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Deliver Us From Evil

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Summary: Where do you put something when you want to keep it really safe? With the most powerful families the magical world has ever seen of course! (Dawn/ Connor)

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Harry Potter > Connor-Centered
Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered
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DISCLAIMER: Harry Potter stuff, not mine. Buffy stuff, not mine.

SUMMARY: HP/BtVS. When you want to keep something really safe, where do you send them? To two of the most powerful families the wizarding worlds has ever seen of course…

TIMELINE: After BtVS and season four finale of Angel. Set during book five of HP, but is AU. Everything happened as written in books 1 thru 4, but I am changing book five significantly. Connor and Dawn are in their seventh year (with the Weasley twins).

A/N: Thanks to everyone who reviewed the prologue. This chapter is longer as promised. Also it introduces a certain Golden Trio into the mix, but they won’t be featuring heavily in this story so if you like them then you may be disappointed.

Deliver Me From Evil by Kiara


HOGWARTS- November

“Mr. Malfoy!”

Connor stopped, rolled his eyes, took a deep breath and schooled his features into their usual unreadable look before turning to face Snape who had called him, more out of habit than anything else. “Yes sir?”

“Come with me to my office please.” He was telling not asking and got straight to the point as usual. They walked to his office in silence, Snape was not a chatty man and that suited Connor just fine. He liked the potions master; he did not find the silence uncomfortable.

Snape pushed his door open and sighed, not surprised at what he saw. “I told you not to touch anything.” He growled at whoever was in the room.

Connor peered around the potions master’s frame to see a tall girl, slightly younger than him, with long brown hair holding a book and looking up disinterested at the people in the doorway.

“Sorry.” She didn’t sound the least bit sorry as she placed the book back on its shelf. She knew he didn’t really mind… that much.

He clenched his jaw together visibly. “I trust you remember my daughter, Mr Malfoy.” He ground out, looking pained but Connor wasn’t fooled. Snape hadn’t been this animated in years and there was a glint in his eye that would confuse many students. He was please that his daughter was back… even if she did irk him at times.

“Of course. Hello Dawn.”

Dawn smiled at her childhood friend. “Hey Connor, how’ve you been?”

Snape interrupted with a scowl, though anyone who knew the potions master could see the smirk lying underneath the surface. “Yes well, I trust you will be able to take it from here.”

“Excuse me?”

“Dawn will need a guide.” Snape said, quite slowly as if speaking to a small smile. Surely that much was obvious?

“Of course. It would be my pleasure.” Connor agreed immediately.

“You don’t have to do this.” Dawn said the moment they were outside Snape’s office (much to his relief- his daughter was notoriously clumsy at times and he had many expensive potion vials sitting on his shelves). “I grew up here, I know my way around.”

“Not as a student.”

She thought for a moment and nodded with a grin- if nothing else it would be a chance to get reacquainted with her old friend. “True. Thanks, Connor.”

As a child, Dawn had spent her time living with her father at Hogwarts, and though she was tutored in the suite of rooms Dumbledore provided most of the time she had still managed to find her way around the corridors and passageways. It had seemed like a big adventure, living in a castle for much of the year, what little girl wouldn’t love that and explore at every opportunity? She’d definitely missed the castle that had been her home and playground for many terms.

Her father had tried to keep her away from the other students, he knew that he was not the most popular teacher on the staff and didn’t want to take any chances with his only family being hurt or upset so for a lot of the time it had just been the two of them. They’d been fairly close, though by trying to protect his daughter from the past, more specifically his past, he had created a bit of friction. Dawn wanted to understand, though she was not entirely sure what it was that she wanted to know about, but he wouldn’t share it with her. Then she’d been accepted into a school in America and had only returned during the summer, with that wedge getting a little thicker the longer she was away.

Connor gave her a rare smile. “So how was America?”

“Warmer than Scotland for one thing.” She grumbled, pulling her cloak tighter around her body. “I’ve got four layers on and I’m still cold.”

“Well get used to it, it’s only going to get colder. That’s the downside to living in dungeons.” A thought suddenly occurred to him. “You were sorted into Slytherin, right?”

“Of course.” Dawn returned with a smirk. Where else would she be sorted? “The sorting hat gave me the wiggins though, it was saying this stuff about how it had to put me where I would be best protected. How weird is that?”

“It told me that my destiny was pre-determined or some such rubbish.” Connor revealed. “It’s odd to think that the rest of your live is decided by an old hat.”

“Yeah. I think my Dad was secretly hoping that it would put me in Ravenclaw. Sure he made all the appropriate noises to Dumbledore when I got sorted into his house, but I don’t think he’s looking forward to me being around so much.”

Connor looked at her. One of the reasons he and Dawn had always got on so well (other than the way their parents pushed them together) was that they had a lot in common, including the way they sometimes felt about their families. The difference was that Dawn did know that her father cared about her, but Conner genuinely doubted that. “He loves you Dawn; why else would he have brought you back from America?”

“Honestly? I have no idea where that came from. Right in the middle of a term and everything. I don’t know what he’s thinking.”

Connor couldn’t argue with that logic. Dawn had been packed off to study in America a few weeks after her eleventh birthday and had only come home for the summer holidays when Snape would be far away from Hogwarts. They’d gone from seeing each other several times a month when they were young children to maybe once or twice a year and already those childhood memories were starting to fade.

“Did you hear the news?” Hermione Granger said as she sat down at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall.

“What news?” Ron asked, his mouth full of food. It was a testament to their friendship that Hermione understood what he had said. But by now she’d had lots of practice.

“Well, Snape has a daughter for one thing.”

Harry choked on his pumpkin juice. “Snape? You must be kidding.”

“That’s what I thought.” Hermione said. “That was until I overheard Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick talking about it in the corridor.”

“They must have been talking about something else.” Harry said. There was no way Snape could be a father, he didn’t have a loving, caring bone in his body.

“S’ true.” Ron injected, taking another bite of his lunch. Harry and Hermione turned towards him disbelievingly and he was mildly offended. “What? I do know things occasionally.”

“Of course you do.” Hermione said dismissively, eager to get back to the topic at hand. “So Snape actually has a daughter?”

“Yeah. She’s the same age as Fred and George I think. Bill and Charlie said they saw her around Hogwarts a few times when she used to come to work with Snape. She’s been going to school in America or something.”

“And you never told us?”

He shrugged. “To be honest I’d forgotten about it until you mentioned it. It’s not like I never needed to think about it. What’s the big deal?”

Harry ignored him. “I can’t believe Snape has a daughter, after the way he treated me for the last four years.”

“Can you imagine what a kid raised by Snape would be like?” Ron said with a shudder. “I hope for her sake that she took after her mother in the looks department.”

“Ron!” Hermione scolded half-heartedly. Truth be told, she agreed with him. Severus Snape was hardly the perfect role model. “Anyway, she’s meant to be starting at Hogwarts this week.”

“Great.” Harry muttered looking towards the staff table where he now had two sets of eyes, Snape’s and Umbridge’s, glaring at him. “’Cause I don’t have enough people out for my blood this year.”

“She might be different.” Hermione said. Ron looked at her and raised his eyebrow disbelievingly. Hermione shrugged. “It’s a possibility.”

“Yeah, but it’s about as likely as Malfoy catching the snitch.” Harry snorted. “So there’s another Snape to deal with. Hogwarts is continuing in its quest to send me to an early grave.”

Before Ron or Hermione could say anything, a new, slightly accented voice came from behind them.

“Gee, morbid much? You’re a whiner, aren’t you? I should have guessed.” Came the mocking voice.

Harry, Ron and Hermione looked over to the girl that had stopped next to them. She wasn’t pretty in a conventional way, her features seemed to be too big for her face, but she was striking make no mistake. The three Gryffindors stared at the new face; surely this couldn’t be Snape’s daughter? Was there another new student starting mid-tern?

Her eyes flickered to Harry’s forehead to be sure he was who she thought he was. It was the standard move when meeting Harry so he was well used to it by now. “Harry Potter I presume?” She said coolly. “Dawn Snape.”

Harry nodded. “So you’re Snape’s daughter.”

“I am. But I’d ask you to remember that I am not my father.” She smirked smugly then, flicking her brown locks over her shoulder, she allowed herself to glance over to where her father was glowering from the other side of the room. She did so love riling him, even though she knew she ought not to. She didn’t particularly want to talk to any of the Gryffs, but the opportunity was too good to miss. “For one thing, I take my hair care far more seriously.”

Connor smirked from where he was watching. Dawn certainly had fire. He been escorting her to the Slytherin table for dinner when he realised she was no longer walking next to him. When he’d turned around he’d seen her talking to Potter and his merry band, seemingly unaware, or uncaring, of the death glare her father was shooting the pair of them.

Snape’s dislike of the ‘Potter boy’ was legendary over the school, causing many a Slytherin amusement as the Gryffindor house points dipped every time there was a fifth year potions class, and there was no chance that Dawn wasn’t aware of it- she probably even shared his dislike for the golden child of the wizarding world as all Slytherins inheritably did. She was doing this on purpose to get a reaction from him. And it was working.

Snape looked over to Connor, still glaring, prompting him to walk the few steps over to Dawn. “Dawn, dinner’s about to start.”

“Right.” She looked at the four identical tables, many of the students were staring at the two Slytherins standing next to Harry Potter but Dawn forced herself not to notice. “Which one’s ours again?”

Connor pointed to the Slytherin table. He took his seat at the top and gestured to Dawn to sit next to him. That got a few raised eyebrows amongst the other Slytherins. Their house involved a strict game of politics, the results of which were displayed for all to see in the Great Hall every meal time though the other houses didn’t know it; you worked your way up the table which is why people were surprised when Connor sat the newest Slytherin next to him, between the seventh and sixth year prefects and just a few places up from his brother. None of them would call him up on it though; Connor Malfoy was undoubtedly the prince of Slytherin.

Draco leaned over to Dawn. He’d been included in some of the antics of his older brother and his friend when they were young, but being two years their junior sometimes meant that he was left out. That said, he did still like the older girl; she’d often paid him some attention when his brother couldn’t be bothered. “Your father finally let you back in the country then, Snape?”

Dawn didn’t look up. “The name’s Dawn and you know it, Drake.”

“Fine. Your father finally let you back into the country then, Dawn?” Draco smirked.

Dawn couldn’t help but smile. She’d missed Draco’s bluntness… not to mention Connor’s glaring over it. She’d always found it funny the way the two brothers, so alike in some ways, often rubbed each other up the wrong way. “Looks that way.”

“I think he missed you. Your father, I mean.” Connor revealed, quietly entering the conversation. “He seemed bitter while you were gone.”

Draco and Dawn both gave him looks. “He’s always been bitter.”

“When you’re here he’s more irritated than bitter. Trust me; he’s worse when you’re not around.”

Dawn considered what Connor had said. She’d always known that her father loved her… in his own cranky way, but she’d never thought he could have missed her whilst she was in America. They sent a few owls, but even then they weren’t personal- she just relayed her grades, told him quidditch results and such. But if it was true, if he actually missed her when she was away, then maybe there was hope for them yet.

Connor climbed the stairs to his room slowly. He’d spent the whole day with Dawn; he never spent the whole day with one person without getting bored of their company. And, oddly enough, he was looking forward to seeing her again tomorrow. Was it possible that he had found his first real friend after nearly seven years at Hogwarts?

Oh sure, he was popular enough with the students (especially the girls), partly down to his Malfoy blood, partly because people genuinely liked him; but none of them were what he’d call close friends. He’d probably talked more today than he had during all his time at Hogwarts.

He went into his room and flicked on the light switch. Connor went into the room; he jumped hearing someone’s voice coming from the chair behind him.

“So this is how I figure it.”

“Bloody hell Draco!” Connor gasped as he recognised his brother’s unmistakable blond head. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Lurking.” Draco replied matter-of-factly. “Anyway, I was talking. So this is how I see it; you like Snape’s daughter.”

He shrugged his arms out of his robe violently. “She’s a friend, Draco. What are you doing in my room?”

“Can’t a guy want to see his brother anymore?” Draco answered smugly.

“In the dark?”

“I like the dark.”

“The boy who slept with a night light until he was twelve suddenly likes the dark?”

Draco glared at his brother. “You’re exaggerating. And trying to change the subject.”

“What subject?” Connor muttered as he yanked his green and grey tie from around his neck. He sat down at his desk and flipped open a book.

“You like Dawn Snape. It’s so obvious. Any idiot can see it.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. You’re actually talking for one thing.”

“I talk.” Connor said simply as he turned pages.

“Not voluntarily you don’t. At dinner you were joining in conversations; hell, you were actually starting conversations. It’s a long way from the stoic Malfoy heir everyone’s used to.”

“Could it not be just that I happen to have met someone who doesn’t irritate the hell out of me whenever they open their mouth?” He briefly looked up from his book to sneer at his brother. “That was a reference to you by the way.”

Draco shrugged. He knew Connor didn’t mean it…that much. “And now you think that by insulting me you can get me to stop. You should know that that doesn’t work by now.”

“I’m studying.”

“Fine, I’ll go.” Draco paused just before he left the room. “But I know I’m right.”

He left quickly, before Connor turned around even. Draco wasn’t stupid; he knew that if you goaded his brother for long enough you were likely to get hexed.

Connor watched the door close behind his brother and smirked. Despite all the bravado in front of the rest of the students, Draco didn’t hesitate to run away when his older brother was likely to curse him. As long as he was still able to scare the youngest of the Malfoy clan, he need not worry about his reputation at Hogwarts. Despite his changes in attitude.

As his final exams at Hogwarts drew ever closer, so did the time when he was expected to take the dark mark and stand beside his father in the ranks of Voldemort’s death eaters. The only problem was that he wasn’t sure that that was what he wanted. He may have been groomed to take over from his father as Voldemort’s right hand man since he was born, but did he really want a life filled with death and violence? Answering to old snake-head until he gets bored and decides to kill you? Was that what he wanted?

Most definitely not. The only problem would be breaking the news to his father without ending up in an early grave.

“I don’t want Dawn to join the Dark Lord.”

Dumbledore regarded his potions master sympathetically. “If Dawn wishes to become a death eater, then there is nothing we can do but make sure her decision is well informed.”

“She knows the dangers.” Snape muttered, trying to reign in the urge to throttle Dumbledore and then lock his daughter up until Voldemort was well and truly defeated. To hell with his own safety, there were some things more important.

“Then we can only hope that she makes the right decision.”

Snape stood up from the chair he’d been sitting in and paced the length of the headmaster’s office. “Even if she does, then he might still want her. She was safer in America.”

“If Voldemort really wanted to get to Dawn, then America is not safe. Refusing to bring her back to England when Voldemort told you to do so would only endanger the both of you.” Dumbledore said trying to comfort his colleague and friend.

When a panicked Snape had burst into his office two weeks previously and told him that Voldemort had expressed his interest in Dawn taking the dark mark as soon as she finished her education, he had been surprised. It was easy to forget Severus had a daughter, she spent so much time abroad and Snape was hardly forthcoming with information. Voldemort had apparently not been so forgetful when thinking about his newest recruits.

Now Severus Snape found himself in an impossible position. He could either deliver his daughter to Voldemort, there by signing her death warrant, or defy the dark wizard, thus blowing his cover and signing both of their death warrants. The only other option was for Dawn to take it upon herself to take the dark mark which would mean that his own daughter would stand for what he was fighting against, but could mean her survival. Possibly.

“Severus?” The headmaster’s voice brought him out of his reverie. “Has Voldemort mentioned any other students particularly?”

Snape thought back to his recent meeting with the Dark Lord. He’d been so preoccupied with the thoughts of his daughter that he had almost forgotten the other students in danger. “Some of the Slytherin seventh years. He is most interested in Connor Malfoy and Dawn. They are the most powerful.”

Dumbledore sighed. So Voldemort had picked up on that as well? There was most definitely something intriguing about the auras surrounding that pair, something disjointed. Plus there was undoubtedly an air of darkness around the two. The headmaster had seen it before, a result of students ‘tripping’ on earth magix. He hoped that it wasn’t the case, they did not exhibit the usual signs of magical drug abuse, but for such an amount of black magix residue to linger around them…well, it wasn’t good.

“What is your opinion of Mr. Malfoy? Do you feel that he will join Voldemort?”

“It’s what he was born to do. He has a violent temper and will not hesitate to curse any of the students regardless of age or house if they irritate him. He is quiet and does not trust any of his housemates with the exception of his brother. He’s talented, self-sufficient and ruthless, qualities that would make a good death eater.” Snape stated bluntly. “Having said that, I can’t be sure of what he truly wants. He is a good student and prefect, hasn’t been seen to be tormenting the muggle borns and is often rather righteous, especially when it comes to the younger Mr. Malfoy. I cannot predict what he shall choose.”

“Then we shall wait. Voldemort would not ask students to become active death eaters whilst they are still enrolled at Hogwarts, not at this point, there is too much risk. We still have seven months until the seventh years take their N.E.W.T’s. That’s plenty of time to find out what Voldemort is planning.”

“Why thank you, kind sir!” Dawn said with a giggle as Connor held open the portrait for her. It had been a good day, she’d had fun getting to know her friend again.

He returned the smile. “Anytime, fair lady.”

Dawn hooked her arm through his as they walked down the corridor. Connor looked down at his companion. She was far from the little girl he had grown up with. Her time in America had taken her from a somewhat spoiled, bratty kid into a confident young woman who was nowhere near as helpless as she used to be. He’d even go as far to say that she could take care of herself. She’d seemed to do pretty well the previous night when some of the student body were making comments about her parentage.

“What are you smiling at?” Dawn asked suddenly, snapping him out of this thoughts.

“Just thinking about how things have changed. There was a time when you would run to daddy whenever things got tough, but last night you were putting people down like a pro.”

She laughed. “I was the pale faced bratty kid from England in a country all on my own. Somewhere along the line I stopped with the damseling and started sticking up for myself. Now I come back here and suddenly I’m the ‘yank’ daughter of the potions master and the circle starts anew.”

They continued to talk about the past and how things had changed as Connor led them to the great hall for breakfast. As they left the dungeons behind them and entered the main part of the school, shouting was coming from down the hallway.

“What’s going on down there?” Dawn asked peering down the corridor where they could hear the voices escalating.

As they rounded the corner, they were confronted with a sight that made Connor groan. Things always got heated before the Slytherin/ Gryffindor quidditch match, but why did some people always have to take it one step too far? Namely his brother.

“For Christ’s sake, Draco!”

His brother’s shout did nothing to deter Draco who was rolling around on the floor with Harry Potter, each trying to land a punch on the other. As neither of them had really had any experience in muggle fights it really looked quite comical- both of them scrabbling about on the floor like two toddlers trying to learn how to walk while Weasley looked on, not sure how to deal with the situation.

Connor sighed and turned to Dawn who was watching amused. “Excuse me a moment. Stay here.”

He approached the two boys just as a Hermione Granger appeared into sight at the end of the corridor.

Connor grabbed the back of the boys’ robes and pulled them up, but not before Harry managed to land a punch right on Draco’s nose.

“Harry!” Hermione started running forward as Connor held the two boys apart, wincing when Draco missed his target and punched him on the chest, but it hadn’t hurt as much as he’d expected it too. Hadn’t hurt at all really; he needed to teach Draco how to throw a decent punch.

“I wouldn’t worry; he did more damage to Drake than the other way around.” Dawn said, offering Draco a hanky for his bleeding nose, and scowling at Harry for good measure. Evil Gryff.

Draco jumped. He hadn’t heard Dawn approach. He glared at her, and then glared harder when she laughed at him. The Gryffindors just stared at them.

Connor glared at Ron who was still standing and watching as he held back the scrabbling enemies by their robes. “Don’t worry Weasley, I’ve got it. How long were you going to stand there like a prat watching them anyway? Are you a bloody prefect or not?”

“Honestly Ron!”

Ron just gaped. Not only was he getting told off by a Slytherin for not breaking up a fight, but Hermione was siding against him with Malfoy of all people. “What do you expect me to bloody do? I wasn’t getting in the middle of that!”

“Malfoy managed. And are you a wizard or not?” Hermione started, hands on hips in her well practiced pose used when telling off Ron or Harry.

“As much as I hate to get in the middle of a perfectly good argument,” Connor started with the smirk every Malfoy had perfected; “there is still the matter of these two.” He gave them both a shake. “Now I trust you can deal with him, Granger.” Harry got another shake.

Ron gave them a suspicious glare. “What are you up to Malfoy?”

Surprise flickered onto his face for a brief moment. “Nothing.”

“It was all Potter’s fault anyway.” Draco muttered with as much dignity as he could muster when his brother was holding him up by his robe and there were his three most hated people in the entire world were watching on. But there was nothing he could do to get free. Connor was freakishly strong considering he didn’t really exercise. Oh well, at least the blood flow from his nose was slowing.

“Will you shut up!” Connor hissed as the golden trio exchanged confused glances. Malfoy was almost acting fairly. Almost.

“Why shouldn’t we report it?” Ron said, finally finding his voice. “Ferret’s a prefect; he’s in deeper than Harry.”

Surprisingly it was Dawn that answered him with a laugh. “Yeah, because Drake’s head of house will be so disappointed when he hears that his least favorite and most favorite students got into a fight. Hmm, I wonder whose side he would take… Not to mention the new High Inquisitor. Besides, Draco didn’t even manage to land a punch on Potter.”

“I did so!”

“Quiet.” Connor hissed again. Why was he cursed with such an idiot for a brother? He let go of the smirking Harry, giving him a shove into Ron.


“I suppose that as senior prefect you could deal with the ferret.” Ron said, realizing that Dawn was right and that Harry could easily look like the bad guy in the situation.

“That I can.” Connor said grimly and he started dragging Draco off by the back of his robes, angrily muttering about acting like drunken muggles in a bar and such.

Dawn watched Connor haul his brother off and winced. “I would not want to be Drake tonight. Connor’s gonna rip him a new one.” She said more to herself than anything. The three Gryffindors were staring at her. Six years in America made all the difference it seemed. Dawn shrugged; people often had a hard time when they found out she was nothing like her father. People around Hogwarts didn’t like to be surprised, that’s what made the game all the more fun. “Best be off. Nice punch Potter.”

Harry gaped a few times. “Thanks?”

She shrugged again and practically skipped after the Malfoy brothers, the earlier thoughts of breakfast vanishing from her mind. She grinned as she thought of Potter’s surprised face- oh it was almost to easy, he was already confused about her motives. This could be fun.

Harry, Ron and Hermione stared after her. Maybe she didn't understand the way things worked here yet.

“Did that really just happen?” Ron said. He got no answer. “Seriously, did Malfoy just let Harry off the hook for fighting in the corridor and then give his brother a lecture about it? Not to mention Snape’s daughter more-or-less giving Harry a pat on the back for managing to deck a Slytherin?”

Harry just kept staring at the now empty corridor. Hermione nodded dumbly. “I think so, Ron.”

“What’s going on in this place?!” Ron almost yelled. It was like his entire world had gone topsy turvey, which in a way it had.

“Not a clue.” Harry murmured, finally dragging his eyes away from where the three Slytherins had vanished. “But I think it’s going to be one weird year.”

And how right he was.


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