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The Watcher and the toast

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Summary: Dawn wants toast, Dawn gets toast, Giles vows to rid the world of Powdered Toast Man.

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Cartoons > Ren and StimpyEffieFR717290568328 Nov 0728 Nov 07No
The Watcher and the toast
By: Effie
Disclaimer: I do not own Ren and Stimpy nor do I own Buffy the vampire slayer. Rights belong to whomever owns them who are not me.

Dawn groggily looked around the kitchen, wondering why Giles was there so early.

“Good morning, Dawn.” Said watcher greeted.

Dawn grunted in reply before sitting at the table with him and reaching for the already set out breakfast. She took the cylinder from the table before trying to shake it onto her plate. Frowning, Dawn tried again.

“Giles.” She complained.

“What is it Dawn?” The Brit asked wondering what had Dawn complaining at such at such an early hour.

“Do we have anymore powdered toast?”

“Powdered what?” Giles asked thinking he had misheard.

“Powdered toast.” Dawn said as she walked toward the cabinets. Pulling one open she found another can. “Thank God, we have another can.”

Giles stared wondering how in the world he had missed that product after years of eating with the scoobies. He watched as Dawn shook the can. Powder shot out only to settle on the plate in the shape of half a piece of toast. Dawn shook the can again but only a few crumbs fell out.

“We don’t have any more!” She cried dismayed. “I bet Xander ate all of it, didn’t he?” She asked Giles.

Giles vaguely remembered seeing Xander eating toast earlier that morning. “I’m not sure. Xander was eating toast but it could have come from,” Dawn cut him off.

“Stupid Xander, this leaves me no choice.” She said before she got up and rummaged under the sink.

“Dawn, did Anya give you this?” Dawn looked up from the sink and saw Giles holding the can. “No, we’ve been buying it at the supermarket for the last few years.”

Giles frowned. This had to be a demon’s product that corrupted those who ate it. There was just no way his children could be so stupid as to buy this and not just make toast. Maybe Xander, seeing as he lacked a toaster in his parents home but he knew quite well that the others were not lacking toasters. Giles turned his attention back to Dawn and worried for his sanity when she pulled out an old radio.

“Calling Powdered Toast man. Calling Powdered Toast man. We need you Powdered Toast man.” Dawn put the radio back into the sink and looked at Giles. “What? It’s the only way I’ll get my toast.”

Giles opened his mouth to argue that she could just put bread in the toaster when something crashed through the window. He reached for a stake before surprise overtook him. A giant demon, for it could only be a demon to Giles, stood in red spandex and cape.

“Hello, Dawn.” The demon greeted in a deep voice. What disturbed Giles the most was the Dawn looked absolutely giddy.

“Powdered Toast Man, you remember me!” She squealed.

“Why of course I have Dawn. Now what’s the matter? Did Xander eat all the toast again?” The giant toast shaped head with a face asked.

“Yeah.” Dawn said sounding sulky.

“Haha, that’s all? Don’t worry about it, kiddies. Powdered toast man is here!” He said smiling brightly before bending down, taking a knife from the table and scraping his head. Three pieces of toast formed on Dawn’s plate. “Remember Dawn, to always have your powdered toast. Part of a complete breakfast.”

“Thank you, Powdered Toast Man!” She squealed before diving at her toast. Giles stared wondering what hellmouth madness this was.

“And away!”

Seeing Dawn happily eating her toast with no concern for the broken and damaged kitchen windows. “Do you want any Giles?” Dawn asked offering a piece of toast.

“No, thank you, Dawn.” The watcher said calmly before reaching out for one of the empty containers. “Dawn, how often has that uh,”

“Powdered Toast Man.” Dawn filled.

“Yes. Right, how often does he come here?” He asked not saying his name, wondering if it was part of an invocation.

“At least once a month here when we’re out of toast and haven’t gone to the supermarket.” She explained.

Giles wondered how he failed to see him at least once during his years here. Nodding, he excused himself before vowing to destroy Powdered Toast Man.

Next Chapter Up: Giles investigates the effects powdered toast has had on the Sunnydale populace.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Watcher and the toast" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Nov 07.

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