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Summary: Meow? Hiss? Mew? After a spell that Willow and her coven did that’s all Xander could say. Placed in a new environment what’s he to do? And who are the smiling twins? What is with the robes? Who's the green eyed boy? What is a Hogwarts? Fur covered and win

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Title: YOU!

Author: MerKat
Fandom: Harry Potter/BTVS
Pairing: ???
Summary: Meow? Hiss? Mew? After a spell that Willow and her coven did that’s all Xander could say. Placed in a new environment what’s he to do? And who are the smiling twins? What is with the robes? Who's the green eyed boy? What is a Hogwarts? Fur covered and winged, Xander is confused, angry, and ready to yell at Willow. SLASH
Author notes & Warnings: might have Female/Female or Male/Male. I have No Beta. Be afraid, I’m a moody scatter brained nut of a girl. ^_- My mood affects my writing. I warn you it could get scary . . .And maybe a little out of order.


Chapter 4

Xander had been following at a good distance, keeping the two men in sight but keeping them from seeing him. He was doing good till they came up to a creek, a wide deep and rocky creek. Xander watched with a little frown on his face as the magic users waved their wands and floated across the stream. Scurrying to the edge Xander sniffed the water, he smelled things he didn’t want to meet inside it, monsters and magic and wetness. Funny the wetness seemed worse then the monsters in the water.

‘I should have just found my own way out! I didn’t cross any water to get here!’ Xander scowled at the retreating backs.

Finding a bridge of forest debris Xander started to carefully climb over it. He just had to hop over one last branch and he’d be safe but something jumped out of the water and splashed him. Startled and wide-eyed Xander released the thin branch and fell into the evil water. ‘Oh, shit! Help! Someone help!’



As he was walking back to the school Draco stilled allowing Severus to walk ahead of him, he had heard something. An animal, but not one that belonged in the Forbidden Forest, no animal born here would make such a racket. Wand out Draco walked back to the stream, he was sure the sound came from there. Finding nothing unusual he was about to leave when he heard the sound again.


Looking in the water Draco raised a brow. The gubba-gubba fish were swarming something, something small and dark. Pointing his wand at it Draco spelled it to him. “Accio um . . . wet black thing!”

Draco wrinkled his nose when the wet grey furred thing landed in his arms. He was going to throw it to the ground when it meowed and looked at him with large deep brown eyes. Cute. And even wet the animal looked lovely, a pet fit for a Malfoy. The wings made it even more special, he could ask his father to see if he could keep the odd little creature!

“Father can’t say no . . . you’re not a common animal . . . I’ve always wanted a cat.” Draco mumbled to himself as he petted the tiny kitten.

The wet cat just looked at him and gave him a cranky meow.


Xander licked at his now dry fur, the blond boy had done a spell on him, drying his fur but leaving it a right mess! Xander now looked like a puffball! After washing his face Xander started flattening the hair on his shoulder. He was never the cleanest guy as a human but now as a cat clean seemed to be a priority.

“I’ll have to name you, can’t just call you cat. You’ll need a strong name, one that tells everyone you’re a Malfoy and maybe flatters my father! If he likes you he’ll let you stay.”

Xander mostly ignored the boy carrying him, he was busy getting magic fish sink off his fur. Well he ignored him till the boy lifted him in the air to face him. “Hmm. Grey/black fur, deep earthy eyes, and fluffy! You’re too cute to be named Lucius, father would be insulted . . . How about Lucifer? I had an uncle named that! He was chubby and had a hiss like laugh, embarrassed the family during parties. But he was a seer and raised the families standing in society. That settles it, you’re Lucifer!”

Xander frowned. It must be a record. To be claimed as someone’s pet twice in one day. Well not even one day, more like one hour! Xander’s frown deepened, is this what cats go through? Named and renamed? Wonder if they go through identity crises?

Batting at the blonde’s nose Xander gave a lazy cat yawn, he needed a nap. Snuggling into his new carriers arms Xander blinked then perked up as the sight of Harry. ‘Oh, shit! Harry looks mad and he has bush-head and carrot-top with him! ’


In a panic that can be only compared to the fear he felt when he first met Voldy, Harry ran around the lake searching for his kitty. He didn’t find him around the lakeside but he did find Hermione and Ron doing the smooches. It was yucky but he got them to help him find his cat. They weren’t happy about it but they got up to help. Harry growled. ‘How hard is it to find a winged kitten!!?’

He was so upset that he didn’t notice the rocks starting to float or the animals that were being drawn to him as he walked the around the lake. Already he had Nev’s frog, Crockshanks, and other familiars following him like he was the pied piper. Even the giant squid in the lake was following by the shore. He leaked power and any witch or wizard with half a mind stayed well away.

Rushing about Harry finally spotted his already dear to him kitten in the arms of one of his enemies. He saw red but oddly enough using his magic didn't even cross his mind . . .



Draco turned and looked at Harry, his silver eyes wide and wondering. What had he done to make Potter turn so red? He hadn't seen the dark hair boy so emotional in a long time! What had he done and can he do it again?

Harry marched right up to Draco and held his arms out. “Give him back Malfoy!!”

Draco raised a brow. “What is this him you're talking about Potter? You mean my new cat? He’s mine, I found him, I saved him, and I see no magical claim on him! He’s mine!”

Harry’s face drooped and for a second, a horrible second Draco thought the boy was going to cry. But then rage burned in his green eyes and Draco could only stare. ‘Potter has real nice eyes . . .’

Draco didn’t see the fist headed his way until too late. Oh but he felt it!


Xander gasped when Harry tackled Draco, he was just glad to not be crushed. Skittering away from them Xander watched them roll, wiggle, and hit at each other. Xander wasn’t all together sure what was going on, why were Harry and Draco fighting like bitter enemies? Why was he such a prize? And why were they rolling on the ground throwing punches and curses? Xander shook his head crazy, just crazy!

Then they drew blood and everything changed. Xander’s eyes were fixed on the red liquid, and some instinct was telling him he needed to do something! His teeth itched and his forehead burned, without really thinking Xander jumped at the two boys. Finding a hand Xander bit it, bit it hard! He was pretty sure he hit bone, and it must have been super painful since the scream that came after the bite was loud and high pitched.

The boys pulled apart, now not worried about each other. Draco held his bleeding hand a look of betrayal on his handsome face. “You little fur ball!”

Harry smiled from his spot on the ground. “See! Wing is my cat! Not yours!”

“Shut it Potter!”

Harry leaned forward to grab his growling kitten; he didn’t notice the sight glow around it, or the small gem forming on its forehead. He was just happy that his pet picked him over the blond. It was Harry’s turn to yell out in shock and pain, as he reached out and touched his kitten it reared back then struck out at him like a viper. The bite was painful and burned through him like poison.

Both Harry and Draco sat on the ground cradling their hurt hands and watched the kitten as it growled and spun in circles like a dog would when it is chasing its tail. It whined and thrashed with pain, its fur standing on end, and the glow around it bright.

Ron and Hermione came a running and helped Harry up. “Harry? Are you ok?”

He nodded but said nothing, he was too focused on his poor kitten. ‘What’s wrong with him?’

“What you do to him Potter?! Did you hex him? That’s magical pet abuse Potter! I could sue you for this!” Draco yelled.

Harry’s head snapped up. “ME! WHAT DID YOU DO?”

They were about to fight some more when the cat stopped and opened its mouth. All four student could see a bright light forming inside its little belly. The poor kitten looked to be in pain! With a frightened ‘mew’ the light was released and struck Draco and Harry square in the chest, knocking them out cold.

Letting out a tired weak meow the kitten went over to Harry and fell asleep on his chest. Hermione and Ron could only blink . “Hermione what just happened?”

“No idea Ron, no idea, but I intend to find out.”

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The End?

You have reached the end of "Stray" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 May 08.

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