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Get Out Alive

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Life in A Minor". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Faith has found her birth mother, a woman more psychotic than the one she had grown up with. She has been called to the order to work against her.

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Harry Potter > Faith-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyDamiaFR1325,895276,19429 Nov 076 Feb 08Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Two Weeks Later

Artist: Paramore
Song: We Are Broken

Disclaimer: I own nothing that anyone can at all recognize. I am not being paid to write about Buffy or Harry Potter.
Note:This is a sequel to "Get Out Alive". The first story in this series of one-shots. Though I suppose it isn't really a one shot anymore, is it?


The blood sprayed across her face in a burning line. Her bow lips quirked up and a chuckle bubbled in the back of her throat, a manic tint fraying the edges of the noise. No one noticed, entranced as they were by the blood lust she was inciting in them. She was good at this, good at violence. Faith focused on the girls wide blue eyes.

14. She was 14. Faith pushed that thought out of her head. If she bled the little muggle girl enough she would pass out for the next portion of the nights entertainment. She might even be unconscious when they finally kill her. If she's lucky enough not to be kept as some sort of pet. The short blond curls were matted with sweat and blood, plastering them obscenely against the girls face and neck.

I am outside
And I've been waiting for the sun.

The girls father and mother lay dead or dying across the room. Her tiny brother, 7 years old, heaped against the wall where the wizards and witches had dropped him after practicing some of their more vicious attacks. This family was considered a reasonable price for the greater good of the future. Was it worth the price of Faith's soul? She focused once more on the terror in those eyes. The terror she was causing. The laughter around her bubbled up again as Faith's hands moved on their own, remembering the dance of blood and pain that they had perfected so long ago.

Sharp edges moved and Faith's tongue slipped out to run over her dry cracked lips. The taste of blood entered her mouth and she took a deep breath to fight of nausea. Some of those around her had noticed her movements and their eyes glazed with lust.

With my wide eyes,
I've seen worlds that don't belong.

One more deep stroke, this one entirely deliberate. The girls body shuddered violently as blood spurted out across Faith and her audience. Faith threw her head back and laughed delightedly, throwing emotions she didn't feel into the sound. They couldn't have her. They couldn't torment the girl any longer. Faith had killed her.

"Faith!" The hissing voice snapped behind her. The death eaters backed away slowly, wanting to bask in the glow of her violent joy, but not wanting to get in their masters path. Faith turned slowly, turning her head and raising her eyes innocently.

"Yes?" She asked softly. The creature, no longer a man, crossed his arms and sighed softly, much like a doting father.

"You were not supposed to kill it," Voldemort told her softly. Faith lowered her head and dropped neatly to her knees, knives still in her hands.

"I apologize my lord," She told him. She relaxed her entire body just as the curse came. She felt like she was being electrocuted and smothered and sliced all at once. Her mind blanking out with pain as screams erupted from her throat. Her own blood joined that of the muggle family's on her clothing as her hands lost their grips on her knives and she spasmed on top of the sharp objects. The pain stopped and she collapsed.

"You may go now," Voldemort told her. She didn't need to be told twice. She forced herself onto shaky legs, picking up the weapons and passing them off to another death eater to clean and put away for her.

My mouth is dry,
With words I cannot verbalize.

Faith left the revel and paused outside, trying to control her breathing before she went back to Grimmauld Place. She lifted her once pale blue shirt and frowned at the wounds on her side. She had the feeling that Voldemort had added some extra charm to her curse for the amount of damage done by those knives. The door opened and softly lilting steps came toward her. She turned her face toward the noise and felt a hand slap across her cheek.

"Do not upset the master again," Her mother hissed, the womans hands curved into claws. Faith let her head hang down, her hair hiding her face. She could not kill this woman. It was against the rules. ... and even if it hadn't been, she wasn't sure she'd be able to.

"It will not happen again," Faith told her. The woman smiled beatifically at Faith then, her entire image changing abruptly.

"There you are, mummy doesn't like when you don't do as you should. Behave and I shall love you always," Bellatrix promised, wrapping her arms around Faith and pressing their cheeks together before letting ago and running back to the revel with a mad giggle. Faiths hands shook as she pulled a bottle cap out of her pocket. She collapsed to the floor just before the pull of magic dragged her away from the nightmare.

Tell me why,
We live like this.

No one was waiting for her as she appeared in the hallway, huddled against the wall, blood dripping into a puddle on the floor. They hadn't been waiting for her for a while now. The last few weeks she had arrived alone. Since she had gone hysterical and everyone had been kicked out of the kitchen. Andrew would come check for her in a little while. He was good at taking care of her. He tried so hard to make things easier, but nothing would get easier. Not until Voldemort was killed for good. She closed her eyes, to tired to keep them open any longer.

"Oh god, Faith!" Ginny screamed as she was coming down the stairs. Faith didn't move. Couldn't even bring herself to open her eyes. Feet pounded toward her, surrounding her as people spoke frantically. A hand tapped at her cheek.

"Faith? Faith open your eyes and look at me," Andrew was commanding. She didn't want to open her eyes though, she wanted to sleep. The tapping got harder. She opened her eyes slowly.

"What?" She demanded in aggravation.

"Oh thank god," Ginny was in the background sighing deeply in relief.

"Time to get up, we need to clean you off," Andrew told her, trying to get her up as everyone else stood around, unsure of what to do. Molly wasn't there to command them and they were all wary of the girl. She had gone further and further into herself in the last 2 weeks, only speaking when spoken to, ignoring offers of friendship. They could all hear her screaming at night. Andrew pulled her to her feet, but lost his grip and she fell back down. It was a sad state of affairs when Andrew could lift the dark slayer without much work. It said a lot about the way she was taking care of herself. She was nothing but whipcord muscle and bones. No extra curves anywhere. It was as though she were wasting away.

"I've got you," The familiar arms that Faith took so much comfort from were wrapping around her. Charlie lifted her effortlessly and walked to the kitchen, knocking everything unceremoniously off and laying her carefully down. He pulled out his wand and flicked it a few times.

Keep me safe inside.
Your arms like towers,
Tower over me, yeah.

"Don't," Faith cried as his wand pointed toward her. She was losing it, losing her control, her soul, her happiness. This magical place that hurt and screamed and bled was a nightmare that she couldn't wake from. She wanted to leave. Wanted to run so far away that nothing could ever remind her of this place. She couldn't though. Couldn't leave someone else to go through what she was going through. Couldn't let anyone else lose themselves.

Charlie turned pleading eyes to his family and friends. She was here to help them, here to save their home. They were using her like a tool. As though she had no feelings. He didn't know how to help her, but he needed to help her. He needed to make everything better for this strong beautiful woman. Ginny pushed through the throng of men and into the kitchen, Andrew at her side.

"Let me, she's a little out of it," Andrew told the red headed man. He had a pair of scissors in his hand and used them to cut away Faiths shirt, pulling the scrapped fabric away and tossing it into the fire place. The smell of burning blood filled the room, but he shoved it out of his head. Ginny brought over a bowl and a pile of clean rags. She and Charlie went about cleaning the blood off of her, searching for actual wounds under the gore.

"What did I miss?" Dumbledore asked as he came into the kitchen with Molly Weasley.

"Oh dear," Molly was rushing forward, wand out and telling everyone to move.

"No, please," Faith struggled lightly, crying as she spotted it. Wands caused pain.

"Shh, Faith it's alright," Charlie moved up to block her view with his body.

"Charlie?" She asked, focusing on him. Charlie was safety.

'Cause we are broken.
What must we do to restore,
Our innocence,
And all the promise we adored?
Give us life again,
Cause we just wanna be whole.

"I don't like this. I don't like it at all," Molly muttered to Albus and others of the order later. She was scrubbing down the kitchen table again. She glanced up at the ceiling, where her son was helping Faith bathe. She wasn't sure she approved of the relationship, but Charlie wouldn't listen. The girl was unstable and he wanted to save her, lord help him.

"She is the best agent we have," Dumbledore said softly, sitting at the head of the table.

"You don't feel at all guilty?" Sirius asked his old headmaster.

"I can't afford to," Albus said tiredly. She was inside the Death Eaters. She was trusted by everyone. She had no ties with the wizarding world except her mother. She was perfect, exactly what they needed. He only hoped she was strong enough to do everything needed.

"She's so young," Arthur said after a few minutes. Younger than 3 of his children. Ginny and Charlie seem to have taken to the girl and he couldn't blame them. She was like a tragic heroine of old, breaking herself to save the kingdom.

"She is," Albus agreed. Molly shook her head in disgust.

"This war wasn't meant for our children," She said angrily, unknowingly echoing the words of Narcissa Malfoy.

Lock the doors,
'Cause I'd like to capture this voice.
It came to me tonight,
So everyone will have a choice.

"This war wasn't meant for Faith," Andrew said angrily, stepping into the room. He ignored the twins and Ginny on the staircase, leaving the door open for them to hear everything. He didn't understand their need to keep something they were so obviously involved in, away from them. It made no sense.

"Faith is a witch, whether she wills it or not. She has the power," Albus told him, trying to make the young man understand.

"No, Faith is a Slayer. She is the chosen one. She was made to fight Demons and Vampires, to keep humans safe. You can't understand what this is costing her. If you kill a human, you're going to feel horrible. When Faith kills a human she has the spirits of past Slayers screaming to know why, to tell her what she's done wrong. The spirit of those people she's taken are imprinted into her memory and thrown back at her night after night. She can't get over it. It's a failsafe measure to keep slayers in line. This is going to kill her if it keeps going on," Andrew shouted, stalking up to the old man and leaning over him.

"There are risks to ever undertaking," Albus told him stiffly. He had found out about that little Slayer clause after Faith had begun her mission.

"Risks? This isn't a risk, it's torture. You keep beating me to Giles, telling Giles that she's doing well, that she's making progress! What Progress!? I have seen nothing," Andrew shouted, trying to stop the tears from coming to his eyes. His slayer was dying. She was falling apart and he couldn't help her.

"We know where they are, where they are striking, who they are striking, how the plan to torture, what information they are looking to gain. We are keeping vital information away from them," Albus began. Andrew shook his head.

"That isn't good enough," Andrew told him.

And under red lights,
I'll show myself it wasn't forged.
We're at war,
We live like this...

"That's the sixth panicked call you've gotten from him," Willow told Giles. He pulled off his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

"I know," He agreed.

"I don't like the reports," Buffy said, agreeing with Willow. Giles sighed and glanced over at the folder that held the documents she was speaking of.

"Neither do I. Albus and Andrew are telling us different things. Faith said she was fine," Giles reminded them.

"Fine. Not a flippant '5 by 5', no comment on the local night life, no talk of the guys. That's not Faith," Willow told Giles. He put his glasses back on and leaned his elbows onto his desk.

"What do you want me to say? I agree with you, but this isn't our world and Faith says she's fine, Albus says she's doing well. Andrew could be jumpy. She is his first Slayer," Giles said with a sigh.

"And I still think that was mean of you." Willow told Giles with a frown.

"Wait, you said 'Could Be' does that mean you agree with us?" Buffy wanted to know.

"Of course I do," Giles told her.

"Good! I already booked a plane ticket to the land of tweed. I'm going to check things out," Buffy told him.

"I did that too!" Willow said excitedly. Buffy smiled happily and Giles pulled his glasses off, snagging his polishing cloth off his desk.

"Alright," He agreed.

Keep me safe inside.
Your arms like towers,
Tower over me.

"I can't do this for much longer," Faith whispered as Charlie held her close. Her head was tucked under his chin as he cuddled her against his chest.

"You shouldn't have to," He told her. Her fingers played with a button on the front of his night shirt.

"It's my job. My job is all I do, all I am. The slayer," Everything she was, everything she had ever been proud of, was part of being a slayer. She lived for it, breathed it, loved it.

"This world isn't for Slayers," Charlie told her. She stiffened. This was his world.

"My mother," Faith reminded him. Charlie tightened his hold on her, his fingers rubbing at the ends of her hair.

"Come with me to Romania for a little while. Get back on your feet and try this again if you really need to," Charlie offered after a few moments. Faith relaxed in his grip.

"I want it to be that easy," Faith answered as tears leaked out of her eyes, splashing into his shirt.

'Cause we are broken.
What must we do to restore,
Our innocence,
And all the promise we adored?
Give us life again,
'Cause we just wanna be whole.

"Is what you said true?" Ginny asked Andrew as he came down the stairs the next morning. Her mother had shut the door partly through the argument. "About the Slayers and when they kill a human,"

"Yes," Andrew told her. He was tired and hungry and cranky and not in the mood to sugar coat things or lie to the teens in the house.

"I guess it's a good thing Charlie took her with him this morning," Ginny chirped with a smile. Andrew nodded with a yawn.

"Probably," He agreed, walking into the kitchen. "What?" He demanded, turning back around to stare at the grinning girl.

"Just for the morning. They'll be back around lunch," She shrugged.

"How do you know this?" He asked.

"I caught him leaving mum a note and confiscated it. It's none of their business what she does," Ginny said with a shrug.

"Then why are you telling me?" Andrew asked suspiciously, eyeballing the smug girl. Ginny looked him dead in the eye.

"You're her watcher. You take care of her. You deserve to know." She told him. He stared into her eyes for a few moments and nodded. Ginny understood, like he did, that Faith needed to get away, and for longer than just the morning. Though the morning was a good start.

"Morning. Should I take something up to Faith?" Molly asked. Ginny shook her head.

"It's been taken care of mum," She told her.

Tower over me... (Ahh...)
Tower over me... (Ahh...)

And I'll take the truth at any cost.

Faith lay back on a blanket in the grass, closing her eyes and letting the sun soak into her. Charlie was working, but he kept coming to check on her. So did a lot of the men he worked with. Not a lot of chicks here. A lifetime ago she would have made jokes about that, but she couldn't seem to find the energy now. Maybe that was for the best. The dragons were beautiful. The few she'd seen anyway. Flying and looping through the air across the hills, almost the size of kittens, though they'd be a lot larger close up.

The sun against her face felt wonderful, she felt warmer than she had in a long time. It wasn't just the sun. It was the air and the emotional tangle that was missing. It was the clouds in the sky and the unvoiced worry in Charlie's friends' eyes. No one expected anything of her. She could just be. It was unique. The burning on her arm startled her out of her musings and she felt the tears well up in her eyes as Charlie came up the hill, the smile dying on his face.

"I have to go," she told him. He nodded. He didn't tell her to be safe. She couldn't be. He didn't tell he he'd be there waiting. She already knew that. He didn't say goodbye. She understood. His hand stopped hers from grasping the locket around her neck.

"I'll miss you," He told her, pressing his lips to her forehead and stepping back. Her hands grasped the locket and her world twisted back to the nightmare. She hoped that what she was doing was worth it, because she couldn't see how anything good could ever come again.

'Cause we are broken.
What must we do to restore,
Our innocence,
And all the promise we adored?
Give us life again,
'Cause we just wanna be whole.

The End

You have reached the end of "Get Out Alive". This story is complete.

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