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Beyond Normal

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Summary: Buffy has always protected her little sisters, but how do you protect them from love and how does she protect herself.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester
Supernatural > Multiple Pairings
ChosenfireFR1534,3581195,2603 Dec 073 Mar 08No

Chapter One

Title: Beyond Normal
Author: chosenfire
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN
Spoilers: BtVS post season 7, SPN season 1
Pairing(s): Buffy/Dean, Sam/Jessica, and more to come
Rating: PG-13 or higher
Summary: Buffy has always protected her little sisters, but how to you protect them from love and how does she protect herself.

AN: I wrote this awhile back and posted it on another site, I have just started adding chapters so I figured it was time to move it here. Also, I figure since the writer’s of Buffy can just add a random character and say they were always there (Dawn) then so could I. Read and enjoy.

Chapter 1 Saving a Life

Flames licked the building and Sam screamed “Jessica.” Struggling against his older brother to get to his girlfriend who was pinned to the ceiling.

A second after the older Winchester had pushed him out of the building there was a bright flash and two women appeared in midst of the blaze. They were both very different but undeniably beautiful. The taller of the two had fiery red hair that brushed her shoulders and the other had long golden curls that spilled down her back.

Willow Rosenberg was a very powerful witch and Buffy Summers was THE Vampire Slayer.

Horror filled the Slayers eyes as she took in the scene before her her eyes glued to the woman pinned to the ceiling a large gash across her midsection her mouth wide open n a silent scream and her eyes filled with fear as the fire licked her body.

“Get her down now.” Buffy cried terror filling in her eyes.

Willow nodded as her pupils darkened and she let the power pour out of her to wrap itself around Jessica. Sweat bedded on her forward and Willow gritted her teeth as she ripped her from the jaws of death. Willow guided Jessica into Buffy’s arms and the strong Slayer broke down the tears pouring down her face hotly. She cradled Jessica close her tear filled eyes turning to Willow “Wills she’s hurt really bad.”

“Buffy we need to get out of here.” Willow said urgently kneeling down to touch the Slayers arm urging the Slayer softly promising “she’ll be okay but we have to leave.”

Buffy nodded still holding tightly unto an unconscious Jessica who had thankfully passed out from the pain and Buffy started coughing from the smoke as a burning beam collapsed close to them. Willow sighed placing her hand on Buffy’s arm feeling a bone deep weariness as she gathered the magic around her and with a loud pop they disappeared.

The building continued to burn away.



“Do you know where I can find Professor Thomas?” Sam Winchester asked the young blond woman who was sitting at the Professors table going through a stack of papers. It was his first week at Stanford and he was trying to adjust to life as a normal college student that included dropping a class that didn’t fit in with his schedule.

She looked up at him annoyance clearly evident in her brilliant blue eyes “Have you tried his office?” she asked sarcastically.

“Yeah.” Sam’s brow furrowed wondering what he had did to earn her hostility “He’s not there.”

She rolled her eyes “Then why are you asking me, I’m his TA, not his baby sitter.”

“Did I do something to offend you?” Sam asked getting annoyed himself with her obvious attitude problem.

She sighed shaking her head “Not a damn thing.” She stood and started packing her things away “I have just had a shitty week, ignore the bitchiness.”

“I take it your normally a very cheerful person.” Sam joked trying to interject some humor.

She looked up at him lost for a moment then smiled softly “That’s me, all sun flowers and kittens.” She threw her bag unto her shoulder and moved to leave but Sam got in front of her.

“I’m Sam Winchester.” He offered finding himself intrigued by this young woman and wanting to get to know her.

She paused studying him “I’m Jessica,” sorrow flashed briefly across her face but disappeared with a smile “Moore. Jessica Moore.”

“Jessica.” Sam let the name linger on his lips then ducked his head peeking out at her through his shaggy hair “I hope this doesn’t seem to forward of me and I know we just met but you would you like to get coffee sometime.”

Jessica grinned “Barely even ten minutes and you’re already asking me out, your brave.” At his unsure look she reassured him “Coffee would be great cowboy, I happen to need a caffeine fix at the moment.”



The first thing she became aware of was the pain, she remembered the white hot never-ending pain of the flames consuming her flesh as she couldn’t move or hide. Trapped in her body as she died. Now she felt the ghost of that pain across her cool skin. It had faded until all that was left was the feeling of having a bad sunburn.

Groggily Jessica blinked open her eyes trying to dispel the sleep from there depths and she felt a warm hand slip into hers.

“Sam?’ she asked softly her voice raspy and she turned to the person holding her hand confusion clearly written in her eyes “Buffy?”

“Hey Jess.” Buffy said softly her face breaking out into a relieved smile. Her eyes where red rimmed evidence of the worried tears she had shed.

“Where am I?” Jessica asked confused, as she looked around the spacious room her grip o Buffy’s hand tightening as she took in the unfamiliar surroundings.

“You’re at the Council in Cleveland.” Buffy told her softly.

Jessica saw the shadows in the older woman’s eyes and asked fear suddenly filling her “Buffy, what happened?”

She felt Buffy’s hand tighten on hers in reassurance “Something evil almost got you, demonic, it went after you and we barely got you out of there.”

Jessica saw the truth in Buffy’s eyes and dread filled her as she confirmed what she had already suspected “Because of Sam.”


Dawn rushed up to her older sister “Is she okay?” panic in her blue eyes her porcelain complexion paler than usual.

“She’ll be okay.” Buffy placed her arm over Dawn’s shoulders drawing her little sister in for a hug “she just needs to rest but she’ll be fine.”

“Does she know yet?” Dawn asked.

“That she’s a Slayer,” Buffy sighed the words obviously hanging heavy on her “Yeah she knows, she’s handling it.”

Dawn nodded pulling away from Buffy understanding that the news must have shocked Jessica. Jessica who loved her normal life, her normal life that had now been turned upside down. “Can I go talk to her?” Dawn needed to see her.

Buffy nodded telling Dawn “Just make sure she gets some rest okay.”

Dawn nodded and before she could go in the room Buffy told her “Don’t worry Dawnie, Jess will bounce back from this. She’s a Summers after all.”


Five-year-old Buffy held her new little sister in her arms a bright sunny smile on her face. She was going to be the bestest big sister to Dawnie.

“C’mon Buffy,” her daddy smiled ruffling her blond curls. Buffy handed the little baby back to her mommy making sure to be gentle like daddy had told her.

Hank lifted Buffy into his arms and the family made their way into their kitchen were the baby sitter sat at the table finishing up some of her schoolwork. She looked up and grinned forgetting her work as her eyes went to Joyce and the baby “Is that her?” she got up to look at the new baby cradled in Joyce’s arms.

“Papa, Mama.” A three year old little girl with curly blond hair shot up from where she had been coloring and barreled herself at her father. Hank shifted Buffy from one arm to another and caught up his other little girl with his free arm.

“Hey Jess baby,” he kissed her cheek “You want to meet your new aby sister.” Jessica Lynn Summers nodded solemnly and Joyce crossed over to her husbands and daughters letting them view the new addition to the Summer’s family.”

“She’s purty,” Jessica smiled up at her daddy for approval her blue eyes matching those of her new little sister Dawn.

Looking at the three little girls together there was no doubting that each would grow up to be insanely beautiful. Buffy was the eldest of the three and loved being a big sister, she was also fiercely over protective of her little sisters even though they could be annoying.

Jessica was the middle child and she was a loving little girl who was extremely bright but often shy around strangers.

Dawn was the newest addition and she would have a hard time growing up with two very vivacious and talented older sisters but by her loud cries you could already tell that she wouldn’t just fade into the background.
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