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Wish Away My Pain

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Summary: What happens when Anya decides to redo Cordelia's original wish? This! But it's not just Anya and Cordelia making wishes here. B/X/A, W/O W/T (dubconW/C) slash/bloodplay/violence

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Anita Blake > Multiple Pairings > DarkEmmaLoveFR18821,49413212,6812 Dec 0715 Dec 07Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Nope, don’t own Buffy The Vampire Slayer and I am not associated with any products/persons that are involved with Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I’m just writing this, because while I love Buffy there are things that I would like to see happen that haven’t and aren’t likely to. So I’m making it happen.
Also, don't own any of the characters/settings from Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series, and I am not associated with any products/persons involved with the writing and/or producing of the series.

Note: This is an older story that I started before Season Seven actually ended. I only mention this because the style of writing for this story is rather different from my current writing style, but I'm still rather proud of this fic.

More Important Note: Wish Away My Pain begins eight years before Guilty Pleasures (the first Anita book), and for the purpose of this story that means vamps have not become legal yet in this reality. Some people are starting to learn about the supernatural, but still not everyone accepts that there is something out there, because vampires haven't completely come out of the coffin yet.
There is a coming chapter where we'll see (at least) the reaction of vamps to becoming legal.
(So, I'm not saying the entire story stays eight years behind, just that it begins eight years behind.)

Wish Away My Pain
~Chapter One~

"I wish that the supernatural was like it is in," oh, what was that new series Ceclia was always raving about?... "the Anita Blake novels - Then Buffy wouldn't be the Slayer, and I'd never fall for Xander 'I'm a big loser' Harris!" Cordelia knew, from listening to Ceclia talk that the vampires in the Anita Blake books were not merely demons like they were in the real world, she also knew that there was no such thing as a chosen one to fight them in the Anita novels.

Anyanka smiled, revealing her true face. "Done!" Then she vanished in a blinding flash of light.

An older Anyanka smiled as she watched her younger self granting Cordelia's wish through a portal, a different wish from the wish that had been the fore-bringer of her fall. Now Xander would never be able to hurt her, because she would never be in the position to let herself be hurt by him. Her wish would be granted at the same time she granted Cordelia's wish.

She felt herself starting to fade out, but that was okay. Couldn't have two Anyanka's in the same reality, after all. And she knew it was better this way, her younger self would never know the pain she knew now. The pain of loving someone who couldn't love you, because they had loved someone else.

It had taken years to get things worked out properly, she was not going to make the same mistakes her younger self had on this wish. But changing things had to begin with this wish, because this wish was the key. Therefore it had been necessary to influence Cordelia to make a different wish.

At that the shimmering Anyanka sighed, something she herself couldn't do, but then she'd found a Witch who could help her. Now as she thought about how Cordelia had been supposed to wish for Anne Rice vampires, not Anita Blake supernatural creatures, she laughed. It would seem you could only influence Cordelia to a certain point.

But she knew since she was fading it should still work out the same, and the Anita Blake creatures, like the Anne Rice ones didn't require a Slayer. Of course, since she'd secretly prepared her younger self to create the Anne Rice universe there would be glitches, hopefully it wouldn't be anything serious enough to cause a certain Rupert Giles to call her again.

A quick check told her that wouldn't be likely since the Rupert Giles of this reality had become a vampire when he was twenty. He was the reason why the wish couldn't simply just be about Xander, if it were he would still manage to destroy her power center.

Then with the last of her strength she implanted one last message into her younger self's subconscious to avoid Xander Harris and those connected with him in the future, just for good measure. Like she'd done with subtracting a year to make sure Buffy Summer's ended up in Sunnydale, just in case.

Even though in the world just created Buffy wouldn't be the Slayer, she knew all the same that beings once touched by power did retain a certain measure of that no matter what, and sometimes certain events just had to take place for things to take their proper path.

And that was the last thought the older Anyanka had.

When Cordelia could see again, things looked much the same, except Buffy wasn't setting with Xander. As a matter of fact he was setting there by himself frowning, and he was dressed much the same way he'd been two years ago.

"Perfect," she whispered, muttering about how Anya must have been a good fairy, a scary veiny, but good fairy.

Then she caught sight of Harmony coming toward her and suppressed a flinch. But then Harmony was talking, actually talking, to her, not making snide remarks about her relationship with the loser known as Xander. That was good. She must still be the Queen.

She soon learned that she was correct, no one had ever heard of Buffy Summers and Xander had never left loserland. Therefore Cordelia had never sank so low.

Oh, how the mighty have NOT fallen, she thought happily to herself. However, there was one dark shadow over her happiness - Willow was dead. She couldn't honestly say how she felt about that. Sure, Willow had been the one Xander had locked lips with, but really Cordelia only wanted to punish Xander. Maybe Willow to a lesser extent, but she hadn't necessarily wanted Willow dead. But as she walked away with Harmony and the gang, she knew it wasn't going to bother her that much.

Later as Cordelia slammed her bedroom door shut, she screamed.

"It isn't fair!" Because of that stupid wish she was going to be forced to endure another year at Sunnydale high, because for some reason she was now a Junior, not a Senior. She knew she hadn't flunked a grade, thank God for small favors, because all her classmates were in the same boat she was, except they didn't remember almost completing their Senior year.

Though the more she thought about it, the less awful it seemed. After all, she had already went through most of the tests and things once, so she would have a leg up on everyone else. And she already knew which fashions would be hot.

Cordelia smiled, just maybe it wouldn't be so bad, after all.

~ * ~ * ~

It isn't fair! It wasn't her fault that some kind of freaky shit had went down at her Junior Prom. Buffy Summers pouted as she placed her last suitcase in the van.

Okay, so she'd actually started the big gym fire, but that had only happened because one of those ugly veiny horned things had shoved her into the table where the candles had been burning. And what were those things doing attacking a prom anyway?

Oh, who cared, was her next thought.

Buffy had barely been allowed to complete her Junior year here, and she'd only been able to complete it because her parents had threatened the school with a lawsuit. Yet, even the threat of a lawsuit hadn't stopped them from showing her the door after completing eleventh grade and telling her she wouldn't be welcome inside Hemery High again. Because of that she was being forced into the hell that was Sunnydale High.

The way the school officials had worded their report, backwater Sunnydale High was the only public school that would have her. She'd tried to convince her parents she wouldn't mind going to a private school, but for some reason they insisted on sending her to school with the commoners.

She felt tears coming to her eyes, but she would not cry, she was Buffy Summers, after all, Queen of Hemery High. Then she realized something that completely dryed up her tears, if she could make it to the top of the Hemery High social ladder, she would knock their socks off at backwater Sunnydale High.

Buffy even managed a smile for her parents as she slid into the back of their car. "Watch out Sunnydale, here comes Buffy Summers!"

"You'll knock 'em dead honey," Joyce replied, clearly pleased that Buffy was finally getting into the spirit of things.

They both knew that Buffy hadn't done anything wrong, other than accidently starting the fire which had ended up saving everyone. They should have thanked Buffy, but instead the school officials had blamed Buffy and her friends for the attack in the first place. Buffy's friends hadn't even been allowed to take their finals.

Joyce and Hank had already started legal proceedings, for slandering Buffy in their report, but even if they got the wording changed, it had been made clear that Buffy wouldn't be allowed to finish school in Los Angeles. So for the past month they'd looked for schools that would accept Buffy, finding one they'd made the arrangements necessary to move there.

It wouldn't be easy, Joyce knew. Hank couldn't find a job in Sunnydale that paid near as well as his current job in Los Angeles, so he would have to commute from Sunnydale to Los Angeles. But Joyce had found the perfect place to set up the gallery that she'd always dreamed about. She felt that had been a good sign, and now Buffy's cheerfulness was another.

~ * ~ * ~

It was the night before school, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, was the refrain that played continuously in Xander's mind. Though it wasn't quite dark yet, as Xander returned home from his shopping spree, it still seemed like Sunnydale was dead.

He supposed everyone was busy planning their grand return to school tomorrow. That was exactly what he was doing anyway.

A few weeks ago Xander had decided that he wasn't going to finish school as the loser he'd started. He was going to finish on a high note, and the first step of that was new clothes.

Now he wondered what kind of talent made women excellent shoppers and not men. He hadn't really even known what kind of clothes to buy with his parents swiped credit card.

So, he'd spent the past week tailing the cool members of the swim team and buying many of the same styles they had. His reasoning was that the swim team was uber cool, so if he dressed like the rest of his teammates he might be cool by default.

He'd tried out for and made the swim team just before school ended last year, after their old coach had been arrested by the FBI for something. It was rumored that he used some kind of steroids on them which could have killed them; had killed the old team captain before the coach had been stopped.

"Talk about wanting to win no matter what."

But Xander knew that no matter what he wore, it wouldn't change his attitude, which was the biggest reason, at least according to Cordelia 'Queen Bitch' Chase that he was doomed to loserland forever.

"Wish me cool," he said as he dug around in his pocket for his keys, but as one of his aunts used to say, if wishes were horses, we'd all ride. Meaning that he could wish in one hand and shit in the other and he knew which would fill up fastest.

Naturally, he was not a witch, or powerful in any way, he couldn't just wish himself cool. No, seemed everyone in the world got their wishes granted, except Xander.

Then, as he threw his bundle down on his bed, he smiled: Amy.

Amy was a Witch, though she kept it a secret, he'd seen her work the mo-jo on teachers in the past, usually when she didn't have her homework done. Sometimes being unnoticed was a bonus, meant people would do things around him because they didn't notice him. And maybe he could get her to work some cool mojo on him.

On the other hand, she was co-captain, with Cordelia, of the cheerleading squad, and he was still just a loser wanting to be cool. He wasn't sure she would have anything to do with him, but knew he had to try if he wanted to be loser no more.

Turned out to be easier than he thought, Amy seemed to take pity on him the moment she saw him standing at her front door. Xander didn't ask why, no sense licking a gift horse in the mouth.

She led him upstairs, and then he simply watched as she gathered some stuff along with an old book.

"I need finger or toe nail clippings, along with a lock of hair and a drop of blood," was all she said.

Luckily Xander's finger nails hadn't been trimmed recently, he began clipping, as she took a lock of his hair. Then she took the clippings and picked up a pin, without warning she poked him. He was grateful that he managed not to cry out or yell ouch, that would have been way uncool even for him.

As he left her house and headed back for his own, he figured the spell was a bust. He didn't feel any different.

"Oh, well, was worth a shot," he muttered as he drifted off to sleep.

~ * ~ * ~

The next day as Cordelia shut her locker, she caught sight of Buffy's slender form and bleach blond head entering the office. Almost absently Cordelia noted that the bleach job was much better than it had been.

"No," she whispered to herself. She would have groaned it louder, but it wouldn't do for her friends to start thinking she was nuts, especially since from her point of view, she'd just been accepted back into the inner circle. But her heart fell to her knees just the same.

Then she reminded herself that this Buffy wasn't the Slayer, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe she would even get a chance to see the much talked about, but never actually seen, cool Buffy.

As she tuned back into her friends conversation, sure enough Buffy was the topic. She grinned, Sunnydale might be bad guy free now, but it was still a small town, so a new girl from Los Angeles was big news.

Cordelia barely managed to keep from laughing, leave it to Buffy to still get kicked out of Hemery High. Like the other timeline, Buffy burned down the gym stopping an attack of the supernatural, but in this timeline it was an accident. However, she'd still been kicked out of school. If they didn't stop talking about this Cordelia was going to burst into laughter.

Then Harmony said something that stripped her cold of her urge to laugh. Buffy's parents were loaded, she was richer than Cordelia. Which meant there was only one way she could answer Harmony's next question. She couldn't socially blackball a rich girl from Los Angeles, especially one who wasn't at fault.

"So, you wanna give her the coolness test?"

Cordelia gritted her teeth and nodded, if only Buffy wasn't rich. Maybe she could call Anya back and wish for Buffy to be poor, but still Cordelia was the Queen here, and there was no sense in tempting fate with another wish.

"She's from LA so you can probably skip the written," Harmony joked as they headed for their first class of the day.

During class, Cordelia got another shock: Xander Harris, big man on campus! In little over four months he'd somehow managed to go from zero to hero, and he looked damn good today, she had to admit.

But there was no way she was going there again, knowing her luck Xander was using black magic that would eventually wear off, and if she was dating him she'd end up right back where she'd started. Cordelia was not going to let that happen.

When she thought about black magic, she remembered that the supernatural did still exist here. Some of her friends had even claimed to know what kind of monsters had attacked the Hemery High prom.

She didn't know the rules for it in this world, only what she could remember from Ceclia's ravings. She made a note to purchase and read the Anita Blake series as soon as possible, no sense in not being prepared.

~ * ~ * ~

At lunch, Xander grinned, as yet another of his teammates joined his table.

Apparently the spell had worked, but to be honest Xander still didn't feel different. However, the moment he'd entered the school building this morning Gage Petronzi, the new captain of the swim team, had called him over and treated him like a best friend. Then before Xander had known it he was surrounded by his teammates talking about their summers, and how they were going to totally kick ass this year.

Now he was once again surrounded by his teammates, only now they were talking about that cute new rich girl, Betty, Billy, something. Buffy. The name hit him just a moment before Cameron started talking about asking her out. She was apparently someone to be seen with, after having been accepted by the 'in' crowd sometime this morning.

Xander smiled up at Amy as she walked by the table. When she saw his smile, she winked, which earned Xander an elbow to the ribs from Gage. He made a mental note to thank her later.

Then as Buffy entered the room with Cordelia the conversations hushed. And Xander had to admit they made a stunning pair as they made their way through the lunch line.

This Buffy was cute enough, but Xander had a childhood crush to settle, and had already decided to focus his energy on Cordelia.

~ * ~ * ~

Buffy laughed as Cordelia pointed out the losers, "never head toward the back of the lunchroom, even to use the fire exit," she warned.

"It's always swarming with losers," sometime during the tour, Cordelia realized that Buffy was actually cool. Buffy had an instinct for losers and fashion. If only the Buffy who'd been the Slayer had had that.

Buffy grabbed her tray, Cordelia was great, and she seemed to be the person to befriend in order to get anywhere in high school. But she did tend to focus on herself a bit much.

Discreetly, Buffy checked out loserland, and almost laughed. It seemed even the losers were cooler in Los Angeles.

"And over there is the swim team, and what about that Xander Harris," Harmony said in an aside to Cordelia. "Talk about a late bloomer," then she coughed.

"Anyway, over there is the swim team. Those are the only boys worth dating around here. Next to them no other guy can measure up."

Buffy raised her eyebrows, in Los Angeles, it was basketball and football players. But naturally in Sunnydale it would be something as odd as the swim team. Briefly, she wondered if they were putting her on, but quickly discarded that idea. By the crowd that was gathered around the swim team's table, Buffy knew they were telling her the truth.

Then her eyes met Xander's, and she decided that maybe it wasn't so odd after all. Good thing he'd managed to work himself into the cool crowd, because he was too hot to waste away in loserland.

Buffy sighed. He didn't even hold her gaze for thirty seconds before focusing his eyes on Cordelia. Her sigh turned into a grin when she noticed that Cordelia was oblivious.

Contrary to what Buffy thought, Cordelia was fully aware of Xander's eyes on her. She just was not about to ever give him the time of day again, no matter how cool he managed to become.

~ * ~ * ~
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