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The Roadhouse

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Summary: Buffy Summers and John Winchester meet at the Roadhouse.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: John WinchesterAlcharmaFR1834,4090237,55724 Nov 0725 May 10No

On the Road Again

Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, own neither Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural, or any characters affiliated with these two shows. Buffy belongs Joss Whedon and Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke.

I know that this has taken sooooooooooooooo long to update (like, literally years), but my plot bunny somehow came back full force. I hope that you guys are still with me! Thanks to dharkcharlotte, sani, BuffyCharmed, Winchestergrl, Shezzi, and nightshadowlife for your lovely reviews! Keep 'em coming!

Buffy yawned widely and slid out of bed, all the while trying not to wake the sleeping man next to her. Stretching her arms above her head, she moaned softly as her back cracked in several places and made her way into the bathroom. She closed the door, not bothering to lock it, turned on the water, and undressed quickly before stepping into the tub under the hot spray.

It had been four months since she had met John Winchester. After that first day, he had disappeared for a few weeks, only to show up at the Roadhouse again a couple of days before she was going to leave for California. The two had spent all night talking and throwing back beers, and both had shared their life stories. Buffy was surprised how easily the truth flowed from her lips and how free she felt when she was with him. She didn't have to pretend that she was something that she wasn't, and she didn't have to hide anything. She told him about her life in California, being a Slayer, Angel, the Scoobies, the destruction of Sunnydale, and everything else she could think of. In return, he shared stories of married life, being a father, the death of his wife, and his ongoing hunt to find what killed her.

They couldn't have been more different. He was older, almost past his prime. She was young and spry, barely beginning her life now that thousands of newly-called Slayers had taken some of the pressure off of her. He had had a normal life, a wife, and three beautiful children. Her life had changed the second she was called at the age of fifteen, and it had never been the same since then. He was a loner, preferring to hunt and kill on his own. She needed to be surrounded by people. But one thing brought them together: grief. He was fighting for the wife that he lost, and she was fighting to make up for the innocents that she had been unable save.

The two left Nebraska the next day. John had gotten wind of an unruly spirit somewhere in Idaho, and she had tagged along because she had nothing better to do. She had been utterly useless in the fight, being unable to pummel anything and not being good with the whole chanting-in-Latin thing, but he had appreciated both her company and the fact that the didn't have to make the drive on his own. After a quick salting and burning, the two had returned to the Roadhouse. From that moment on, they were inseparable. Buffy sold her car and gathered up all of her things, and the next day, they bid goodbye to Ellen and Jo and set out for Nevada.

Though neither would admit it, they both enjoyed the company. Buffy finally found someone who could keep up with her in terms of demon fighting, and John finally found something he could connect with and share his pain with. They both felt an emotional connection that they couldn't explain, and the both needed each other.

For the first couple of weeks, they rented separate rooms in the run-down flee bag motels that John picked out. After that, they shared a room with two beds. Buffy had had enough of the sketchy road-side motels, and she had Giles set her up with a Council bank account. From then on, it was all four star hotels and room service. John protested at first, but he finally relented when she gave him a long speech about hating the nasty sheets and paper-thin walls that the dollar motels provided. A few more weeks after that, after a fluke accident where a hotel booked them for a room with a queen instead of two twins, they had taken to sharing a bed.

However, despite both of their wants, nothing had ever happened between them. Each stayed on his or her own side of the bed, and they barely touched. Buffy had woken up a handful of mornings with John's arm slung across her waist, but she had extracted herself from the bed without a word and never mentioned it. There was no doubt that the attraction was there. Their days were filled with lingering glances or touches, but nothing had come from them. Both were hesitant to start something between them due to the pain and heartache that stemmed from their past relationships.

Done with her shower, Buffy wrung the water out of her hair and turned off of the water, immediately missing the warmth that it had provided. Shivering slightly as her feet made contact with the cool tile floor, she slipped them into a pair of hotel-provided slippers and pulled on the white robe that was hanging on the back of the door. She gathered up her pile of dirty clothes, and opened the door, smiling slightly when she saw that John was up and about, dressed in only his boxers and a black t-shirt.

“Two cups of coffee,” he ordered into the phone, his voice gravely from sleep. Mmmmm, Buffy thought before mentally slapping herself back to reality. Bad Buffy. No mmmms about the sexiness of your fellow demon hunter's voice. Or face. Or body. Or those amazing muscl-... Wait, what was I thinking about? “The... uh...” He paused as he perused the hotel room service menu. “Waffles and...”

“Pancakes please!” Buffy piped in energetically. He looked up at her and smiled before returning his attention back to the man on the other side of the phone call.

“The pancakes.” Pause. “Alright.” Another pause. “Thank you. Yes room 1402.” He placed the ear-piece back in its cradle before flipping the menu shut and looking over at her. “Mornin', sunshine,” he greeted with his trademark grin. This was their morning routine. Buffy would wake first and shower while John slept in a bit and ordered room service. Then he would shower, they would eat, and then the two of them would drive out to whatever tiny little town demanded their attention that day. Stupid little towns that were fourty-five minutes from the nearest decent mall.

“Hey you,” she answered just as flirtily. “Go on and shower. I'll get the door when room service guy gets here.” With a smile and without a word, he brushed past her, despite the extremely spacious room, and disappeared into the bathroom. Yawning and mentally hoping that the room service guy would be there soon with her coffee, she set about digging through her suitcase for a clean set of clothes. She grabbed a black t-shirt, a short jean skirt, and her favorite boots, and after throwing on a pair of underwear and a bra, pulled them on. Then she flitted around the room, grabbing all of her possessions and shoving them into the duffel bag. Frowning slightly as the water clinging to her hair seeped into the back of her t-shirt, she routed around for a towel to dry it with.

Ding dong. Yes, the Slayer cheered mentally, completely forgetting about the towel due to the promise of coffee. Right on time.

“Hi!” she greeted cheerily after opening the front door with a flourish. The guy seemed slightly taken-aback at her early-morning enthusiasm but managed a tentative smile back. “Yay coffee. You are my new hero.” Ushering him inside, she directed him to place the food on the small table in the corner before handing him a five and ushering him back out. “Please charge this to my room. Thanks!”

“Of course, madame. Thank you.” Without another word, he closed the door and disappeared, leaving Buffy standing there with a shocked look on her face. She heard the shower turn off, and a second later, John stepped out of the bathroom dressed in a clean set of clothes. He had forgone shaving that day, and Buffy silently thanked the PTBs. The man could totally rock the stubble.

“He called me madame!” she announced, annoyed. A deep rumble exploded from his throat, and his eyes lit up as he took in her look of indignation. She glared at him but couldn't help the small amused quirk of her lip. Still giggling, or in John's case, laughing manly, the two settled themselves at the table.

“Trust me, darling. You look nothing like a madame.” The two lapsed into a comfortable silence as they ate, Buffy devouring her pancakes and coffee instantly and John taking his time while reading the morning paper.

“So, where are we going today?” the blond inquired, downing the last precious drop of her coffee. She frowned as she looked into the now empty cup, wishing that she could make more appear. There was a shuffling of papers as he tidied up, and he looked off into the distance for a second, thinking.

“Can we head up to Minnesota? It's Adam's birthday in a couple of days.”

“Yeah, sure,” Buffy answered, smiling at the thought of him being all father-ly. Cute... but also sort of awkward. She often forgot about the age difference between them, but once in a while, something like this would make her remember. Mentally shrugging, she pushed it aside and stood up. That was an issue for another time.

After packing up, the two wandered down to the hotel lobby to check out. While the blond made sure that everything was in order, John made his way out to the car with their suitcases, located his precious truck, and started her up. After a few minutes, Buffy joined him, and with a smile, he peeled off out of the hotel parking lot and onto the road.

Just a short little chappie for now, but it provided a bit of background, and I got things planned out. Here's hoping that I can hang onto this darn plot bunny for a while this time! Drop me a review on your way out!

The End?

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You have reached the end of "The Roadhouse" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 May 10.

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