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Lost In Memory

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Summary: Dawn runs away from home after Buffy's death. She runs to her cousin in Seattle.

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Television > Grey's AnatomyDamiaFR1538,0883487,5971 Dec 078 May 08No

Finding Family

Note: Inspired by the Michael Buble song "Lost." Originally was going to go into my one-shot ficlet series thing "Life in A Minor" But I realized it's likely to be at least 3 chapters.

Disclaimer: I own nothing involved with Buffy or Grey's Anatomy (though I own all 7 seasons of Buffy and the first three of Grey's, but hey can you blame me?)


Dawn avoided all eye contact as she stepped off the greyhound bus and onto the concrete sidewalk. So this was Seattle. It was pretty. There were little trees and stuff on the roofs of the tall buildings around her. The sky was blue and not a cloud in site, so that dispelled that rumor. Dawn sighed lightly and looked sadly up into the blue expanse. It hadn't rained once since Buffy's death, as though her sister were reminding her that she was supposed to be living. Dawn thought back to the funeral two days before.

The Scoobies had been a mess, tears falling and eyes swollen. Willow had been trying to comfort Tara while trying to gain comfort from Xander. Anya was in a state of shock, suddenly aware of just how short a mortals life really was. Dawn had been standing slightly apart, as was Giles. Giles .... the man was so broken and pitiful, all without changing the blank expression on his face. The eyes weren't lying though, and they said that he was lost without his Slayer. He had already told them all that he was going to be going back to England. He was leaving them.

So Dawn had been left to hug herself, wipe her own tears and try to remember that they all loved her, even if they were wrapped in their own pain. The funeral should have been held at dusk for Spike, but no one seemed to think it mattered at the time. Spike had said he was going to take care of her for her sister, but Dawn didn't want to be a guilty noose for the Vampire to string himself up on. She wouldn't tarnish her sisters memory by being a burden and letting others get hurt for her. So she'd waved off Giles at the airport with the Scoobies, been dropped off at her house (to go to bed) while the others went to the Magic Box to plan their Sunnydale offensive and she'd booked an online ticket to Seattle.

Why Seattle? Some might ask. She and her sister had a cousin in Seattle. Isabelle Stevens. Their dad's sisters daughter. She was a doctor at Seattle Grace and a former underwear model. She had been Buffy's hero for a long time, until Slaying had taken over her life. She supposed idly that she should have called ahead. She wasn't sure that Izzie even knew that Buffy and her mom were dead. All Dawn had been able to think of when she was sitting alone in her house was how Izzie had said she'd be there if Dawn ever needed it. And now Dawn needed it. She needed hugs and tears and no silent recriminations for being the cause of Buffy's death.

The police had found enough evidence to put all blame on Ben for the kidnapping of Dawn Summers and the murder of Buffy, leaving life insurance and all other assets to Dawn who was in her fathers sole custody. Or at least she would have been in his custody if he had bothered to come to his own daughters funeral. He didn't seem to think that was as important as the little pink bikini gracing his newest secretarial pool skank. She'd gotten a 'sorry for your loss' card. As though Buffy hadn't meant anything to the man that had fathered her ... and maybe she hadn't. Maybe neither of them had really.

Dawn groaned slightly as she realized for the hundredth time that she'd forgotten her pain medication when she'd left home. She'd remembered clothes and shoes and a hairbrush and her overnight toiletries bag, but she hadn't been able to remember her happy pills. At least Izzie was a doctor, she'd probably be able to help with the stitches that Dawn had pulled when climbing out the window and running to the bus depot. Thankfully that bleeding hadn't been too bad, but it seemed that every time she moved her torso too much the slices across her abdomen started weeping blood.

"Excuse me, could you help me find Seattle Grace Hospital?" Dawn stopped a pair of police officers that were walking down the street.

"Are you hurt miss?" The older one asked with a worried smile. Dawn returned it with a tired smile of her own.

"No, my cousin is a doctor there," She told him. He nodded and gave her the directions.

"Just keep the 'Needle in sight, it's right next to it," The younger one advised as she started to walk away. Dawn waved a hand in thanks and made her way to the hospital. Thankfully it was only a few blocks away because her feet were still bandaged and raw from trekking barefoot in Glory's wake. She managed to get to the building and paused outside the glass front of the building, staring blankly at the windows as people passed her to enter the building or leave to their cars. She gathered her courage around her for a few minutes before taking a deep breath and entering.

The smell of disinfectants and the overwhelming murmurs around her closed in, reminding Dawn of all of the sad times she had spent in Sunnydale Memorial. At least Seattle Grace had an optimistic overtone to it that Sunnydale had been missing, something that brought a little comfort to Dawns heart and helped her remember that Seattle and Sunnydale were very different places. Dawn had at least been in a hospital often enough to know how to act when one wasn't supposed to be visiting and wandered over to a vending machine, grabbing a Dr. Pepper and wandering into the hospital. In a place this size the nurses never remembered all of the family members' family faces, so she just had to look like she knew where she was going while looking around for her cousin.

After an hour of wandering around the hospital her feet started killing her. Dawn growled in aggravation. She had been on every floor, been chased out of three different wards and was ready to give up and just ask a nurse to find her cousin, but she didn't want to let Izzy know she was here ahead of time. She wanted to surprise her and see the reaction when Dawn asked if she could stay with her. She didn't want to stay if Izzie was only going to do it out of some sense of familial obligation. That's why she'd left California.

Dawn sniffed back the frustrated tears she could feel welling and dropped her bag and coat onto a chair in order to go look at the newborn babies in the window. She hadn't even realized she was in the maternity ward until that particular moment. She placed a hand on her own pained abdomen and didn't even notice the dried blood that had made her shirt stiff. She looked at the tiny little babies, wrapped in pink and blue, their little red faces squished and sort of cute. She glanced at the nurses desk at the end of the hall and was glad to see that they were ignoring her.

"Can I help you miss?" A tall man with short hair and a goatee asked her curiously. Dawn looked over at him, tired to the bone and ready to fall down, but she knew that as soon as she was off her feet she wouldn't have the guts to stand back up again. She'd done more walking than the doctors in Sunnydale had wanted, but she hadn't really had a choice.

"I don't know," She told him, before bursting into frustrated tears. He blinked his eyes once before walking over to the window and looking at the infants.

"Is one of them yours," He asked slowly. She turned and looked up at him with a glare and sniffed back tears.

"I'm 14," She told him in disgust. He was about to make a comment as he looked her over, but paused when he reached the protective hand that covered dried blood. He grabbed her shoulder to turn her gently toward him, but she pulled away and gave him a frightened look, the tears that had only just stopped resurfacing.

"Are you hurt?" He demanded softly, holding his hands up just as another doctor came around the corner. The other doctor, another man, this one with a nice smile and short dark curls. He couldn't see her very well, the current doctor blocking his line of sight. He could see her tears though.

"What did you do now Mark?" He asked with annoyed amusement. Mark glanced over his shoulder and took a step to the side.

"I just met this young lady Derek," He said in a calm voice, as though projecting concern. Dawn didn't buy it though, look at what had happened with Ben. She didn't really trust the other guy either. At Sunnydale they had made sure to keep female doctors and nurses around her. She wasn't sure if she'd have the same reaction to the male nurses as she did the male doctors, but she was glad they had taken the possibility into account after her first outburst.

"Miss, can you tell us what happened to get blood on your clothes?" Derek asked, moving forward quickly. Her eyes opened wider and she took another step back. He stopped and glanced over at Mark.

"I just pulled my stitches, I'll be fine," She told them shrilly, edging toward her bag. Derek took a step to the side, closer to her bag. Dawn froze again.

"Why don't you let one of us look at it," Mark suggested, "We're both surgeons here at Seattle Grace. I'm Dr. Mark Sloan and this is Dr. Derek Shepherd," Dawn couldn't help the little chuckle that came out through her tears.

"Dr. Derek?" She asked with amusement. Dr. Shepherd smiled and gave a little shrug. "I'm not here for help," She told them, "I'm just looking for someone,"

"Looking for who, maybe we can help while you tell us about the stitches," Dr. Sloan suggested. Dawn sniffed and took another tiny step back.

"You touch me and I promise your surgeons hands will be useless," She promised in a dark tone that was slightly ruined by the tears she could no longer seem to stop. She hadn't cried since the night Buffy died. Not at the police station, not at the hospital, not at the funeral. And now it was as though everything had welled up inside of her and she couldn't keep them at bay. Derek lifted a hand and caught someone's attention.

"Can you get Bailey?" He asked loudly. Dawn glared fiercely at the man.

"This is so not cool," She told him in an annoyed tone, sniffling.

"Neither is pulling stitches and getting blood all over your clothes," Mark said dryly. Dawn gave him a haughty look of her own and moved enough so that she could see down both sides of the hall. She wasn't going to trust her hearing with the two of them talking to her.

"What are you going to do, tell my dad?" She asked derisively. Both of the men seemed to recognize that tone and left the comment alone. She was starting to feel claustrophobic though she was in the middle of a hall. The two doctors on one side and a nurses station with three people who were watching in case they were needed.

"What do you need now?" An irate voice demanded as a tiny black woman in scrubs and a white lab coat came striding into the hall, a tall oriental woman and a guy with short hair and stubble following her. Dawn relaxed a little. It was odd how she didn't trust male doctors but didn't mind the females. Or maybe it wasn't odd, after all Glory hadn't been a doctor, nor did she lie about who she was or what she was doing. The woman turned and looked Dawn up and down carefully before turning to glare at the two men expectantly.

"She was standing here looking at the infants and crying and I just asked her if she needed help Bailey. All I've gotten is that she pulled some stitches and plans to hurt my hands if I touch her. She wont talk to me," Sloan said defensively. The woman's gaze turned to Derek, who shrugged eloquently. The woman turned to Dawn.

"What's your name, why are you in the maternity wing and why do you have stitches," Bailey asked the girl after telling the guy that was following he, Kirev, to get a gurney. Dawn stopped moving when she got there. Something about the no-nonsense woman set her at ease.

"I'm Dawn Summers and I was looking at the babies. I have stitches because I was cut," Dawn told the woman. The other woman perked up and stepped forward.

"Dawn Summers from Sunnydale?" She asked excitedly. Dawn shrank back and gave her a guarded look.

"Yang, back off," Bailey barked at her intern. The woman did as she was told and Kirev came with the gurney. "Up you go," Bailey said giving her an arm. Kirev came around her other side and tried to help her but Dawn lashed out, shoving him back violently.

"Whoa, not gonna hurt you," Kirev said in surprise. Dawn frowned, feeling more tears come up. She swallowed a sob and shrank closer to Bailey.

"Just, please don't touch me," She said, biting her lip. She missed the worried look that Bailey shared with her colleagues.

"Come on baby, let's get you up," Bailey told her, the womans tone still firm. Dawn sniffed and got up, slinking down and looking at Bailey through teary eyes.

"Will you stay with me?" Dawn asked. Bailey nodded.

"Of course, let's get you down to an ER exam room first though. I want to look at your stitches," Bailey told the girl. Yang grabbed the head of the gurney to push it down to the Elevators, leaving the three men standing in the hall with her bag.


"Alright Dawn, let's see this," Bailey said after they closed the curtains around her bed down in the ER. She lifted the shirt and let out a deep breath. "How did you get these?" She demanded. Dawn closed her eyes and pretended not to hear the woman.

"Are you hurt anywhere else?" Yang wanted to know. Dawn nodded her head.

"My feet, I don't think we'll get the shoes back off without cutting them," She didn't open her eyes when she answered. She'd failed to find her cousin. Of course she hadn't asked these people, but she had wanted to find Izzie on her own. She felt someone cut off the sneakers on her feet and heard Bailey's hum of disapproval.

"I need to get a number for your parent or guardians," Bailey told her. Dawn laughed a little hysterically.

"Me too," She told her after a few moments. Bailey's eyes narrowed at the girl.

"I need you to tell me the truth, are you a runaway," She wanted to know. Dawn thought for a moment. Was she a runaway? Technically her home was in Sunnydale, but her father was in Spain and he was her guardian. She technically wasn't running from him.

"I don't know," She told them after a few more minutes.

"Do you have any family that we can contact," Bailey started but was interrupted by a blonde head that needed her for something.

"Bailey, Mr. Johnson's heart rate is still dropping," Izzie told her.

"Oh god, Izzie I was looking for you everywhere," Dawn burst into fresh tears as she saw her cousin. The girl was still flat on the bed and her abdomen and feet were exposed.

"Dawnie!? What happened?" Izzie asked, her patient forgotten at the sight of her Baby Cousin.

"You know her?" Bailey asked, looking between the two.

"This is Dawn Summers, my baby cousin. Dawn, why are you in Seattle, how did all of these lacerations happen? Where are Buffy and Aunt Joyce?" Izzie demanded, shoving Yang out of the way as she moved closer to inspect her feet.

"Mom died a few months ago from a brain aneurysm and Buffy," Dawn's sobs got louder and Izzie turned wide questioning eyes to Bailey, who didn't know what was going on.

"Do you guys not watch the news?" Christina demanded of the two. Bailey gave her intern a dark look and Izzie smoothed Dawns hair back worriedly.

"What do you know?" Bailey demanded of the brunette.

"Crazy doctor dude kidnapped her a couple days ago and tried to sacrifice her. Her sister died saving her. Somehow doctor guy ended up dead too," Yang told her, instantly complying with the shorter womans tone.

"Oh god, Dawnie, Where's Hank?" Izzie asked as the girls sobs quieted.

"He's in Spain still, he didn't come to either funeral. He left me in California, and the house is so big and moms gallery is falling apart and I don't know how to take care of myself and Buffy's friends can't do it. I didn't have anywhere else to go," Dawn cried hysterically. Izzie turned desperate eyes to Bailey, pleading without words to tell her what to do.

"Yang, have the hospital in Sunnydale fax Dawn's records and then page the others. You guys are splitting Stevens' patients," Bailey told the young woman. Christina nodded and left with a last glance at Dawn.

"Are you allergic to any medications?" Bailey asked loudly, placing a gentle hand on the teens shoulder.

"No," Dawn denied after pulling herself together a little more. She had purple bags growing under her eyes and her face was far too white under the tan.

"I'm going to give you a sedative, help you calm down a little, is that all right?" Bailey asked, already getting it ready. Dawn nodded and Izzie copied the motion.

"If Hank really is in Spain still, I'm the only family she has in the country," Izzie told Bailey in a lost tone.

"He is. He couldn't be bothered with either of us," Dawn said brokenly. Izzie watched as Bailey administered the drug and looked at her mentor for some hope of guidance.
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