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Summary: Xander gets a new job...

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredTjinFR1831,22313721,11627 Nov 0718 Oct 11No

Report 2


“Stupid demons.” Xander thought silently to himself as he sat at the desk and worked on the night’s incident report.


To: Sunnydale General Security Contractors.

Concerning: wild dog attack/assault on an officer.

Location: Sunnydale Motor Lodge/Parking lot.

Time: 4:06 AM

Who: Security Officer Harris/ Security Officer Apollo/ wild dog, brown, no markings, no collar.

What: Officers Harris and Apollo responded to
“strange growling sounds” reported in earlier incident report, upon arrival at the SML parking lot the large brown dog was seen attacking a blue car as the occupants tried to flee.

Officer Apollo engaged the “dog” and after a lengthy battle managed to force the animal into flight.

Officer Apollo attempted to pursue the “dog,” but his injuries were too severe. Officer Harris attempted to gather information on the occupants of the blue car, but said car had fled.

Police were called, Officer Greenly responded 5:18 a.m. Congratulations on the officer’s prompt response time.

Officer Apollo was checked for possible rabies infections before being released back to active duty.

How: The unknown dog fled the scene, animal control was contacted and has assured Officer Harris that the situation will be “handled in a prompt manner.” So far no animal control agent has responded to the scene.


Putting some final notations onto the piece of paper, Xander copied it before putting into his “Out” box.

Looking over at the groaning Apollo, Xander smiled before patting the big German Shepard on the back and picking up a second piece of paper.


To: Officer Greenly, Sunnydale Police Department.

Concerning: Prompt response to earlier incident.

Location: Sunnydale Motor Lodge.

Thank you from Officer Apollo and me, you were correct that the responsible “dog” is unlikely to appear again. Sunnydale Animal Control has reported the dog was found dead on the side of the road less than two blocks from the altercation site, your prompt response was appreciated.

Hopefully you enjoyed the sunrise on your return trip to the station.

Officer Alexander Harris.


(A/N) well this one is a bit different, but here it is.

Hope you all enjoy this and I do have plans for this to be continued.

P.S. I don't own BtVS

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