid, I got caught up in the moment." He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and looked to Syaoran, "Sorry, Li-san."

Before Syaoran could say anything in return, however, there was a loud sound of someone chuckling. Everyone turned to towards the castle to see that Albus Dumbledore was standing only a few feet away from them, chuckling madly. Now Sakura was sure of it-- his eyes did twinkle with mischief. The way Eriol's did whenever he was planing something in that calculating brain of his. By observing Dumbledore's nature, however, Sakura could tell she would like him straight off.

"Professor Dumbledore, sir, here's the transfer students. Picked them up myself," Hagrid beamed proudly.

The old man nodded, "Yes, Hagrid. When I noticed that you had disappeared this morning I could only suspect that you could not wait to pick up our foreign exchange students."

Hagrid shrugged, "You kno' me. I love to hear foreign talk."

Taking a step forward, Eriol bowed slightly at the headmaster, "Professor Dumbledore, it is so good to see you again."

"Dear Clow, you do not have to address me in such a proper manner," the headmaster said, chuckling. "Now stand up straight, I'm blushing at all of this attention."

Sakura clearly heard the headmaster say the name 'Clow'. She also clearly saw Eriol flinch as he said that name. However, as quickly has he looked uncomfortable, he slapped back on his smile of innocence. Interesting.

"These are the two that I told you of, Headma- I mean, Albus." Eriol motioned to Syaoran and Sakura, who both immediately straightened their posture.

"Ah yes," Dumbledore's smile grew wider as he walked over to Sakura. "This must be Ms. Kinomoto."

"Hajimemashite," Sakura bowed, understanding that Dumbledore was trying to introduce himself.

Dumbledore blinked. "Oh my, I had completely forgotten. The spell, of course." He turned right around and started to walk towards the castle. "Yes we must get you to the castle first so we can introduce ourselves properly," he called over his shoulder. Miss Rosenberg should have been done preparing. Dumbledore chuckled to himself as he imagined the look on Severus' face when Willow cast the spell with no problems. He did really love to jerk the potion master's chain.

The other four hurriedly followed the trailing purple robe of the headmaster towards the castle.

* * * *

"Would you listen to me? The book says that I should stand here!" a raised female voice echoed through the corridors.

"And I say that you are to stand here." The second voice sounded like one would expect of a shadow to sound-- just as loud, but much more evil and angry. "You have never seen the Exprimoprimere cast, have you?"

"No, and neither have you unless you are over a hundred years old, Crabby-face!"

"Why you little--"

"I hope we aren't interrupting anything, Professor Snape... Professor Rosenberg." The two whirled around to face a chuckling Dumbledore. Snape's face was flushed, at least as flushed as his face could get, and his eyes were narrowed. "It is so nice to see you two getting along so well," the Headmaster chortled.

Sakura and Syaoran stood behind Dumbledore with blank faces. The sight of Severus Snape chilled them both to the bone. Laughing nervously, Eriol whispered to the two, "Don't worry, he's on our side."

"And that's a good thing?" Syaoran retorted as he put his sword in a corner, his robe hanging off of the hilt.

Snape sneered at the new arrivals, "These must be the new 'students' that we have gone to all this trouble for." He took a step towards them, his robe flowing around his frail form. Trying to take a step back, Sakura bumped into Hagrid's gigantic legs. Looking back and forth from Dumbledore to Snape, she visibly swallowed. It didn't look like the Headmaster would be able to control the scary man in black.

"Yes they are," Eriol said, stepping forward. He smiled to the cross teacher with his clever smile. "And I would expect you to treat them with respect, or as much respect that you can actually give, Professor Snape."

"Ah, Mr. Hiiragizawa." Snape's sneer, if at all possible, intensified. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to see you again for a very long time."

"Sorry to disappoint you, Professor. But it seems, that's all I am capable of, in your eyes."

Raising an eyebrow, Snape replied, "In your current form, yes you are."

"Now Severus," Dumbledore stepped in-between the two, "I think we should concentrate on casting this spell, so our two students can join in with our conversation. You two can talk about this later, hm?" Peering over his glasses, he looked to the redhead, "Now Willow, how are we doing on the Exprimoprimere spell?"

Motioning to the floor, the new arrivals now noticed the runes scribed onto the stone floor with a red-ish powder. "I think we are just about ready. I will need someone to act as a second in casting this spell."

"I'll help," Eriol said, smiling. He walked over to the redhead and offered his hand. "Hello, my name is Eriol Hiiragizawa."

"Willow Rosenberg," she said, grabbing Eriol's hand with a smile as she tried to balance the heavy book she was holding with her other hand.

As soon as their hands touched they pulled away from each other.

"So much..."


The two stared in awe of each other for a moment, looking at their hands.

Dumbledore let out a little chuckle, "An excellent combination if I do say so myself."

"And a dangerous one," Snape commented.

Another man appeared, holding a dusty book, murmuring to himself. Rupert Giles pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose, "Well if he helps Willow cast the spell, it won't really matter, now will it Severus?"

"Do we have to fight?" Willow asked. "Let's just cast this spell and get it over with."

"I, for once, actually agree." Snape snarled. "The sooner we cast this ridiculous spell, the sooner I can get back to my work."

Willow glared. "No one asked you to stay, Crabby."

"How dare-"

"Severus," Dumbledore's voice boomed throughout the room. "Please," he added with a much softer level more to his own style.

Flipping the page she was studying so carefully, Willow looked Eriol in the eyes and said, "Okay, if I could have the two of them walk into the circle."

Taking Sakura's hand in his, Eriol led the two over to the circle, "This way..."

"Oi, Hiiragizawa, keep your hands off of her," Syaoran muttered.

"Eriol, right?" Eriol nodded to the redhead. "You will have to stand outside of the circle on the opposite side of where I am standing." Eriol moved to where he was directed. "All the other spectators watching need to keep absolutely silent while I am casting the spell because it could mess everything up." After having received the trademark Willow glare, everyone stood silent. Smiling, she nodded. "Good. Now let us begin.

"Una volta che le vostre parole, ora sono mine."

The circle in which Sakura and Syaoran were standing in lit up, the ruby light's shine hurt Sakura's eyes. She brought up her right hand to shade the light. A breeze swept into the room, and the magic swelled. Sakura was choking on it. Looking to Eriol, she could see he was straining to control the vast amounts of magic the mysterious redhead was bringing into the room. This was powerful magic. And much, much, different than she was used to.

Willow's voice raised as she looked up to the ceiling. Those who were watching her closely, could see that her eyes turned a solid onyx color as the spell became more intense. "Una volta che le mie parole, ora sono le vostre. Una volta che i mondi uniscono, siamo come uno!" The spell came to a climax as she shouted the last words of the incantation. The wind whirling around them began to turn into a white smoke, which encircled Sakura and Syaoran. And just as fast the cloud appeared, it disappeared, swirling into the card captors. Syaoran flinched as he watched the mist flow into him. If he could have fought it, he would have. However, the blinding amount of magic in the room made it unable for him to breathe, let alone move. The tension in the room was then gone.

Both Snape and Eriol were aghast, their jaws hanging open. Falling to his knees, Eriol coughed loudly. All of that magic... this Rosenberg person was not someone to mess with.

Dumbledore whispered into Severus' ear, "That was Italian, was it not?"

Snape glared at the headmaster, "It was."

Smiling, the old man looked back to Willow, his eyes twinkling with pride. "Such an amazing thing, she is. Being able to cast spells in other languages. We are so boring with our one shot Latin incantations." He took a step forward, clapping his hands, "Well done, Willow. Well done. That was quite the congregation."

Willow wiped the sweat from her brow. "Now to see if it actually worked..." she looked to the two teenagers. The symbol encircling them was now gone. Smiling, she walked over to the two and put her hand out. "It's nice to meet you. My name is Willow. What's yours?"

Everyone in the room remained silent, watching with a tense anticipation to see if the spell was successful. Sakura blinked multiple times at the redheaded professor. "I.." she looked at the professor's hand. "I can understand you?"

"Huzzah, it worked, Professor Rosenberg!" The old man walked forward over to Sakura and Syaoran, positively beaming. "Welcome to my school, Sakura. Xiao Lang." Syaoran let out a humph. "My apologies for this whole mess-- if we had known about you sooner... we might have been able to work something else out."

"Known about us sooner?" Syaoran asked.

"But where are my manners? My name is Albus Dumbledore, and I am the Headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"I'm Sakura Kinomoto!" Sakura beamed at the old man. She just knew that he would be nice. She shook his hand furiously. "Thank you so much for allowing us into your school! it's so amazing here-- I mean just the boats were--"

"Sakura," Syaoran put his arm in front of her to silence her. Or at least give her an idea that she was babbling on too much. "You don't want to tell them too much." Syaoran blinked. "You don't..." Glaring, he pointed to the redhead, "This is all your fault! I can't speak Japanese anymore!"

"That's what the spell was for," Willow replied, looking a bit irritated. "You did want to be able to understand us, didn't you?"

"But not at the loss of my own language!"

"Chinese, is your language, Xiao Lang," Eriol inserted, a smirk on his face. "And technically you are still speaking Japanese. The spell works as a sort of insta-translator. We speak English, you can understand it as Japanese. You speak Japanese, we understand it as English."

"Cram it, ferret. Don't think I've forgotten that this was all your idea, because I haven't."

"Amazing," Eriol sarcastically replied, crossing his arms across his chest.

Sakura pulled on Syaoran's arm, "Please stop fighting, Syaoran-kun. We aren't going to learn anything if all you do is yell at Eriol-kun."

"She's got a point," Eriol raised an eyebrow at the cherry blossom. "You did come here to learn about other cultures."

"But not at the cost of my own," Syaoran retorted.

"I've just had about enough of this," the greasy dark man said. He glared at the two new students, "He is just as troublesome as Potter and Weasley. Why we even bothered to spend this much resources is beyond me." He walked over to the redhead, who had since backed away from the two new students. "You have power, that much is sure," he said, glaring at her from head to foot. "But you cannot control it. And you never will." With a jerk of his cloak, he stalked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

Snarling at the door, Willow commented, "Well, now that Sunshine is gone, we can actually get somewhere."

Sakura laughed nervously. "Does he always act like that?"

"Always," Eriol said, smiling. He took Sakura's hand and walked her over to Willow. "Willow Rosenberg, meet Sakura Kinomoto. She is my apprentice in the magic of Clow."

"Clow?" Giles asked, joining back in on the conversation. "I've heard of a lot of different types of magic, but never that kind. Sounds more like a man's name."

"That's because it is," Eriol said, smiling. "Mine."

"Yours?" Willow blinked. "But you said your name was Eriol Hiiragizawa."

"It is."

"Okay, now I am confused."

Dumbledore stepped in, "Cl- I mean, Mr. Hiiragizawa here is a very special being. Over two hundred years ago, there was a mage named Clow Reed. He was the most powerful wizard of his time--perhaps ever--and, if I may say so very proudly, a student here at Hogwarts. Clow had accumulated so much power that he created his own magic, combining his Eastern and Western heritage. When the time of his death came, he split his powers in two, so his reincarnation would not have to bear the burden of being such a powerful being. The boy you see in front of you is half of Clow Reed's magic."

Walking quickly over to Eriol, Giles pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "That's a quite interesting story. Yes, I've heard of Clow Reed in some of my Watcher's Diaries. By the way, I'm Professor Giles. I'll be teaching History of Magic."

Sakura bowed, "Nice to meet you!" While Syaoran let out another huff.

Shaking Giles' hand, Eriol smiled evilly, "I hope you heard nothing bad about Clow."

"Hey!" Syaoran yelled, bringing everyone's attention back to him.

"Oh yes, and this ingrate is my descendant Xiao Lang Li. Technically, both of them are my descendants, as Sakura is the child of my other half-- however Xiao Lang's family is directly descended from my Chinese family, so he is a bit more, how to put it, closely related."

Willow raised an eyebrow, "Sounds like you have a complicated family tree."

"You have no idea."

To Be Continued...

Yip. You asked for CCS history, I provided. Biggest chapter yet. Oh huzzah. X_X Plot! Yes plot! is coming.

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