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Run, Buffy, Run.

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Summary: Faith doesn’t join the Mayor.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: BuffycmdruhuraFR182445,3301317590,03329 Nov 0715 Dec 14No

Run, Buffy, Run.

Rating: R
Parts: 1/?
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: None.
Summary: Faith doesn’t join the Mayor.


“Mr. Foreman,” said the Judge. “Has the jury reached a verdict?”

“We have, Your Honor.”

“What say you?”

“On the sole count in the indictment, Murder in the First Degree, we find the defendant, Buffy Anne Summers, Guilty.”

Joyce let out an anguished sob. Giles did his best to comfort her despite his own shock. Willow clung to Oz and cried. Cordelia just sadly looked down into her lap. Xander just kept his eyes on Buffy. That’s how he saw her struggle to keep her knees from buckling.

“This court is adjourned until tomorrow morning when the penalty portion of the trial will begin,” said the judge as he rapped his gavel.

Mayor Wilkins sat in the far back of the courtroom and smiled.


Michael Kuzak and Grace Van Owen spent the next two days trying to counter every reason the prosecution came up with for having their client sentenced to death. In the end, they won their pyrrhic victory when the jury sentenced Buffy to life without parole.

This time Buffy didn’t even try to hold herself upright. She sank back into her chair in a combination of relief from not being sentenced to death and partly at realizing the enormity of facing life in prison. Before she was led away, her lawyers assured her that they would begin working on her appeal immediately.


The following morning, Buffy was in her holding cell when Ms. Van Owen showed up with two strangers.

“Buffy,” said Grace, introducing the two people. “I’m afraid we’ve got more legal troubles. This is U.S. Deputy Marshall Gerard and U.S. Deputy Marshall Sisco. They’re here to escort you to L.A. where you will be placed on trial in Federal Court for Federal Firearms Violations from your alleged theft and use of a U.S. Army rocket launcher.”

Buffy looked at her lawyer dumbfounded.

“Michael has already headed on down to L.A. to begin working on your defense,” she continued. “I’ll keep working on your appeals.”

Buffy just sighed resignedly and said, “Sure. Whatever.”

While Marshall Gerard, Stone Face said Buffy’s mental assessment of the man, went through the arrest spiel and Mirandized her, Marshall Sisco, Sweet Chica to Buffy, handcuffed her hands behind her back. They then walked her through the building to an underground parking garage and placed her in the rear seat of an unmarked car. The last she saw of Grace was her standing alone in the garage as the car went up the ramp to the outside.

As they got near the edge of town, Buffy noticed they had to detour because of a water main break that was flooding the street. This put them along a little used street in the industrial section of town. The road had a lot of potholes in it so Stone Face was driving only about 20 mph.

Suddenly a motorcycle zipped passed weaving around the potholes. When it was about twenty feet in front of the car, the helmeted cyclist zigged when he should have zagged and hit a deep pot hole with his front tire that popped from the impact. The bike flipped and the cyclist was thrown off and lay in the road unmoving.

Braking the car quickly Gerard jumped out of the car and headed towards the downed driver.

“Call for an ambulance!” he called to Sisco.

Karen had grabbed the radio microphone almost before Gerard had put the car in park. She had just finished making her request for an ambulance when Gerard had issued his command to her. The thing was, only static answered her back. She tried calling again but got the same result.

She did a quick look at Buffy in back and saw a worried look on her face but no indication that the petite blonde knew what was going on other than the obvious. However, her instincts were suddenly blaring at her with danger mode.

She opened her door, leapt out and pulled her gun. By then Gerard had gotten to the downed cyclist. Before she could call out a warning, she saw Gerard convulse and drop to the pavement.

“Freeze!” she shouted as she pointed her gun where the two men were. At least she assumed the cyclist was a man.

Her problem was Gerard was in the direct line of fire and the cyclist was hiding behind his collapsed body. With the distance between them she couldn’t see if Gerard was still breathing or not.

The cyclist seemed to be pointing the barrel of some kind of weapon at the car, though surprisingly not directly at her. She didn’t have time to figure out why that was because a bolt of electricity sprang from the tube and hit the car, while she was braced against the metal door panel. Her body danced with some pain then darkness filled her world as she collapsed.

Buffy, still in the car and therefore not grounded was unaffected. She was however quite concerned since she was handcuffed and belted in with little leverage to affect either situation.

She saw the helmeted cyclist stand up and drag the obviously unconscious federal agent over to the car. Once there he opened the rear door, on the side away from her. It was after he removed his helmet and bent over that she finally saw who it was.

“Xander!” she shouted in surprise. “What do you think you’re doing!”

“Saving your life.” he replied, then added, “Again.”

When Xander saw Buffy look at the unconscious form of Stone Face at his feet, he said, “Not from them. The Council.”

There was a lot of disdain and anger in the last.

Buffy paled at the thought and asked while he leaned in and unbuckled her seat belt so she could get out of the car, “What do you mean?”

“I overheard Giles and Wesley talking right after you were arrested for Finch’s murder,” he said as he helped Buffy out of the car. “Wesley was telling Giles since he was no longer a member of the Council that he shouldn’t have meddled in Council business. Giles responded that he had merely pointed out to some friends, who also happened to be high ranking Council members, that based on your past successes you deserved the opportunity to be exonerated of the charges against you instead of being tossed aside like some used dish rag. Giles even suggested to Wesley that the Council should use some of its clout to arrange for the charges to be dismissed instead of giving up on you. After all it wasn’t certain that another Slayer would be Called if you died a second time since it had already happened the first time. Wesley seemed to ignore the suggestion and instead pointed out that with Faith AWOL and you in jail the world was without a functioning Slayer and that because of this he had received instructions from Travers to present a proposition to you whereby you would ‘voluntarily’ step down as The Slayer in return for the Council’s guarantee that no harm would come to your family and friends.”

Buffy was shocked as the implication of what volunteering to step down really meant, along with the implied threat to her family and friends. She also found that the thought that the Council might arrange for Faith to ‘step down’ when they found her concerned her quite deeply. By bailing, Faith may have actually saved her own life even though it left Buffy holding the proverbial bag. Since she really didn’t want her sister Slayer dead, she was now less miffed at her than she once was. She still intended that the dark Slayer would know of her displeasure at being left in the lurch.

Xander saw her anger and continued speaking in the hope that what he said would ease part of her fears. He also got the keys to the cuffs from Stone Face’s pocket and freed Buffy.

“When I heard that I almost came from out of the stacks to pummel Wesley but Giles’ tone suddenly took on a very menacing flavor. He told Wesley that he would be ill advised to make such a proposition to you as it would result in him, Travers and the rest of the Council Ruling Board suffering from Maahes’ Curse. Wesley actually paled and started to stutter. Giles ignored the git and continued to outline what he meant. He said that he had cast the protection of the Curse in anticipation of some kind of Council action that would threaten your family and friends. The Curse would protect them from any intended harm that could be caused directly, or indirectly, by the actions or inactions of the Council or its operatives as long as your friends and family did not directly intervene with Council affairs. So even if some demon were to try and act on a drunken statement that it would be a good idea to get back at you by turning your mother, the demon, the drunk, and the entire Council Ruling Board would suddenly find themselves suffering the worst torments of Hell should the demon actually try to act on the statement. While the Curse could not protect you because of the established relationship between The Slayer and The Council, forcing you to commit suicide would hurt your family and friends, Travers’ threat would qualify under the conditions of the Curse, as would having you taken out without the proper consent of the Council ruling members which Travers did not have then. Unfortunately, your conviction has changed that situation. You and the Marshalls here were going to be involved in an unfortunate traffic accident on your way to L.A.”

Buffy suddenly got very angry.

“You knew all this and neither you nor Giles thought to tell me!” she shouted.

“We couldn’t,” he shot back. “We were all under Council surveillance. Giles especially. Besides, if I had taken any direct actions back then I would lose the protection afforded me by the Curse and they might have been able to detect that and guess what I was up to. By not taking any direct action against them I was able to concentrate on making preparations for your escape without alerting them to what I was doing. It was bad enough that, as the caster of the Curse, Giles was not protected by it as well.”

“But that means the Council can threaten him in an effort to get me,” stated Buffy.

Xander replied, “If they do, he’ll expect you to ignore it and remain free.”

Buffy saw the sadness in Xander’s face at the thought of losing Giles but she also saw that he believed what he said. Giles would want her to remain free even if it cost him his life. That made her believe it as well. The problem was she wasn’t certain she could stand by and let anything happen to him.

“Does that mean by rescuing me you aren’t covered by the Curse now?” asked Buffy with concern.

“I am officially Curse free,” he responds with a smirk.

He then quickly adds, “Buffy, you should know by now that I rarely think about the danger to myself when it comes to your safety. Besides, it’s not just your life I’m saving.”

He pointedly looked at the two downed Marshalls when he said the last.

Buffy sighed resignedly to concede his point.

“So how did you get away from your shadow if the Council has everyone under surveillance?”

“I used a glamour to look like my dad, who is passed out at home, drunk,” he replied. “I’ve done it several times before when I had to do things to prepare for this little rescue effort that I didn’t want them to be aware of. Since they don’t believe I know how to do magic, they hadn’t set up any detection wards for such things. They are only partly right in that I only know how to do a few simple spells and had to learn them on my own.”

Buffy nodded her head and said, “So what now Mr. Hero?”

“Now we sedate our friends here to give us time to get away,” he said as he took out two syringes from a case he produced from his jacket pocket. “Then you help me put them in the backseat.”

As Xander injects the sedatives he tells Buffy, “This will also make their memories of the last couple of hours fuzzy so they won’t completely remember how you were taken from them. This way they won’t get tossed in the loony bin trying to explain the unexplainable.”

Once the two agents were back in the car, Gerard on the floor and Sisco on the backseat, placed head to toe, Xander drove the car off to the side to a shady spot in one of the nearby building’s parking lots while he had Buffy bring the motorcycle over next to it. He then started to remove Gerard’s clothing.

“What do you think you’re doing?” asked Buffy, hoping it wasn’t what she was thinking.

“Making it so these two are a bit reluctant to call for help when they wake up,” he replied. “Would you please do the honors for Marshall Sisco? I would like to be able to honestly tell her that I wasn’t the one to strip her should she ever get her hands on me.”

“Like that’s going to make much of a difference to their motivation to come after us,” quipped Buffy as she began to remove the woman’s blouse. “We could have God Almighty himself issue us a pardon and they will still seek us out for revenge. You know that right?”

“It’s all part of my Master Plan,” he said as he finished removing the last of Gerard’s clothing.

“Your Master Plan involves having these two chase us for all eternity?”

“Well, hopefully not that long, but that they are the ones to be leading the chase is.”

“Why, pray tell, would you want that?” she replied as she finished with Sweet Chica and trying not to peek at Stone Face’s equipment. She’d already caught Xander surreptitiously checking out Sweet Chica’s rack.

“Because they always bring in their fugitives alive, even when someone else is trying to have it otherwise,” he replied.

“Being taken alive is nice,” she opined. “What’s the bad news?”

Giving a hesitant nervous giggle, Xander said, “What makes you think there’s bad news?”

Buffy just glares at him.

He lowers his head with a sigh and says so softly that Buffy has to strain to hear him, “They always bring their fugitives in.”

Throwing her hands in the air, Buffy rants, “Great! Just great! You’ve got friggin’ relentless blood hounds, with a large dose of pit bull in them, chasing us with a 100% capture rate!”

“But people do escape from their custody,” Xander shot back trying to be upbeat while pointing to her and himself as examples.

“Fine,” she huffed. “What about the Council? They’ll use locator spells to find us.”

“As Giles found out last summer, locator spells don’t work on you,” said Xander, not really wanting to dwell on the reasons for Giles learning about that. “As for me, I have a little charm that hides me from them as well. When I’m within 50 feet of you, your immunity sorta acts like an umbrella and covers me as well. It also recharges the charm while I’m close to you. It then protects me if I get farther than that from you.”

“OK,” she sighed after a few moments. “Now what?”

“You put their clothes in the trunk, but don’t close it yet, while I cuff them together.”

“When they catch us I’m so giving you up to them as the Master Mind behind their humiliation,” she snorted as she opened the trunk of the car.

“You’d rat me out?” he asked with as much incredulity as possible.

“To avoid their retribution? You bet I would.”

“But I just saved your life!” he screeched back.

“For which I am eternally grateful, but what they will do to us when they catch us will probably be a fate worse than death,” she asserted.

Pretending to think about it for a few moments, he finally said with a shrug, “You’re probably right.”

He then rolled down the windows about an inch each and disconnected the radio microphone. He then took it, the car keys, and the cuff keys and placed them in the trunk of the car which he then closed. He also locked the car doors when he closed them.

“You sure it’s alright to just leave them there?” asked Buffy.

“There’s a mystical timer to the sedative that will awaken them about an hour before sundown,” he replied.

“Do we need to warn them about the Council?”

“I don’t think so,” he replied. “At least not yet. I’m hoping that the Council will think twice about looking for us because of the possibility of their being a secret organization being detected by the U.S. Government agents looking for us. Not that I think they’re concerned with causing collateral damage considering what they had planned for you three, but being able to arrange believable accidents will be more difficult with ‘on the fly planning’ should the Council operatives clash with the Marshalls during their search. Besides, what could we tell them that they’d believe? That you’re a mystical warrior that a secret organization can’t afford to have locked up because it would leave the world unprotected and they need to kill you so the next warrior can continue your mission? Not exactly high on the believability scale unless you’re already in the know about such things.”

“True,” she responded. “But I don’t feel right that their lives are in danger from the Council and they’re not aware of it.”

“For now, they should be OK. We can discuss possible methods of letting them know about possible Council interference after we get somewhere safe and it appears that the Council won’t be backing off like I hope.”

“Come on,” he said to her as he headed towards another building across the road from where the car was parked.

“Where to?” she asked as she caught up with him.

“We need to exit the area using the sewer system to avoid being spotted once we leave the perimeter of the Avoidance Spell.”

“I was wondering why there were no other vehicles along this detour.”

“I used an Illusion Spell on your car windows to direct the Marshalls here while the Avoidance Spell kept everyone else away,” he told her as they entered the building and locked the door behind them. “Another spell on the car also protected you all from being affected by the Avoidance Spell.”

“So how are we getting out of town?”

“We’re not,” he said prompting a puzzled look from Buffy. “At least not right away. We’re going to check into the Sunnydale Ramada Inn.”

She glowered at him as she hefted the manhole cover located in the corner of the building.

“It better not be as man and wife,” she said threateningly.

“It had crossed my mind but since they will probably be looking for a man and a woman together, I figured it would be best to get a room with two beds for two Japanese businessmen,” he replied.

“I hate to point this out, oh Great Master Mind, but neither one of us is Japanese and I definitely don’t look like a man.”

“Ah but that’s what glamours are for.”

“You seem to have this whole escape pretty well planned out,” she stated with a bit of surprise. “Is anybody else exempted from the protection of Mayo’s Curse?”

As he climbed into the sewer entrance, he said, “It’s Maahes Curse and as far as I know just me and Giles. I think Giles deliberately caused his argument with Wesley so that I would hear it. Several times he had me put some books away that were on the research table that just happened to be opened to certain spells like the Illusion one. He apparently knew that they would watch him closer than the rest of us and even Angel would be under heavy surveillance. They’d also be monitoring Willow for any magical interference. Since Wesley never did take my efforts seriously, I became the logical choice to mount your rescue. I was able to call up some of my soldier memories to help with the planning and evaluating what to do. It took a bit of effort to get them up to full strength again but they sure came in handy. Don’t scrap the cover on the floor. Don’t need to help them figure out how we left.”

She huffed and just picked the cover up as though it weighed less than a feather and gently put it down over the sewer access after lowering herself into the hole.


As they moved along the tunnel, Buffy asked, “Do you have a plan for anything other than avoiding capture and/or death?”

“Once the search for us moves beyond Sunnydale, we head out to try and find Faith.”

Buffy stopped and said menacingly, “We’re not using Faith to buy my life or freedom! I didn’t let Michael or Grace point the finger at her during the trial and I’m not going to let her be used as a scapegoat now.”

Xander immediately put his hands up defensively and took a couple steps back from the tense Slayer.

“Whoa there. No one said anything about that. We need to find her before the Council to keep them from killing her. With both you and her on the run, they will be sure to intensify the search for her. One of the other things I overheard Wesley say to Giles was that the Council ‘regretted’ having to target you since you showed true remorse over Finch’s death and would have preferred it be Faith because of her ‘not giving a shit’ attitude. If it weren’t for that fact that the penalty they were going impose was death, I would say she would deserve whatever punishment they gave her for trying to put the whole blame on you.”

“But that’s just it, Xander,” she said sadly. “I am to blame. Just as much as she is. I tossed him at her without realizing he was human until it was too late. She wouldn’t have staked him otherwise.”

Lowering her head, she continued softly, “The jury came to the correct conclusion. I am guilty.”

Xander moved forward and embraced his friend.

“Buffy,” he said comfortingly. “What happened is what the military calls a ‘Friendly Fire Incident’. Neither you nor Faith intended to harm an innocent. Finch got caught in the middle of battle for your lives with some vamps. It was an accident that he bears partial responsibility for. So while it is true you and Faith share in being responsible for what happened, the charges brought against you should never have been anything worse than involuntary manslaughter. Giles believes, and even Wesley agrees, that the Mayor needed to get both Slayers out of the way in order to keep you from interfering with his overall plans. This incident was just the opportunity that he needed to do it without revealing the extent of his resources or provide a clue as to what his scheme might be.”

Buffy gently pulled back from the embrace, though Xander still had his hands on her shoulders.

“If the Mayor wants the Slayers out of the way then we can’t leave,” said Buffy. “I have to stay here and try and stop him.”

“Actually that is exactly why we have to leave,” replied Xander. “Giles needs the Mayor to think he’s succeeded so the Scoobs can have a freer hand at trying to figure out what he is planning. Our priority is to get to Faith and convince her to return with us to stop him. Giles can then use that to convince the Council that both of you are worth keeping rather than replacing. Then we can get them to use their clout to get your conviction overturned and the charges against Faith dropped. At the moment, that is the only option we have that doesn’t result in you being dead or on the run for the rest of your life.”

“What do we do if she won’t cooperate?”

“Then she’ll have made her choice and we’ll back off to deal with the problem of the Mayor,” said Xander soberly. “We’re not the Council and I agree with you that it would be wrong to use her to get back in their ‘good graces’. I just don’t see her chances of survival being too great if we can’t get her to return with us.”

Buffy nodded in agreement.

“Does Faith have the same kind of immunity against locator spells that I do?” asked Buffy.

“Giles isn’t sure,” said Xander. “In another conversation that I overheard between Giles and Wesley, Wesley stated that the Council Scriers were having only intermittent success in getting solid hits on her location as though someone was using spells to interfere with the locator spells. Giles didn’t say anything to Wesley but I later saw a note he’d written in his diary where he surmised that the Mayor might be doing it to keep the Council from activating a new Slayer that would then be sent to oppose him.”

“So how are we going to find her if even the Council can’t?”

“We have something the Council doesn’t,” he replied. “You.”

At her quizzical look he continued, “By focusing a locator spell through you we should be able to at least get a direction as your Slayer Essence seeks out hers.”

“Oh fun,” she deadpanned. “I get to be a human compass.”

“Well since you’re going to have to cut your slaying down to nothing to avoid tipping the Council to our whereabouts, you need to do something to keep you occupied,” he grinned evilly at her.

“Har. Dee. Har. Har.”

Xander turned and started walking through the sewer tunnel again. They stopped at a ladder after another twenty minutes of walking.

“This leads to a garage where I have a rental car that I got from LAX which will give credence to our being Japanese businessmen should anyone check,” said Xander as he climbed up. “I rented it using that persona. Now if they check further to see what flight we came in on, we’ll be in trouble, but I don’t expect that to happen since it is unlikely they will be looking at anything involving two guys.”

“Xander, how are you affording all this?” asked Buffy as she followed him. “With the limited magic stuff, there is still a lot of stuff that you’ve had to have a lot money to pull off. Even Cordelia would have difficulty bank rolling all this.”

“Giles has been surreptitiously leaving money around where I would come across it,” came Xander’s reply as he opened the car trunk and took out two suit bags. “I also ‘just happened to find’ the name of an expert in creating fake documents on a piece of scrap paper in one of the books Giles had me put away one day.”

“You can change in the room over there,” he said pointing to a door off to the side after handing her a suit bag.

He started a mental count down in his head but only got to three before the anticipated roar was heard from the room. Well he lost that bet with himself, although he had guessed right about needing to cast a soundproofing spell around the building to keep people outside from hearing what went on inside.


“Yes, Buffy,” he managed to say nonchalantly as he stood on the far side of the car looking at the irate Slayer in the doorway holding a man’s t-shirt and briefs in her very clenched, white knuckled fist.

“What is the meaning of this?” she said hotly waving the hand with the shirt and briefs in it.

“Would you have preferred boxers?”

Her heated expression suddenly switched to absolute zero instead.

“We’re two Japanese businessmen,” he started into his explanation quickly before her gaze could turn him to stone. “We can’t draw attention to ourselves by having someone think either of us is a cross dresser when we have our laundry done.”

“What about this?” she asked, holding up an ace bandage wrap.

This got Xander hemming and hawing for a bit before he finally said, “Since our disguises preclude you having even a sports bra, I figured you could use that to um ah um help um hide your um chest.”

She glared at him for several more moments then stalked back into the room and slammed the door shut.

Xander mused to himself that since he was still in one piece and uninjured, that that had gone better than he’d expected. Of course he would have to be on the lookout for payback for a long, long time. He shook his head and wondered, not for the first time, what it was about him that caused him to tick off strong, powerful females, human and otherwise, when he knew they were going to insist on payback. Maybe when this was over he could see if there was some kind of rehab facility that would help him kick the habit before it got him killed or permanently pretzel-shaped.

Shortly afterwards, Buffy emerged from the office, dressed in a dark blue business suit with white shirt, red tie, black socks and men’s black shoes. Xander had finished dressing and putting the clothes he’d been wearing previously in a suitcase. Buffy flung the dress, bra, and panties she’d been wearing into his face.

“Thanks,” he mumbled as he peeled the cloth dress from his face.

She tossed the prison slippers into the suitcase and then went to the passenger side of the car and got in the front seat. There was a very decided ‘solid thunk’ as she closed the car door.

After closing the suitcase and the trunk, Xander made his way to the driver’s side of the car and got in.

“Your name is Hikaru Sato,” he said. “Mine is Hiroshi Takei. We’re in town to look over potential real estate investment property. We’re booked into the hotel for the next five days with the option to extend if we desire. Hopefully that won’t become an issue if the search for us expands outward the way I expect it will. I’ll do most of the talking, but if you need to say something don’t be surprised if what you say has a bit of Giles phrasing with a Japanese accent. It’s part of the glamour. However, to limit the magical signature of the glamour, we will need to dress and look like our characters as much as possible so you’ll need to wear this wig.”

The wig he handed her had black hair that came to just below her ears in a masculine cut. He put on a similar wig and a pair of glasses.

Once she had done up her hair so she could put the wig on, he said a few words that activated their glamours and drove out of the building. After they left and the garage door had closed, the three years of dust that had been suspended near the ceiling gently settled back down where it had been before the levitation spell had lifted it so the rooms they’d been in looked just as they had the day Buffy had been convicted.

The magical signature would fade within two hours, as would the ones where the ambush had occurred. This would keep the Council from tracing their movements if they tried using their own magic.


During the five days they really did go out and look at various sites as though evaluating them for purchase by their employer. Xander didn’t let her order any diet drinks, as was her habit, nor pig out too much at the buffet restaurants where they ate most of their meals. Of course he had to avoid purchasing Twinkies and so insisted his sacrifice was greater than hers for keeping their cover.

They did have two close calls during their stay in Sunnydale. The first was when Stone Face and company were in the lobby of the Ramada while they were walking out to their car to go check out an old warehouse. He had been talking with the Desk Clerk and when he turned around to leave he’d almost run into Buffy/Hikaru as she was walking passed. Polite ‘Excuse Me’s’ were exchanged and that was all there was to it. It did take Buffy an hour to stop visibly shaking though. Xander took another seven minutes.

The second close call was when they stopped into the Expresso Pump for some coffee and Willow came in. It took all of their will power not to acknowledge her. Rather than stay and drink their drinks there as they had originally intended, they left and drove to their next appointment. They spotted Willow’s ‘Council shadow’ at an outdoor table reading a newspaper. What they didn’t see was the short male with purple hair walking towards the shop who looked at them a bit funny. Nobody else noticed the guy’s look either and the guy himself forgot about what he thought he sensed as he greeted his red-headed girlfriend.


The day they left, Buffy told Xander that the effect of the locator spell seemed to be strongest in a northeasterly direction. So they headed for Nevada.


AN 0: Not sure when I’ll get back to this story, but if I get any inspiration as to what situations to get Xander and Buffy in, or someone presents me with some interesting exploits, I’ll add to it.

AN 1: The title is a take off on the title of a TV show from the mid 60s “Run Buddy Run” (Which I don’t own in any way shape or form).

AN 2: Buffy’s lawyers come from “L.A. Law” (Don’t own it or them).

AN 3: Marshall Samuel Gerard is the Tommy Lee Jones version from the movies “The Fugitive” and “U.S. Marshalls” (I also do not own this either).

AN 4: Marshall Karen Sisco is the Jennifer Lopez character from the movie “Out of Sight” (I only dream that I own the rights to her).

AN 5: Maahes is the Egyptian Lion God and the devourer of the guilty and protector of the innocent.

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