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Run, Buffy, Run.

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Summary: Faith doesn’t join the Mayor.

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1 + 1 = 5?????

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
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Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
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Summary: Faith doesn’t join the Mayor.

AN: Thoughts are between slashes (//Thought.//)

"We got a hit on AFIS from the hotel," said the tech. "Buffy Anne Summers. Convicted of murder in California and sentenced to Life. Escaped Federal custody while being transported to L.A. to face trial on weapons charges. Federal Fugitive Warrant issued. To be considered armed and dangerous."

“Just great,” sighed Brass. “Now we got the Feds to mess things up even further.”

“The funny thing is, that the print came from inside one of Mr. Sato’s dress shoes that we found on the top rack in the closet. Since there wasn’t any blood found near the closet, none of its contents were part of the initial evidence bagged for analysis,” continued the tech. “The print was near where one might put their index finger to help get their heel into the shoe.”

“How tall is Ms. Summers?” Grissom asked the tech.

He handed Grissom a printout with Buffy’s picture and pertinent information from the AFIS hit.

“You’re not thinking . . .” stated Brass with a very worried look on his face as he too looked at the sheet. “I mean, I met and spoke with the man and there is no way he and the Summers girl are the same person.”

“Just as there is no way for Sato and Takei to have been able to pose as Catherine and Nick to get out of the building,” stated Grissom. “And yet that is what appears to have happened.”

“And you said you were a scientist who didn’t believe ‘magic’ was the real answer,” retorted Brass.

“Yes, I did,” replied Grissom fatalistically. “However, until I can find the real answer, ‘magic’ is, unfortunately, the only answer that currently fits the evidence.”

“The Sherriff is going to have you committed and Ecklie is going to help him,” stated Brass.

“Possibly, but this bulletin also states that Ms. Summers could be in the company of one Alexander Lavelle Harris who just so happens to be about the size of Mr. Takei,” Grissom pointed to a blurb a little lower on the bulletin. “He’s listed as a person of interest. We’ll need to get particulars on him as well.”

“His prints are not in the system,” spoke up the tech. “Once Ms. Summers’ info came up and I saw Mr. Harris mentioned, I tried to find his prints to see if they might match any of the unknowns we have from the crime scene. The only thing available was a high school yearbook picture along with a general description.”

“Print out the picture and get it to Archie here so he can try and locate either Ms. Summers or Mr. Harris, in their ‘natural forms’,” snarled Brass. “In any of the video footage we have. I’ll see if I can light a fire under the guys getting us the traffic cam footage from around the hotel and restaurant.”

“Do you have any other news?” Grissom asked the tech.

“Nothing has cropped up about the victim’s identity from her prints,” replied the tech. “And facial reconstruction still seemed to be in the initial stages when I passed by on my way here.”

“So all we have is Caucasian, young, brunette, and female,” stated Brass. “I can tell that even years from now, I’ll get a headache whenever I think of this case. Even if we solve it.”

Catherine Willows was not a happy camper. The doctors at the hospital had insisted that she had to stay for at least 24 hours for observation and that meant if she wanted the county to pick up the medical bill, she had to follow those orders. And she was in no shape financially to pay for her treatment herself. Not with Lindsey needing new clothes after her latest growth spurt.

It was for Lindsey’s sake that she wanted to be released in the first place. She would be able to reassure her daughter better if she was at home.

Her mother had brought her daughter to the hospital to see for herself that Catherine was alright. Her daughter was very distraught over the fact that her mother had been attacked, and inside a police department building at that. Not to say that Catherine’s mother wasn’t also upset about what happened but she concealed it better than Lindsey.

Of course the other reason she wanted out, was to be actively involved in hunting down Sato and Takei so she could get answers as to why they had attacked her and Nick. And subsequently, Doc Robbins.

According to the doctors, she and the others were very lucky. The blows delivered could just as well have been lethal if more force had been used. Nick and herself could have been killed by either of the two blows that struck them. And Doc Robbins’ skull could have been crushed.

Sato had moved lightning fast. Catherine barely remembered seeing what happened, though she definitely felt it. She had bruises on both her neck and abdomen. And they still ached despite the pain pills she’d been given.

She was at least glad that the doctors let her move around. She’d visited with Nick and Robbins, who were sharing a room, earlier and was glad for someone to talk to.

Both of them had also been amazed by Sato’s speed.

Professionally, Doc Robbins was impressed with Sato’s skill and precision at the blows delivered. Personally, he wanted to whack the man where it would hurt the most with his cane. Catherine could definitely get behind that sentiment.

At the moment she was taking another lap around the ward she was in. Something the floor nurse only let her do every half hour because ‘she needed her rest’.

What Catherine needed was Sato and Takei in custody so she could interrogate them using some very creative, and undoubtedly illegal, methods that she kept running through her mind.

As such she didn’t notice the elderly, but very well dressed man watching her from further down the corridor. A man whose whole stance indicated to anyone who saw him that he was confident and capable of taking care of himself in any situation.

He was there for only a few moments before leaving the floor and the hospital to return to his place of business.

As soon as they could after leaving the area of the Crime Lab, Buffy and Xander switched into their Jack and Dan identities. They placed their stuff from the CSI kit bags into a couple of plastic bags they’d brought along. They would need to get at least one new suitcase soon.

After dumping the stuff they weren’t taking with them in a nearby dumpster, they then moved further into the city towards the same areas they’d visited earlier.

Xander used a ‘Notice me not’ spell to get close to a 50 gallon oil drum being used by some vagrants to house a fire to keep warm by to permanently dispose of the key cards, finger print cards, credit cards, and other items that would no longer be of use to them.

Once he returned to where Buffy/Dan was waiting, she said “What do we do now? This is bound to bring the Feds and The Council here within days if not hours. We might be able to skip town as Dan and Jack but that still leaves Faith here and we just painted a big bull’s eye on her whereabouts, even if The Council doesn’t realize she’s here and only thinks I am.”

“I know,” said Xander/Jack. “It’s too dangerous for us to hang around though. Even with the natural dampening field Vegas has on magic, The Council is going to blanket this city with spells trying to find us. The only reason they didn’t do that back in Sunnydale was because they didn’t think we would hang around like we did. Also, if we don’t get out now, then the Marshalls are going to make it that much harder to do so later and that’ll give The Council more time to find us as we’ll have to stay put until Gerard and Sisco start looking elsewhere again.”

“Well, whatever we do, we’re going to need more cash,” said Buffy/Dan. “Leaving a credit card trail that starts from Vegas will only alert the Feds if they manage to get the credit card companies to look for sudden activity on a previously dormant account. And we need new wardrobes plus transportation.”

“Do you think we could find that Eriff demon in the next couple of hours?” asked Xander/Jack. “8 Grand in cash would definitely help with the finance department.”

“We’d need a knife made of brass, which we don’t have, to kill it,” responded Buffy/Dan. “What about that local Big Shot we were told had no love for The Council? He might be able to help with the financing and even be amenable to trying to find Faith for us. At the very least I think he’d try to find her just to keep her safe from The Council even if he didn’t send her our way.”

Xander/Jack pondered for a moment and then said, “Given our lack of other options and time, I’d say that is probably our best bet right now. I think Whiskey Town is closest. Let’s start there. We might be able to find out where he is even if he isn’t at that casino.”

Greg Sanders was in a quandary. The test results that he’d finished on the hair samples found together on the two hair brushes from the bathroom of Room 314 were perplexing. Examination had shown that some of the dark hair samples from each brush were from a wig or wigs. The natural hair samples showed that one was from a dark haired male on the one brush and the other was from a female who most likely dyed her hair from the other brush. The natural hair colors seemed to match those from the descriptions of Alexander Harris and Buffy Summers.

//Brass is going to have a cow,// he thought. //Grissom isn’t going to like it either as it only adds to the theory that magic is involved. Maybe he won’t think of it if I refrain from mentioning glamours.//

“Excuse me, sir. Would you be able to help The Chosen?”

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