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A Dark Soul

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Summary: A chance encounter with Dawn, Lucius and Snape. *SPOILERS* To season seven of BTVS.

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Author: Seak


Title: A Dark Soul

Rating: PG

Pairing: No Pairing, just Dawn

Summary: A chance encounter with Dawn, Lucius and Snape

Distribution: Cauldron Chronicles, Witches love fanfic, Fanfiction.Net, Twisting the Hellmouth and if you want it just email me and ask.

Disclaimer: I do not in anyway own Harry Potter or any of the characters created by Josh Whedon

Author’s Note: This is a definite one shot, no continuation or sequel cause I have enough on my plate with my other stories and anyway I like writing one-shots even if they almost always turn into continuations but I’m determined for this to be a one shot, so there :: sticks out tongue :: and there’s no way any of you can do to convince me.

A Dark Soul

Dawn walked through the alley way in its many twists and turns. It was dark and cold the place that people usually avoided. She could smell the rot in the air as if there was a body or two decomposing in a hidden alcove that people would never find. But there was little fear in Dawn, she had been around decomposing bodies before, at one time she had seen many dead bodies. Those of her friends and those of people she didn’t know.

Death had proven little meaning to her - it was just but another destination when their shells could not longer hold their spirits. She was dressed in a long black cloak with a hood covering most of her hair and face. She was not here for fun, like she wanted to spend her time in a creepy place looking for a very rare and dangerous ingredient for a potion Willow was cooking up.

They were in England but the Watcher’s headquarters was no longer situated in England but on a small island where a large castle was built hundreds of years ago. The very walls were steeped in Earth magic, such strong protective magic that the island was invisible to all magic and technology. And there they trained the thousands of Slayers of all different ages, a training center where they taught Watchers and Slayers to fight the dark side. Dawn’s lips quirked at that thought and almost giggled. The Wizardry folk were not the only secret society out there.

And here she was in Knockturn Alley trying to find an obscure ingredient that she wasn’t sure, existed. How was she to find a bottled up dark soul? That was the hard part of finding a soul that had been powerfully dark and in a bottle no less.

Dawn had heard that in the Wizardry community, they had such ingredients - it was just the matter of finding the person who would sell them. She moved silently within the shadows, avoiding the sunlight as much as possible. The one thing she had discovered was that to walk out in the open was to attract attention. And she had no intention of wanting that attention.

Dawn’s right hand never strayed from her weapons hidden beneath her cloak. As she stealthily moved toward another Herbologist, she was determined to find the ingredient when she heard a soft whisper of a conversation just to the left of her. She immediately stilled and leaned against the wall.

“ . . . We must resurrect him, if only to have our revenge against the bloody Harry Potter. He ruined everything.”

Dawn frowned, she’s heard of Harry Potter before, he was a candidate for a Watcher-in-training but the fact was that he was so famous it kind of discouraged them from contacting him. They didn’t want to draw more attention to their council then they had to. They already had to deal with the governments around the world, they did not want to deal with the Wizardry ministry as well and anyway the wizardry could fight their own fights against evil.

“I agree but how?”

“Our great lord left a little bit of himself behind just incase something like this happens. Just like when Harry Potter killed him fifteen years ago, he will come back greater then ever.” A soft sinister chuckle was heard.

Dawn was guessing that this must be Voldemort; the Scooby gang had had a great laugh over that, seeing as the Wizardry folk had refused to call the man by his name and called him You-know-who. It’s what had drawn their attention to Harry - the fact that he was able to stall the evil Wizard for four consecutive years. And the defeat of Voldemort himself by Harry Potter when he turned eighteen had impressed them but that was five years ago.

“Oh and how would that be?” Another voice purred softly. The velvety tone sending shivers down Dawn’s spine.


Dawn wished she knew what ‘this’ was but could do nothing without giving herself away.

Someone sucked in their breath sharply. “You have his soul.” The velvety voice whispered in awe.

Dawn perked up at that. Soul? She thought, her eyes analyzing her surrounding making sure that no one had overheard the conversation as well.

A cunning smile suddenly appeared on her lips.

Oh, she had just found what she was looking for - a dark evil soul and she had no remorse when it came to stealing. After all they were going to resurrect the bad guy, she had a more worthy cause for that dark, evil soul and it involve making a potion.

“Yes and I’m afraid Severus Snape that I’m going to have to kill you.”

“What?” The velvety voice had changed to a cold harsh tone.

Dawn waited her body lining with tension as she prepared to jump into the action.

“You know too much, I didn’t even intend to tell you but somehow you managed to slip Veritaserum into my drink, you were always a cunning bastard Snape.” The man drawled in a smooth silky voice.

Suddenly there was movement and Dawn knew that this was her chance. She moved deeper into the shadows as she followed the sounds of whispered curses and counter curses. She could feel the magic rising, tinged with darkness as her feet moved rapidly until she came upon the scene. There were two men - one with beautiful long blond hair and the other had black oily hair that fell to his shoulders. It would have been obvious who was the good guy and who was the bad but she had learned long ago to look beyond their looks and just read their auras instead.

Her eyes narrowed with steady concentration as she pulled out a dagger and dropped her cloak knowing that it would restrict her movements. Her magical shields were in place and would reflect any blast sent her way. She watched for an opening and saw it, with a flip in the air she landed lightly in front of the blond man.

The blond man stepped back startled and she used his surprise to kick out his legs from underneath him. He landed on his back with a whoosh, his hand still clutching tightly to his wand.

“You fools girl! I do not need your help!”

The man behind her roared but she ignored him as with lighting speed she raised her dagger and stabbed the blond man in the wrist preventing him from using his wand. The blond man screamed but she ignored that too and took his wand and breaking it – a burst of green lights fizzled out of the wand before dying.

“Sorry.” Dawn said shrugging, as she looked the blond man in the eye. “But I can’t really have you use your wand against me.”

Suddenly she felt a wand press into the back of her head.

“Who are you?” The man behind her demanded, coldly.

“Err . . .can’t really tell you that either.” She replied casually as if the man didn’t have a wand pointed at her.

At the corner of her eye she saw something move and blocked it before flipping away from the both of them. The blond guy had tried to kick her she realized. And that made her only more determined to get the bottled soul of Voldy. And jumped back in before they could so much as blink. Her fist connected with the black haired guy’s jaw, sending him crashing to the ground - unconscious.

Her long leg kicked out catching the blond haired guy’s head knocking him out. She smiled and dusted her hands. All in a days work she thought happily. And immediately began searching for the bottle that contained the evil soul of Voldy. When she found it she examined it and could practically feel the darkness and the soul emanate from the bottle. She quickly tucked it away and picked up her cloak and left the scene with its two unconscious men.

As she disappeared from the wizardry world forever (as far as she was concerned) she couldn’t help feel triumph. With this one last ingredient they were finally going to get something they had always wanted after almost seven years of research. They were going to get Spike back.


The End

You have reached the end of "A Dark Soul". This story is complete.

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