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That's A Great Idea

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Summary: She’d smirk, if it wouldn't give her away. Slytherin himself would've loved her plan. "Maybe we need a vote, to see who wants Faith to have a turn in charge." "That's a great idea."

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Harry Potter > Buffy-CenteredFuerGrissaOstDraukaFR15810,05526526,3954 Dec 0722 Nov 08No

Chapter 7

Disclaimer: still don't own any of it


Chapter 7:


Faith didn’t turn as the door opened and closed behind her. Harry moved silently to stand beside her. “So, how goes the research?” she asked after a moment.

“Willow’s searching the internet for any mentions of Hogwarts being on a Hellmouth. Giles has everyone else searching through his books, but I don’t think we’ll find anything there. Liz ducked out of the research to meditate.”

Faith raised a brow at that. “I don’t remember B ever being into that meditation stuff Giles was trying to get us into back in the day.”

“How much did Liz tell you about the magic we do?”

“Not much,” Faith admitted. “Mostly just that magic you do is different than Red’s. Comes from inside of you.”

“Right,” Harry sighed. “Okay, because the magic comes from inside us, it’s effected by our emotions. Normally, this isn’t too much of a problem, but the Hellmouth puts out a bit of negative energy that…” his brows scrunched together as he searched for the right term, “muddles the water, uh, so to speak.”

“Then how come you’re not-”

“Inside, meditating?” Harry interrupted her. Faith nodded. He flushed slightly but sent her a sly grin. “I was hoping I could find a sparring partner for a bit?”

Faith looked him up and down, grinning. “You think you can keep up with Slayer stamina?” she teased.

Harry chuckled softly. “I think I’ll manage.”


The floor was cold and hard beneath her, but she didn’t notice it.

There was nothing. No sound beyond the slow, steady rhythm of her heart.

With each beat, the sound grew more faint as she melted further into the void.

Anger. Tension. Fear. Everything melted away now, consumed by the endlessness of the void.


His heart pounded in his ears as a fist sailed past his head. His arms strained to block the knee aimed for his stomach. He staggered backwards a step as Faith added a burst of strength to the blocked jab to drive them apart.

Harry dropped to his hands, smoothly avoiding a blow to his head. He shifted his weight to his arms as he launched a kick at Faith’s midsection. She caught his foot and sent him spinning to the ground. Harry quickly rolled with the spin and came up in a crouch.

Faith grinned as they circled each other. “Not bad.”

“Thanks,” Harry shot her an answering grin as he ducked under a roundhouse kick and swiped her leg out from beneath her. As she fell, Faith pulled Harry with her and switched their positions.

She landed on top of him.

For a moment, they just stared at each other, breathing hard. Neither was unaware of how close they suddenly found themselves. His hands were settled, not uncomfortably, on her waist. Her loose hair tickled his ear slightly as it moved with each breath.

“Ah, screw it,” Faith said suddenly. Before she could move, Harry leaned up, closing the slight distance between them, and captured her mouth with his own.


The void surrounded her like a blanket. Calming her. Protecting her. Soothing the Slayer that strained beneath the surface.

A sharp gasp broke the silence as pain exploded in her stomach. The emptiness of the void was replaced with flashes of images. Sharp and jumbled, each image bled into the next before she could understand what it was. She pulled her hand away from her stomach and stared in confusion at the blood that coated it. A hand closed on her shoulder. Her blood covered hand instantly ripped it away.


Her eyes flew open. Her gaze was instantly drawn to her hands, free of any blood. She stared at her hands in confusion until a soft noise drew her attention to the figure slumped against the wall. “Willow?”


Faith let out a barely audible sound that conveyed her displeasure as they were forced to break apart for air. A soft, husky chuckle escaped her lips as her fingers absently played with his messy hair. “Wasn’t expecting you to make the first move,” she admitted.

A slightly cocky grin settled on his lips. “I know.” Faith rolled her eyes and shoved him back a bit with a grin of her own tugging at the corner of her mouth.

Faith opened her mouth, a no-doubt sarcastic remark ready, but a crash from inside the house cut off her reply. Faith was on her feet and running to the house in an instant with Harry right behind her.

Kennedy tried several times to hit Buffy, but each time, the blonde effortlessly blocked her. “What the hell is going on here?” Faith demanded as Buffy deflected another attempted attack. The momentum from Kennedy’s lunge sent the potential crashing into the table.

“She attacked Willow!” Kennedy said furiously as she picked herself up.

Petrificus totalus,” Harry said softly, putting Kennedy in a body bind when she tried to go after Buffy again.

“B?” Faith shot the other Slayer a confused look.

Buffy sighed. “I did not attack Willow.” From the irritation evident in her tone, Faith could tell that this wasn’t the first time Buffy had tried to explain that. “While I was meditating, I went into a Slayer dream… or vision, I guess, since I was awake. Will grabbed my shoulder and I knocked her against the wall before I even came out of it.”

Faith nodded. Sneaking up on a Slayer was dangerous, especially if the Slayer was asleep or in a trance. Willow should have known better. She glanced over at the wiccan. “Red, keep your girl in line.” When Willow nodded, Faith turned to Harry. “You can let her go now.”

Kennedy was still glaring at Buffy as the bind was removed. “So what if she didn’t mean to. It just proves how dangerous she is.”

“Kennedy,” Willow tried to get her girlfriend to calm down, but Kennedy wasn’t having it.

“No, we should have stuck to the plan. If we had, she wouldn’t have been able to hurt you.”

Faith froze. She could feel Harry tense behind her. A quick glance over at Buffy, did nothing to alleviate her concerns. The older Slayer’s face was completely blank. She didn’t want to ask. She knew that she wasn’t going to like the answer, but she had to ask anyways. “What plan?”

“They were going to kick her out,” Spike said from the stairs. “Bloody traitors,” he added with a disgusted tone.

“Damn right, we were gonna,” Kennedy was undeterred. “We should’ve-” Kennedy never saw it coming. Faith backhanded her hard enough to knock the girl out.

“Faith!” Willow rushed to catch Kennedy before she could hit the ground.

Faith glared at Willow. “I told you to keep your girl in line, Red. Get her out of here before I do. Because if I do, I’ll dump her ass outside, regardless of what comes out after dark.” Faith glanced at Harry, who nodded slightly, before she steered Buffy downstairs.

“Buffy,” Dawn tried to go after her sister, but Harry stepped into her path, effectively blocking her.

“Don’t,” he warned. “We both know you would have sided with them. The blood running through your veins might mean that you’re our sister, but family is about more than just blood. Until you learn that, do her a favor and spare her any more pain.” His tone was cold, and his words were harsh. He couldn’t bring himself to care though as he walked away. “You owe her at least that much,” he threw over his shoulder as he closed the basement door behind him.

Spike tried to follow them down the stairs, but couldn’t get the door to budge. He kicked the door in frustration, but it refused to budge. “Bloody hell, Potter!”


to be continued...


The End?

You have reached the end of "That's A Great Idea" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Nov 08.

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