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Run, Buffy, Run.

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Summary: Faith doesn’t join the Mayor.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: None.
Summary: Faith doesn’t join the Mayor.

AN: Thoughts are between slashes (//Thought.//)

AN: Unheard part of conversation (“**********”)

AN: Corrected next to last sentence.

Warrick put in a call back to the lab for additional help and lucked out in that things were slow enough to have two other field CSIs sent out. Meanwhile, Warrick processed a path through the casings and pool balls from the door to the body so it could be removed once David releases the body.

He was halfway between the door and the body when David arrived.

“Offhand I’m going to go out on a limb and say he died from heart failure,” said David as he carefully stepped by Warrick who was photographing and bagging a pool ball.

“Well, when someone skewers your heart with a pool cue, it’s bound to fail,” came Warrick’s reply.

“No argument from me,” said David. “Have you photographed the body?”

“Yeah. Did that first thing before trying to clear a path for the gurney. Also removed the Uzi that was at his feet so the area is clear.”

“Thanks,” said David as he began a preliminary examination of the upright corpse.

After a bit he stated, “The guy that threw this must be an Olympic athlete. The end of the cue must be at least six inches into the wall to be keeping him upright like this.”

“I was told it was a young girl who did it,” said Warrick.

David raised an eyebrow then tapped the wall.

“This is just thin paneling,” he said. “The actual wall itself must be made of sturdier stuff.”

Just then the extra CSIs arrived and Warrick put them to work on finishing up the path from the door to the body. He then made his way over to David.

“How do you want to do this?” he asked.

“It’d be best if we could take him as is,” said David as he tried to gently tug on the pool cue. “But I think we’ll have to cut off the cue on either side of the body about an inch out as it seems to be pretty well stuck in the wall.”

“I’ll go get some longer evidence bags while you get a saw,” said Warrick. “Then I’ll photograph the procedure to protect the evidence chain.”

The path for the gurney was finally cleared about the time David and Warrick got the handle end of the cue sawn off. The two CSIs were then pressed into holding the man upright while David cut through the cue protruding out the man’s back and Warrick snapped photos of the procedure. After helping David bag the man and guide the gurney down the path through the debris they went back to processing the rest of the brass and pool balls. Warrick went and got a bundle of red straws to help determine bullet trajectories once the bullets themselves were retrieved from where they impacted. He’d deal with the still embedded part of the pool cue later.

Brass showed up at the bar about the same time as David’s arrival. This wasn’t his case but the detective whose case it was had called him and asked him to stop by but wouldn’t say why over the phone.

“Alright, what’s so important that I have to come down here?” he groused as he approached the other detective.

“At approximately 2:43 p.m., five white males entered the ‘Blue Boar’. Within moments of their entry guns, probably Uzis, were pulled and shooting started. The apparent target was a young woman playing pool and her opponent also pulled a gun on her though she disarmed him with a kick to his gut before he could fire. According to witnesses, that was actually what prompted the others to pull their guns and start firing. Since most everyone ducked at the first sight of a gun, those caught in between the girl and the guys were only injured and not killed outright. There were a couple who were in critical condition and were transported immediately when the ambulances got here. No update on their current condition. The girl fought back using pool balls and managed to disable the guns and four of the guys firing at her fairly quickly. A fifth guy by the back entrance managed to retrieve his gun after she’d knocked it from his hand with a pool ball and pointed it at some of the cowering patrons. He called for the girl to surrender or he’d start shooting the bystanders. The girl responded by hurling a pool cue at the guy and pinning him to the wall. It hit him in the heart and killed him instantly. The girl then took off out the back and the other guys headed out after her, though witnesses say a few of them were obviously badly injured from being hit with the pool balls and had to be helped by their compatriots.”

“That’s interesting but why did you call me down here?” asked a frustrated Jim Brass.

“According to the bartender the girl’s ID, which he swears looked real, was a California Driver’s License giving her age as 22 and with a Sunnydale address,” said the detective.

“Not Buffy Summers?!?!” Brass growled out feeling a headache coming on.

“No,” said the detective quietly. “Joyce Summers, which according to the fugitive bulletin is Buffy Summers’ mother who is definitely not 22 years old nor a brunette. If this is a coincidence, it’s one of the longest long shots ever. Even for this town.”

Brass couldn’t argue with that, much as he would like to think it was just a coincidence that some strange girl had an ID that had the same name as the mother of the Federal Fugitive, Buffy Summers. The same Buffy Summers whose prints at the scene had almost derailed another murder case. The same Buffy Summers that he didn’t want to believe had been disguised as Hikaru Sato, or some unnamed white male who’d shown up on the fringes of the case.

“Have you requested the Sunnydale P.D. to confirm that Joyce Summers is still in Sunnydale?” asked Brass.

“I thought I’d wait till I informed you of the situation since it’s likely to catch the attention of the Feds,” said the detective.

Brass grumbled a thank you and walked away to head back to the office.

Travers was getting an earful from Sam Braun about The Council coming to Vegas without letting him know ahead of time. He told Travers he’d thought they’d learned their lesson the last time not to mess with his family.

Travers tried to assure Sam that the teams were not there to harass him or his daughter, that it was an entirely different matter that had them there.

Sam told him that it didn’t matter why they were there, Travers still should have informed him of their presence so there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings like the one involving Dan.

It was while Sam was once again lambasting him that Travers’ assistant silently entered the room and placed a single page report in front of him. While he managed to keep from vocalizing his outrage over what he read, his assistant beat a hasty retreat upon seeing the dark cloud cross his boss’ face.

//Do I tell him now or wait to let him find out himself?// mused Travers.

Travers broke in when Sam took a breath, “Look Sam, the teams are there to deal with a shape-shifting demon that feeds on despair to the point where people commit suicide. There was no reason to think they would have been anywhere near you or your daughter as it normally sticks to run down areas of any town they are in. Plus we thought it would be a quick in-and-out mission but the demon apparently got hold of a charm that prevents locator spells from finding it, thus making the mission harder. I will make it part of standing orders for any operation in or near Las Vegas that you be informed of it. Since you are now aware of our presence and purpose, I do hope that you can keep your people from interfering with the mission and I’ll issue orders to have the teams be more circumspect. Will that satisfy you?”


“Thank you,” replied Travers. “Goodbye, Sam.”

Despite his feelings, Travers did not slam down the receiver.

“Johnston!” he shouted.

His assistant rushed in, having anticipated the summons.

“Tell Weatherby to get those two teams out of Vegas immediately!” ranted Travers. “Also, he’s to keep a lower profile in his search for Summers and Lahane. No more fire fights in crowded places or taking actions that will draw attention to their activities. This is supposed to be an assassination not a massacre!”

Johnston merely nodded and quickly exited to carry out his orders.

Sam Braun knew Travers had lied to him but decided not to call him on it.

//Better to make him think he’s pulled the wool over my eyes,// mused Sam.

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