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Demons Live in Denver, Too

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This story is No. 2 in the series "My New Past Life". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy, Dawn, Xander, and Willow grow up in Denver, Colorado. Then Buffy is Chosen. Then she meets George Hammond. **Update is just changing some of Andrew's backstory in 7&8.

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Demons Live in Denver

“Demons Live in Denver, Too”

Author’s Note/Disclaimer: I own nothing in this series. All characters you recognize belong to someone else. Any characters you don’t recognize still probably belong to someone else. Enjoy the story.


Los Angeles, California - 1958

Michael Bradley stared through the glass with a soft smile on his face. He raised his hand and gave a small wave to his tiny daughter. The pink bundle squirmed and wiggled. Mike’s smile widened when she opened her eyes.

“Hi, Buffy,” he greeted in a whisper.

Garrison, Montana - 1960

Peter and Jenny Shanahan cradled their infant niece close to them as the doctors explained that her parents had died in the car crash. As the baby’s only blood relative, Jenny knew Peter would get custody of the one-year-old. They stayed in Montana for a week, then headed back to their home in Denver.

Denver, Colorado - 1961

Buffy Bradley pouted while she explored her new home. Mommy and Daddy said she would like it here, and she would make lots of friends, but they couldn’t find Mr Gordo, and Buffy refused to like the new house until they did. She pushed the front door open and wandered outside. Mommy was busy unpacking the kitchen, and Daddy was unpacking the bedrooms. Buffy had offered to help, but most things were either too heavy or too fragile for a three-year-old.

She stood next to the tree in her front yard and surveyed the area. Next door was a fun-looking house with big toys and a swing in the yard. Across the street from her house was a couple about the same age as her parents playing with a little boy with curly dark hair, and a little girl with two bright red pigtails. They were maybe a year younger than her, but she didn’t care. She was drawn to them, knowing instinctively that they were going to be like family someday.

Buffy looked both ways, then started off across the street. She was almost to the other sidewalk when the couple noticed her and started panicking. They rushed to her and grabbed her, carrying her to their side of the street quickly. Buffy looked back and saw a truck driving past where she had been. They couple set her on the ground and looked her over.

“Where are your parents?” the lady asked.

“Unpacking the house. Mommy said I should play outside for a little while, and I wanna meet them,” she answered, pointing at the two children.

“Did your mommy say you could cross the street without her?”

“I looked both ways,” Buffy defended.

The man smiled at her gently. “What’s your name?”

“Elizabeth Kathleen Bradley. But I like Buffy better,” Buffy answered primly. Both adults smiled at the child, amused by her attitude.

“Well, Miss Buffy, I think we had better go tell your parents where you are. Don’t you agree?”

“Can I meet them first?” Buffy asked. “Ooh! Or you could go tell Mommy and Daddy where I am and I can stay here and play!”

“I think you should come with us.”

“Can we bring them?”



The woman reached for her hand while the man picked up the other two children. The five of them headed back across the street to Buffy’s house. The lady knocked on Buffy’s door and waited for her mommy to answer.

Mrs. Bradley answered with a cautious hello. Seven years working as a social worker in Los Angeles had taught her to be wary. Her eyes got large when she saw her daughter holding hands with a strange woman. The woman caught her eye.

“I think this one’s yours,” she announced, gesturing to Buffy. “She decided to come greet us, and I thought you might get worried if you couldn’t find her. I’m Jenny Shanahan. This is my husband, Peter, and our niece, Willow. The little boy is your next-door neighbor, Xander Monroe.”

“Sue Anne Bradley,” Buffy’s mom responded. “My husband Mike is setting up the bedrooms. I told Buffy to stay in the front yard.”

“I’m sure she meant to, until she got distracted. Welcome to the neighborhood, by the way. Did you need help getting settled in?”

The children were settled in the dining room while the adults got to unpacking. Buffy, Willow, and Xander looked each other over before all three broke into grins.


Denver, Colorado - 1963

“Buffy, I want you to meet your new little sister.”

“She looks like a doll,” Buffy whispered in awe. “What’s her name?”

“We thought we’d let you pick one for her. What do you think?”

“Can we call her Dawn?” Mike and Sue Anne exchanged a look.

“Sure Honey. Why Dawn?”

“It fits her.”


Denver, Colorado - 1967

Robert Giles stared down at the paper in his hand. When he moved to America three months ago, he had decided to apply to the Big Brother Program. He had his new ‘little brother’s ‘ name and address written in front of him. Alexander Monroe; 1612 Collier Street. He walked up to the door and knocked quickly.

The door swung open to reveal four children. The blonde, redhead, and the boy all looked to be about the same age; there was also a four-year-old brunette. He looked at them for a moments, then his mouth dropped open. The children gave him the same expression.

“Giles?” the blonde whispered.

“Buffy,” he answered, dropping to his knees. All four children latched onto him. In that moment, all of their memories of their previous existence flashed into their minds.

“You look a lot younger than I’ve ever seen you, Giles,” Willow told him. “How old are you?”

“I’m eighteen.”

“Hey, you’re still British!” Xander cheered.

“With all the teasing all of you used to give me, I’m surprised you’re happy about that.”

“Well, you wouldn’t be Giles without the tea, and scones, and Britishy-ness.”

After talking to each of the parents, Giles took all four children out to a Pizza Hut for lunch, and the five of them reconnected.


A/N: That’s it for now. I have to go to work. Andrew will be introduced in his own story, and they will meet in a different story from that one. Next time Buffy becomes the Slayer. Again.
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