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5 Families Connor Never Joined

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Nope, Never Gonna Happen.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Psh, like Wolfram & Heart would really stick him in some white-bread, all-American, NORMAL family! Those tricksy lawyers would be far more likely to stick him someplace nice and strange.

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Dead-beat Dead Man

A/N: I own naught. This was going to be five families, then ten, but I've scaled it back again 'cause I just don't have the energy to write more for it, but I still want it finished.

Crossing: POTC - DMC


They'd left Jack behind.

Connor glanced over at Elizabeth. Her shoulders were drawn up tight to her neck, arms wrapped loosely around her knees. Will was watching her too, unfathomable dark brown eyes seemingly searching for something. Their gazes locked over her messy dark blonde hair.

Will looked away first.

One corner of Connor's mouth turned up, he'd never lost a stare-down or any other kind of glaring match. He'd been told more than once that he had 'crazy eyes.' Just like his father.

The swamp had closed in around their little boats hours ago, oars were no longer necessary as the current swept them towards their destination. He knew what to expect, or at least, he thought he did. He wondered how the mystic would react to Will and Elizabeth. He wondered how she would react to news of Jack's... demise.

Candles appeared in the darkness, surrounding the boats and scaring a few of the remaining sailors. A few spat over their shoulders, Gibbs pulled a salt shaker out of some hidden pocket and sprinkled some on his head. Superstitious nonsense.

At last the boat bumped gently against the little outcropping of a pier and there she was. Tia Dalma, standing straight and strong and ready to greet them with a hard stare and a beckoning hand. They followed her in silence.

Connor frowned as he entered the house, something felt different. Off. Tia smiled at him knowingly, and he tensed. The wisewoman's surprises were rarely pleasant.

He ignored her spiel about loyalty, whipping the survivors up and building their enthusiasm for the task of bringing back Jack. It was not that he did not want the old Captain back, he was merely more concerned with the other shoe and it's tendency to drop from Tia's hand to his head.

"Iffen you want t'go to d'end of d'world, you be needin' a man who's been dere."

Clomp, clomp, clomp, came the sound of boots descending from the loft. The soft chittering of the monkey followed as first boots, then trousers, and finally that old tattered black coat and hat came into view.

Barbossa grinned at the astonished group, tossing an apple from hand-to-hand nonchalantly. His eyes met Connor's and widened. They widened even more at the short sword that appeared at his throat.

He swallowed heavily, "Now lad, there be no need to be hasty."

"Connor!" Elizabeth was shocked out of her stupor, "What are you doing?! We need him to - " Gibbs grabbed her and held her fast against interfering.

"Let them be, missy, their be business afoot ye don't understand," he muttered.

"I promised her. When she was dying, sick waiting for news of you and Jack, I promised her!" Connor's lips lifted into a facsimile of a grin, "And then I come to find out you led a mutiny on your own brother-in-law - "

"He ne'er appreciated the Pearl so much as I!"

" - and stranded him on an island - "

"He got off, didn't he?"

"That's not the point!" Connor's knuckles turned white against the hilt and the blade pressed sharply against Barbossa's neck, leaving not even enough room for breath. From raging adolescent to cold killer, the teen's voice became frosty and distant. "I owe you a debt of pain."

Barbossa was looking a little desperate, "You're waited near thirteen years, boy, can ye not wait but a little bit longer?" He scrambled, "Till we rescue yer Uncle Jack?"

The younger man considered this, his cold blue eyes locking with Tia Dalma's. "What chance do we have of actually pulling off a rescue?"

"Slim, slimmer yet wi'out the aid o'your fadder."

Slowly the sword pulled back from the ressurected pirate's throat. "You have until Jack Sparrow's safe return to the land of the living." Connor grinned ferociously, "Don't go dying on me again, if she can bring you back once, she can bring you back twice. Vengeance is universal."


El Fin

A/N2: The end. So basically my thought was that Jack had a sister and she loved Barbossa. This did not end well when Barbsie mutineed, so sister dies and progeny swears debt of vengeance. Like it, love it, loathe it, have suggestions for a new '10 Things'? Lemme know!

The End

You have reached the end of "5 Families Connor Never Joined". This story is complete.

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