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The Pole

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Summary: Faith, a pole, Atlantis and its male population. *Giggle, Giggle*

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Stargate > Faith-CenteredElvenPhoenixFR1515831132,74127 Nov 0727 Nov 07Yes
Disclaimer: I own not, I earn not. All characters belong to others not me, I make no money from this though I do get much enjoyment.

AN: Thanks to Frogstompingfun for being my beta and helping me get my first fic out on TTH and for being my all round bestest buddy. Love ya Frogalicious!

John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Dr Becket, Ronan Dex, and the rest of Atlantis Military personnel stood gapping at the very unusual sight in front of them. Unusual for Atlantis that is. They had had no idea when the Daedalus had dropped off their newest recruit that they would eventually find this.

Faith Lehane, Sometime member of SGA-1 was a very forward woman at the best of times. She had been transferred to Atlantis from the SGC after she and Vala Mal Doran had caused the population of a very conservative planet SG-1 and Faith had been visiting, to kick them off after having to listen to the two women talking about their various sexual histories, it had been about a week after her transfer when it was made permanent. The Powers that be in the military had decided to split the two women apart after it was discovered that faith had the ATA Gene. It was the perfect excuse to save the Male SGC members from maiming and torturing themselves around the two vixens. Word was that the accidents on base had fallen dramatically, from inattentive male personnel walking into walls and doors and such when they were around. It was thought for the best of the male population of the SGC and surrounding Colorado Springs besides once they found out Faith Had the Ancient Gene there was only one place to send her. Atlantis.

Things had been going fine. Faith spent her time making the males of the base blush, particularly the Scientists. With the exception of Rodney, who just snarked at her and tried to ban her from the labs. Then Rodney had asked her to activate a piece of ancient technology, because Sheppard and Carson had refused saying he had another lab monkey, he needed her because some ancient technology still needed natural ATA gene not the false one Carson had developed. That piece of technology had fused Faith with Atlantis. She was able to see inside everything Atlantis controlled. That was how they found out Atlantis was a living entity not just a city built by the ancients. She was a sentient being and she really liked faith. That, had led to this.

Faith was dancing. Atlantis was happy finally to have someone to talk to and appreciate her and this made Faith happy and when faith was happy everyone got a show.

Faith was dancing all right. She was pole dancing.

Sheppard cleared his suddenly dry throat. “You know I might be wrong, but I don’t think that the ancients had that in mind when they put that pole there.”

“Shhh, Colonel!” Ronan said pointedly looking back at Faith shimmying on the pole.

“You know I’ve performed physicals on that girl and never, never did I think she could bend like that!” Carson said in admiration.

“I hope someone is filming this!” Sheppard said tilting his head to the side.

“Of course. I film all of my experiments!” Rodney said almost offended but he couldn’t quite muster up the emotion as he watched Faith slide down the pole gyrating.

“We really should thank the SGC for sending such a … valuable… member to the expedition, like maybe Flowers.” John said.

“Along with the list of increased medical supplies we need now she has joined us.” Carson said. “This week alone twelve people have been in the infirmary with injuries resulting because of her.”

“So what’s wrong with that?” John asked.

“Colonel, its Tuesday.” Carson said.

“Oh!” John said sheepishly.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Pole". This story is complete.

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