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Summary: Xander gets a new job...

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredTjinFR1831,22313721,11627 Nov 0718 Oct 11No

Report 3

Report 3

“Stupid, Stupid, Stupid—“ Xanders rant continued as he limped back to the desk and threw himself into the seat before growling at the paperwork, he had recently found himself reacting a bit more violently when engaging the supernatural due to the frustration of paperwork they were responsible for.


To: Sunnydale General Security Contractors.

Concerning: Damaged GSC vehicle during duties.

Location: CRD Central industrial Complex

Time: 1:56 AM

Who: Security Officer Harris/ Security Officer Apollo/ Wild Animal Incident

What: Officers Harris and Apollo responded to silent alarm reported in vicinity, while checking basic response Officer Harris impacted large unknown animal, airbag deployed and officer Harris and Apollo exited the vehicle to check on possible damage to vehicle and animal, after incident animal fled the scene with possible injuries.
GSC Vehicle received crumpled front, major damage to engine compartment and severe damage to roof in claw like manner, possibly from animals ‘Horns’ after initial contact Officer Harris discovered Injured female in vicinity, one ‘Faith LeHanne’ was found injured and Emergency Response was called to assist.

After receiving Miss LaHennes report (See attached) she refused medical care and fled into the night, Officer Apollo was distressed at her departure (I believe this was more from the attention he received from Miss LaHanne, though I have turned him over to animal response for observation)

Police were called, Officer Greenly responded 2:18 a.m. Officer Greenly had several… ‘Interesting’ theories on the possible cause of the accident but accepted the animal attack.

How: The unknown animal fled the scene, animal control was contacted and has assured Officer Harris that the situation will be “handled in a prompt manner.” So far no animal control agent has responded to the scene.


Putting some final notations onto the piece of paper, Xander copied it before putting into his “Out” box and rubbing the back of his neck to reduce the stress, his dealing with Faith was going to be a tricky one but hopefully he could help her before she got herself killed, she had been fighting a small pack of demons when he barreled in with his cruiser before assisting in the fight.
Making a mental note to ask Giles if he knew the Dark Slayer was awake again he went to finish up his report.
Apollo had really enjoyed making sure Faith had been alright after the fight, the Slayer had been happily bowled over and slobbered on for several seconds before she had managed to collect herself and present her usually self assured personality.
Reaching over Xander picked up another piece of Paper for the Sunnydale PD.


To: Officer Greenly, Sunnydale Police Department.

Concerning: Sorry to see you leave.

Location: CRD Complex

Thank you for your timely assistance tonight, Officer Apollo and myself are both saddened to see such an upstanding officer leave the force, hopefully Boston will appreciate what they are getting, congratulations on the promotion to detective by the way and good luck in Bean-Town.

Officer Alexander Harris.


P.S. I don't own BtVS or Boondock Saints.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Security." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Oct 11.

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