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Summary: Xander gets a new job...

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredTjinFR1831,22313721,11627 Nov 0718 Oct 11No

Security Report 1


After graduation, Xander returns from his road trip ready to face the world. His friends are all in college, his parents are forcing him to pay rent and he is officially without funds to pay said rent. So the mighty Zeppo goes job hunting.


“I hate my life.” Xander grumbled to himself as he sat at the desk and filled out yet another incident report.


To: Sunnydale General Security Contractors.

Concerning: B/E Trespassing/Assault.

Location: East door, just behind the parking deck (Sunnydale General Blood bank.).

Time: 3:16 AM

Who: Security Officer Alexander Lavelle Harris/ Unknown Male, tall, pale wearing tie-dye pants and red silk shirt. (Abnormal facial features/Possible PCP Involvement.)

What: Officer Harris was walking patrol when unknown male scaled the fence and assaulted Officer Harris. Officer Harris responded with physical force and then deployed OC against the assailant, while attempting to detain him for the police. The assailant escaped and rescaled the fence before escaping.

Police were called, Officer Greenly responded 6:27 am.

Minor injuries to Officer Harris, after contacting superiors, Officer Harris remained on station until relief arrived before going to the emergency room concerning his injuries.

How: The assailant had possible gang relations and had a high probability of drug involvement; recommend outfacing barbed wire along the top of the fence/K-9 backup.


Looking the report over, Xander made a few final notes before putting it in the outgoing box for his boss to pick up when he came in the next morning. Leaning back in his chair, Xander watched the Cameras carefully for any activity.

Thinking of the vampires he had dusted and gotten paid to dust while on this job, Xander smiled before picking up another sheet of paper.


To: Sunnydale General Hospital Janitorial Services.

Concerning: Large amounts of dust.

Location: East door, just behind the parking deck (Sunnydale General Blood bank.).


(A/N) Okay… trying to jump start my muse here, I’ve been staring at a blank page for the last two weeks and it’s really starting to bug me.

Hope you all enjoy this and I do have plans for this to be continued.

P.S. i don't own BtVS

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