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Run, Buffy, Run.

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Summary: Faith doesn’t join the Mayor.

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New Plan

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
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Summary: Faith doesn’t join the Mayor.

“One more thing,” said Buffy. “I sorta had to knock out some cops in order to get some of our stuff back and I’d like to know that they’re alright.”

Sam’s eyes grew dark at Buffy’s statement.

“How have you been able to avoid The Council's detection?” Sam asked.

“Buffy's got a natural ability that makes locator spells useless and I sorta piggyback on that with a talisman,” said Xander. “We've also been using low powered glamours to make us appear to be both men.”

“Have you been using any particular glamour more than others?” Sam asked.

“Two Japanese businessmen,” replied Buffy. “Why do you ask?”

“If you've been using a glamour long enough it will leave an imprint on you that can be traced no matter how low level it is,” the man replied. “Is there anywhere you used that glamour long enough to have left a trace The Council might pick up on?”

“Just the hotel room back in Sunnydale and our rental car,” stated Xander with a bit of concern on his face. “We only got into town yesterday afternoon, so hadn't even spent more than an hour at the hotel we checked into.”

“You'll have to assume that once The Council connects your presence in relation to the murder here in Vegas that they will figure out a way to check for such a trace. Until you get it cleansed from your bodies they might very well be able to track you even if you don't use those particular personae again,” said Sam. “It would be better if you had that done prior to leaving Vegas in that you can't be sure how fast The Council might figure things out. Depending on how determined they are with their hit order, they could move faster than you could find someone elsewhere to help you with the cleansing if you left before getting it done. They could then find you and take you unawares.”

Buffy looked worried as she turned to Xander.

“What are we going to do?” she asked. “If we stay to get cleansed then the Marshalls will arrive and it'll be even harder to leave any time soon. Also, if The Council has time to set up wards around Vegas, they might detect us leaving even with using low level glamours.”

“The apprentice of the person who helped me back when I had trouble with The Council lives here in Vegas and can arrange for you to be cleansed as well as hiding you from their being able to detect you magically while the cleansing is going on,” said Sam. “It's the same person I will be sending Faith to for protection anyway once she's found so it would be ideal for you to holed up there as well.”

“It makes sense, Buff,” said Xander resignedly. “I wouldn't even know who to look for or where to get help cleansing ourselves. It wasn't one of the topics covered in the books Giles left out for me to find stuff in. Plus we wouldn't have to set up some rendezvous to meet up with Faith after she's found.”

Buffy nodded and pulled a photo of Faith out of the small bag she had and gave it to Sam.

“Once you're cleansed and Faith is found, I can help you get out of Vegas even if the authorities and Council are still sniffing around the area,” said Sam.

“Thanks a lot Mr. Braun,” said Buffy ernestly. “Trying to deal with people wanting to kill me is outside my normal experiences. The fact that it's the group that is supposed to support me means that even if we can get the hit order rescinded for both Faith and myself, I won't ever really trust them again. Especially, not after that test they gave me as my 18th birthday present. My Mom was almost killed because of Travers and his 'traditions'.”

“Alright,” said Sam. “Let me arrange for a car to take you to where you'll be safe and can get cleansed of the residual glamour magic. Then I'll see about finding Faith.”

With that said, Sam picked up the phone on his desk and requested his car to be pulled around to his private entrance. He then escorted Buffy and Xander to the waiting vehicle.

Just before she got in, Buffy said, “You will remember to find out if those people I hit are OK, right?”

“Have no fear about that, my dear,” Sam replied. “I'll take care of that personally.”

After the car drove off, Sam returned to his office and used his cell to make a call.

“Ms. Kessler, I'm sending over two young people in need of your protection and other services,” he said. “This would be related to the help your mentor provided to me 25 years ago. The stakes are a bit higher this time in that the young woman has already been Chosen and certain people desire a new Chosen. They will be able to fill you in on all the details when they arrive. If you want further support with this, just call and you'll have it.”

He hung up after exchanging goodbyes.

He dialed another number.

“Ed. It's Sam. There's a Slayer in town on the run from The Council. They've put a hit order on her and may be arriving in town within the next 24 hours if not sooner. She may or may not be aware of the order. I'll fax her picture over shortly. When she's found, we'll need to get her to Kessler's. I'll be calling Dan for help as well. We'll need to keep the authorities out of it as part of the reason for the hit is a slight misunderstanding with the law back in California that The Council doesn't want to put itself out to deal with. There's more to the story but it'll wait till we can talk in person. Bye for now.”

Sam hung up and then dialed another number.

“Hello,” said a sleepy female voice after three rings.

“Angie, is Dan available?” asked Sam.

“Nope. He had to go out of town but should be back tomorrow. I mean today since it's past midnight,” she replied through a yawn.

“When he gets in have him call Sam Braun.”


“Go back to bed Angie. Nighty night.”

“Nighty night,” came the tired reply before he hung up.

Sam took Faith's picture and faxed it to Ed. He'd wait till after he'd talked to Dan before faxing him a copy.

Greg deliberately kept his eyes focused on the test he was doing and ignored the glare Brass was giving him when he walked by Greg's lab. Greg was quite certain that Brass had just been updated about the two white guys that had come out of the alley that Takei and Sato had entered and their later brief arrival outside the hotel just prior to the two Japanese men showing up. He knew this case was frustrating but why did everyone blame him? He didn't create the evidence that had so far defied any logical explanation. He'd just stated what no one else wanted to say but were thinking anyway.

At least Brass had received some good news given that facial reconstruction now had a reasonable facsimile of what the victim looked like before she'd been killed and her face battered in. They could now circulate the photo to see if they could find anyone who'd seen her around the hotel or anywhere in Vegas for that matter.

Archie was still going through traffic cam footage to try and find any more images of either the Japanese pair or the white guys. Greg was pretty certain they weren't the ones who killed the girl so he was trying to do what he could with the evidence gathered from the crime scene to give them clues as to who did. It wouldn't do to let a killer get away because they were sidetracked by a simple case of assault and battery with a side of evidence tampering. Luckily, there were only a couple of pieces of evidence that were considered compromised that couldn't be reacquired from the scene. And they weren't considered crucial to the case, just inconvenient that they couldn't be used to help flesh it out.

The fact that all of the sealed bags showed no signs of tampering meant that the evidence wouldn't be of much use in prosecuting Takei and Sato for compromising the murder evidence either.

The D’esusrac demon had expected the bounty hunters to come by and pick up the rest of their fee after he heard that the Eriff's body had been found without its head. Since the head had been torn off instead of cut off, he decided he'd just put the money into an offshore bank account and give them the account number whenever they showed up. It wasn't healthy to stiff people with that kind of physical strength.

AN: I do not own the characters from “Las Vegas” or “Vega$”.

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