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This story is No. 4 in the series "Life After Death". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: How Harry came to join the Second Scourge

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Harry Potter > GenerallindielFR71613011,99128 Nov 0728 Nov 07Yes
My response to the November site-wide challenge including the Darla/Harry FFA pairing, and also the 4th installment of my Life after Death series. This one is First-Person Plural, and tells how Harry ended up with the Scourge-impersonators that Dawn, Kiley and Hermione run into in Chapter 6 of Bloody Awful Poetry

Magic is JK's, Vampires are Joss's



We finally decided that there was something different about Drau’s ravings this time when she nearly walked out into the full mid-afternoon sun saying she had to go help her star-lit child.

Draupadi may be a crazy, insane vampiress, but she’s our crazy insane vampires. We worked hard to put this family together, and we weren’t about to let it all fall to dust. Which was why we were rattling along in Liam’s battered old Edsel on a pit-infested goat track in the middle of nowhere dangerously close to dawn.

Shortest night of the year!
Why’d she have to pick
Summer Solstice to freak!

We finally managed to convince her to stay inside by promising we’d go after her star-lit child as soon as it was dark enough, and sure enough, at 9:21 on the dot, she began dragging us to the car. Fortunately, we had blacked out the windows, or we’d have been dust. The sun may have officially set, but this time of year the twilight’s still strong enough to dust us, and that lasts till 10.


Drau said go north, so north we drove, up the M1 out of the city. By the time we hit Birmingham and changed over to the M6, we were starting to suspect that it wasn’t an imaginary star-lit child, but an undead flesh-and-blood Star-Lit Childe she was raving about. She had disappeared on us for a couple hours last night, and it was when she came back that she started going on about the starlight and the child and how he would bring fear and blood and chaos and it would be wonderful! About a half-hour before we hit Liverpool, we were convinced she had made a Childe without telling us, because she suddenly sat up and said how he’s rising, he needs his mummy, we need to go faster, FASTER, FASTER, and so faster we went.

It was a lucky thing too, because here we were, maybe 50 miles north of Glasgow, and the false dawn was just starting. About maybe 20 minutes back, she told us to turn onto this old goat track, and now, as we drove along, there was this ancient, gnarled forest on one side, and open field on the other. Rather creepy, and for a Master Vampire, that was saying something.


Dawn was creeping closer and closer, and we were beginning to think we may need to take refuge in the forest, when Drau called out to stop. There was a body lying in the middle of the track, and it was starting to smoke. Suddenly, it got up, and dashed into the forest. Drau made to open the door and run after it, fortunately we had the foresight to put the childlocks on. Drau said it was her starchild, so we drove into the forest after it.

The forest canopy was thick enough to filter the sun’s rays to a tolerable level, so when we stopped in front of the cave where the Childe had hid, we got out. Walking carefully into the cave, Darleen was the first to see him. She went to him and held him, then Draupadi joined her.

It’ll be alright little one
We’ve got you now.
You’ll be safe with us,
We’re family.

The End

You have reached the end of "Family". This story is complete.

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