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Summary: Meow? Hiss? Mew? After a spell that Willow and her coven did that’s all Xander could say. Placed in a new environment what’s he to do? And who are the smiling twins? What is with the robes? Who's the green eyed boy? What is a Hogwarts? Fur covered and win

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Harry Potter > Xander-CenteredMerKatFR1547,05156118,35827 Nov 0719 May 08No

Chapter One stray

Title: Stray
Author: MerKat
Fandom: Harry Potter/BTVS
Pairing: ?????????
Summary: Meow? Hiss? Mew? After a spell that Willow and her coven did that’s all Xander could say. Placed in a new environment what’s he to do? And who are the smiling twins? What is with the robes? Who's the green eyed boy? What is a Hogwarts? Fur covered and winged, Xander is confused, angry, and ready to yell at Willow. Slash and other.
Author notes & Warnings: might have Female/Female or Male/Male. I have No Beta. NO BETA! Be afraid, I’m a moody scatter brained nut of a girl. ^_- My mood affects my writing. I warn you it could get scary . . .And maybe a little out of order.

“Hey Gred?”

“Yes Feorge?”

“Shall we embark on our next money making scheme?”

The red head next to his mirror image smiled brightly, mayhem and amusement in his bright blue eyes. “I think we should. This one is going to be brilliant!”

“It will be our best--”

“--Idea ever!! And be written down in–”

“--All the history books!!!”

With that said the two redheads ran into their lab, such deliciously evil ideas in their heads. Wealsey’s Wizard’s Wheezing’s was not the place to be if you wanted to stay in good health and your natural skin color.


“Willow I’m really not sure about this thing you want to do with your coven . . . Do you really need a young non-coven male to do this spell? And why me? Why not Andrew? Or um . . . Riley?” Xander looked around him worriedly, for he was not in a place of comfort. Not at all. He was in the middle of a forest during a full moon, with a dozen swaying half naked witches, wearing nothing but a small( in his opinion) grass skirts. He was also covered from head to toe in body art, wiccan symbols of luck and power, were drawn on his chest and back. But the big white magical octagram on his chest and magic circle on his back caught ones eye the most. Not to mention he was mostly naked. Airy little loincloths weren’t much of a cover. He was to play the power vessel and conductor. Lucky him, huh? Xander wanted to go home.

Willow rolled her eyes, not that Xander could tell from behind her wooden mask. Xander tipped his head to the side and looked Willow over. She was covered in mud, every inch of her was a dark brown. She also wore a strip of white cloth over her breasts and hips, it covered very little. “Of course we need you Xander! You’re my best friend and a guy! We need a guy! And no one else will work! I’m the main caster and I have to trust the male vessel of the spell. The others are ok, but you are you! Your perfect for this spell, Xander! Don’t worry you’ll do great!!! Just say the words on the tablet and stand in the center circle. It’ll all be fine.”

Xander gave a hopeless sigh. He had a feeling tonight will suck no matter what. If he leaves he’ll have a best friend and a gaggle of witches mad at him. If he stays he’ll get mojoed. Xander sighed. “I should have just stayed in bed today.”

Standing in the shadows Xander watches for a moment as the young witches of Willow’s coven danced around one of four bonfires, preparing for the spelling ahead. Taking a deep breath Xander walked into the middle of the clearing and stood in the center on a three crescent mooned symbol. In each crescent was a tablet with one or two sentence on it. Facing the north he waited for Willow to start her spell.

Each witch gathered around Xander her hands in the air, they began speaking as one with Willow being the loudest. “Be my will . . . Take shape as I would make it . . . Vooshah Null wuhai . . .”


“Be my will . . .” said Fred as he aimed his wand at the leather studded bracelet. He was reading from an old scroll they had found in the Hogwarts restricted section. It was a protection spell and sounded so perfect for their needs.

“Take shape as I would make it . . .” George was smiling brightly as he said his part of the spell. If this new invention worked then one would only need to wear the bracelet to become a temporary anamagi. An anamagi that could turn invisible and could become undetectable by magic. This one could put them on the map and help with the war. Not to mention how much mischief they could cause!

“Hold the power . . .” If the bracelet worked then Order members could get to places they weren’t able to before. With less risk.

“Be my vessel . . .” It could lighten some of the gloom that had descended on their friends and family. Give them a smidgin more hope.

“And renew us our light . . .” This could cause quite a bit of chaos.


“Be as I want! Renew us our light . . .” Said Willow with a little frown on her face. Something was wrong with the spell. The spell was met to gather energy from the coven as a whole, it was doing that but another energy was gathering as well. The energy seamed to be coming from Mother Earth and somewhere else. Willow bit at her lip and wondered if she should stop the spell. She wondered if this little oddity was important enough to stop the protection/hiding and good fortune spell. This spell had taken Willow and her sister witches a month to prepare for, if she stopped it now they would have to wait a month to do it again. The coven as a whole would be weakened to attack and magical theft.

Deciding not to end it Willow said the last phrase of her spell as she linked hands with the other witches. “Cast the light and shield us tight . . .Grithum lumos mormum tulldao . . .” She watched just like the others as Xander read the first of the three tablets.

“By my word I see you worthy, your body I hid from evil’s authority.” Turning his body away from the northeast tablet of protection Xander read from the southwest tablet. “Through my sight I see your mind, shield it I will from evil kind.” Turning to the middle scroll Xander picked it up and read from it. It was the last protection spell needed. “ By my heart I judge you, your soul, and find it whole. Protection I give to thee in full.” With that said the coven’s magic absorbed into the group and their clearing, protecting it from bad magical taint. Protecting their coven from evils sway for one more year.

Willow was about to skip up to Xander and pat the young man on the back only to be blown over by a powerful magical surge. So strong was the surge that it knocked everyone down and a few out cold. Standing up on shaky feet Willow called out for Xander. She figured her best friend would be freaked or worried that he had messed up the spell, only she couldn’t fine him.


“Appear and take shape . . .”

“Be what we need . . .”

“RENEW US THIS AND PROTECT US THE LIGHT!” Said both twins together. As the spell finished both twins felt tremendous power gather and build, so without much thought on it both ducked behind a pre-made magical shield. The explosion they created could be seen from space they were sure of it. Big black clouds, that smelled strangely burnt brown sugar and wet cat, bellowed out from where they cast the spell.

“Hey Feorge?”

“Yeah Gred?”

“Think it worked?”

“Don’t know. Lets go look.”

With their wands out and a spell on the tip of their tongues both twins slunk out form behind their barricade. Waving dust out of his face Fred looked for their invention around the crater they created. “Um . . .Bro? I think we have a teeny tiny problem . . .”

“What?” Asked George as he cleaned dirt from off his face.

“I don’t see the bracelet at all. Anywhere.”

Pulling out his wand Fred used a levitation spell to get some of the rubble out of the way. Suddenly a flash of silver/black streaked across the room to the door. With wands out both twins ran after it. It was a fast little bugger whatever it was!


~Ok . . . ok . . .Don’t panic!! Panicking is of the bad! Panic is not my friend!!!! Just because you can’t talk and are now in the land of giants doesn’t mean you have to panic!!!!! No Panicking!!!!! You just have fur, is all. A-and paws! DON’T PANIC!!!!!!~ Xander kept chanting to himself as he ran on all fours. He had tried to stand or hold onto something only to find out he no longer had hands or fingers but cute fuzz covered paws. Cute little dark grey and white paws.

He was trying to find a damn exit, but everywhere he went was a dead end. And there were giants following him. Tall skinny giants with red hair and that ‘I’m going to cause a lot of trouble’ smile Spike would wear at times. Xander yelped again as a hand swept down to snatch him from the floor, jumping onto a chair he ran across a table. Using his new black wings and cat-like grace to keep his balance as he ran close to the edge. *Wings!?! I have wings! I can’t believe this!* Stopping in the middle of the table Xander looked from one end to the other and groaned. There was a redhead on each side. So that meant there was only one way to go . . .

Jumping off the table and onto the floor Xander thought he was in the clear. The door was in front of him wide open and the redheads were still by the counter. Just as he reached the door a swift but gentle hand grabbed him up. Giving a hiss of discontent Xander tried to wiggle out of the hold. But whoever it was must have been good at catching and holding on to things, probably a wild animal hunter. Xander tried to talk but all that would come out were hiss’ and angry mews. Xander glared up into shining green eyes.


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