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The Mystic Void.

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Summary: Pursued by the vengeful Willow, Spike flees to Seattle in the mystic void where he hopes to escape detection. But unbeknown to Spike, Seattle is populated by beings who can dust a vampire just as easily as any slayer or vengeful witch.

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Television > Dark Angel > Spike - CenteredHopliteFR181018,124042,1242 Dec 0727 Mar 14Yes

Hunter Hunter


Author's Note: I originally posted this story as one long chapter in 2007. I have decided to re-post it as a multi-chapter story for ease of reading. There are some minor adjustments to the original story.

The story takes place after Buffy's death in S5. It assumes that S6 and S7 do not occur.

For Dark Angel fans, the first three chapters will mainly involve Spike. But Dark Angel characters will feature heavily from chapter 4 onwards.

Rating FR18 for some vampire killings and sirings. There is also some humour with sexual references.

This story is complete. I will drip feed the other chapters over the next few days.


The young woman desperately fled through the small wood in the cold dark starless night. She stumbled in the undergrowth and looked back, terror and panic etched on her pretty face. She scrambled to her feet and kept running. She saw the run-down barn and ran towards it.

She fiddled with the lock, desperately trying to enter the barn. She could feel the presence of her pursuer behind her. She had to get in. Eventually, the door gave way and she fell into the dark damp barn. She desperately turned round and locked the door.

She looked up and saw a number of shapes surround her, each one with a monstrous fanged face. She knew they could sense her fear and desperation. She knew she would die horribly tonight.

But it wasn't the vampires in the barn she was afraid off. They were her kin, her band of brothers and sisters.

"What is it, Carla?" Growled one of the male vampires.

She's found us." The girl stuttered in fear, changing into her vamp face. "She's coming to kill us all."

"Who has found us?" Growled another female vampire.

"Willow! The girl gasped. "The witch!"

"Shit!" Exclaimed the male vampire. The others vampires looked at each other, fear contorting their monstrous faces.

"Where is Spike?" Asked the Carla. Looking around for their leader and sire."

"He has gone." Replied the male vampire. "He left some time ago."

"He has deserted us!" Wailed the Carla.

Suddenly, the doors of the barn exploded in a hail of timber and splinters. The sharp pieces of wood blew in, skewering the vampires like shards of glass. One male vampire screeched as a splinter penetrated his heart and converted him into a billowing cloud of dust. The others were thrown to the floor in the blast.

A slim woman wearing long straight red hair and a fiery red dress drifted into the barn, her inky black eyes strangely glowing in the darkness.

The vampires desperately tried to get up. The red headed women lifted a finger and one by one the vampires around her exploded into a bright ball of dust.

Carla looked at the slaughter of fellow vampires, incredulous that so powerful creatures could be slain so easily. She sat frozen on the floor awaiting her fate.

But the witch did not dust her like the others. Instead, Willow hovered over to her slowly, her long red hair flowing in a supernatural breeze. Carla scrambled back in desperation.

"Where is Spike?" Demanded Willow, her inky black eyes swirling with rage.

"I don't know." Whimpered Carla, wide eyed in terror.

Willow reached out to her with one hand and a bright light enveloped Carla's vamp body. Specs of dust started to slowly dribble away from her fingers and face. Carla cried out in pain as her vamp body slowly began to disintegrate away.

"Where is Spike?" Growled Willow again, this time more sternly.

"I don't know!" Screamed Carla in pain.

"Tell me where Spike is and I will make the pain stop." Said Willow, almost tenderly this time.

"I don't know." Cried out the girl, her vamp eyes melting into dust. She screamed again as the spell continued to eat away, bit by bit, at her vampire soul.

For Carla, it would a long slow agonising night.
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