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Goodbye To You

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Summary: Willow, seeking a new life, goes further than she ever would have imagined...(Post Season 7 BtVS, Season 1 Atlantis)

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Stargate > Willow-CenteredShezziFR15916,179812346,20630 Nov 0726 Dec 08Yes

Cookies, anyone?

A/N: Okay, no adventures of Rodney the Rat. Sorry. But I felt like I was starting to paint myself into yet another character bashing corner, so, instead of having to rewrite a whole lot of stuff, I pulled up what I was planning to have happen slightly later. Hope you don't mind! Please review! love xx Shezzi

Willow froze suddenly, her hand holding the rat gently but firmly against herself. “What am I…Oh goddess!” She quickly grabbed Rodney’s clothes off the chair and ran out of the cafeteria, heading for the nearest empty room, ignoring John’s concerned questions.

“I am so sorry, Rodney, I don’t know what came over me,” she said, raising the rat up to her face. “I’m going to take it off right now, alright? I’m just going to put you here, where I can’t see, and I’ll take it off. I need you to stay still, understand?”

The rat squeaked, shaking in her grip, and she carefully set him down behind a set of shelves, walking around the front. “Finite Incantato,” she said, drawing the power into her hands and pushing it towards Rodney. There was a flash of light, and a slight scream from behind the shelves. Willow floated the pile of clothing she had dropped inside the door back to him and waited until she heard him pick them up.

“I’m so sorry, Rodney, honestly, I don’t know what came over me,” she started, talking very fast. “I just got so angry…normally I’m much better than controlling myself, I don’t know why I did that, please don’t hate me, it just kind of flowed out, and then suddenly I was standing there holding you as a rat and it took me a minute to remember why and then…I’m sorry!”

At this point Rodney reappeared around the corner of the shelves, his face an odd shade of puce. He stared at Willow, who looked on the verge of tears, and found his glare melting slightly. He was still annoyed, but deep down he knew he had brought this on himself.

“I pushed too hard, and for that I am sorry,” he said slowly, almost choking on the admission.

“I just don’t know why I did it…I wanted to at times, but I never really intended…oh my goddess!” she exclaimed suddenly.

“What?” asked Rodney, surprised by the vehemence of her exclamation. He was actually surprised that he was standing here so calmly, that totally wasn’t him and yet here he was, standing within arms reach of the woman who had, not five minutes previously, turned him into a rat.

“I think you upset Atlantis a little bit more than she was letting on,” Willow said slowly. “Give me a second here.” She lowered herself to sit cross-legged on the floor, and a slight glow lit the air around her as she reached out to the city.

“What did you do?” she demanded of Atlantis.

The city sent a pulse of apology/contrition/please forgive me, so desperate Willow whimpered from the pain in her head, and her nose started bleeding.

Frowning, Willow released her communication with the city, ignoring her bleeding nose, and delved into her own magic. She found it easily enough. She hadn’t fully rebuilt her magical ‘corral’, and the city had, like a child sneaking a cookie, taken advantage and pushed in just the right place to punish someone they were both annoyed with.

Willow finally came back to herself, surprised to find the bottom half of her face and her top wet with blood. She raised a hand to her nose and found that it was still bleeding freely.

“Here,” said Rodney, holding out a handkerchief. “It’s clean,” he added at her uncertain look. Willow took it and pressed it against the bottom of her nose, tipping her head forwards to keep it from running down the back of her throat. “So, what was that all about?”

“She,” Willow gestured vaguely above her head, “Was a bit annoyed with all of the tinkering, poking and prodding you’ve been doing to her innards, and decided that, since I was annoyed with you two, she should…loosen me up, as it were, to take our revenge. It’s not quite like how she hijacked me last night, its more like she allowed a few of the darker elements of my character out to play.” Willow shuddered, and fell silent.

They were suddenly aware of pounding on the door, and it slid open suddenly, revealing a very concerned looking Air Force major, several scientist huddled around the door controls, and a rather annoyed looking Doctor Elizabeth Weir.


“What were you thinking?” demanded Elizabeth as Willow sat in her office, Carson leaning over her, attempting to staunch the flow of blood still trickling from her nose.

“I…wasn’t exactly in full possession of my faculties,” Willow admitted slowly. “Atlantis kinda got mad at all of Rodney’s experimenting and decided that using me to pay him back would be the right thing to do. I totally would never have turned him into a rat, no matter how much I wanted to, I would never do a thing like MMPH!” After a moment, Carson removed his hand gently from her lips.

“Breathe, lass,” he told her, waiting as she did so. “Tha’s better. Now, I want you in the infirmary in half an hour to see if that’s stopped bleeding, understand?”

Willow nodded silently, shamefaced.

Elizabeth waited until Carson was out of the room, then turned to face Willow once more. “I don’t know what to do with you, Willow,” sighed Elizabeth. “If the city can influence you and make you do things like this…”

“It was only because I didn’t know she was doing it, and my defences were already damaged,” Willow said quickly. “If either of those things had been different, it would never have happened. Now that I’m aware of it, it won’t happen again, I promise!” Her voice rose desperately, trying to show her complete sincerity.

“And what about the damage that’s already been done?” asked Elizabeth, turning to look at Rodney, who still looked slightly shaken but otherwise alright, in fact, he appeared oddly concerned with the redheaded girl sitting opposite him.

“I…I’ll let Rodney run tests, if that’s really what he wants. He’ll just have to accept that I lay down the limits and boundaries, because as much as he may believe that I am not governed by the laws of physics…” Willow trailed off.

“Agreed, agreed!” cried the chubby scientist, eyes lighting up with glee.

“Very well,” Elizabeth agreed slowly. “But Willow, one more incident like this and we’re going to have a serious problem,” she told the red headed witch, who nodded seriously.

“Oh, by the way…” Willow said slowly, then blurted out, “Whatkindofcookiesdoyoulike?”

“Pardon?” asked the other two in tandem.

“What kind of cookies do you like? It’s a thing I do, when I need to apologise to someone…I make cookies, lots and lots of cookies,” Willow explained, staring studiously at her feet.

“Well, if you can get kitchen time and ingredients…chocolate chip is always good,” Elizabeth said, and Rodney agreed vociferously.

The scientist stood then, eyes alight with excitement. “Come on, come on, lets go, I’ve got some things I want you to take a look at for me…If you teach me how to ask correctly, maybe the city won’t get so pissed off at me and try to get you to turn me into a toad or something next time!”

Elizabeth watched them go, a puzzled expression on her face. Did the egotistical, annoying terror of the entire science (and rest of the expedition) department just make a joke?


The End

You have reached the end of "Goodbye To You". This story is complete.

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