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What are You

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This story is No. 4 in the series "A New Fellowship". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: More time has passed, and the group is getting closer to Gondor. Oz and Legolas are becoming friends. Set in the series "A New Fellowship."

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Lord of the Rings > General > Theme: Post FellowshipslytherinwithwingsFR131610081,5444 Dec 074 Dec 07Yes
Long ago, a flying snake met an elven prince and a werewolf in the woods. Quite firmly, they informed her that they were loyal to their creators and though they didn't mind her introducing them, they would never be hers. (Dummy talk: They ain't mine.)



Oz brought his eyes forward to look at his scouting companion and said, “Hmmm?”

The two were riding ahead of the others, Oz riding behind the elf. They had discovered that the horses didn’t react well to Oz unless Legolas was there to calm them, so they just shared one.

“I do not wish to seem rude,” Legolas began. “But, what are you? I do not believe it common for humans to look as you do and have the ability you have.”

Oz smiled at the back of his head. Legolas may have thought the question rude, but it seemed like a reasonable one to him. After all, he was the unknown creature pressed against Legolas’ back while they rode the horse, bareback. Not comfortable, but not as bad as he’d feared either.

“Not rude,” he assured Legolas. “I’m just short for a human. The hair color is fake. My hair is actually red, not as bright as Willow’s, but reddish brown. It’s not uncommon on our world for hair to be dyed an unnatural color, especially musicians like me. But I’m not truly human either, though I used to be.” The others would be shocked by the shear amount of words coming from his mouth. The thought made him smile a bit more. Another thing that might surprise them. “I’m what we call a werewolf. Basically, it’s a curse that is passed though a bite. Most can’t control the wolf and it makes them killers. Also most only turn when the moon is full. I learned how to control the beast, so I can take wolf-form whenever I wish or refuse to turn during the full moon.”

Legolas was silent, but then, he was silent a lot. Oz wondered if all elves were so laconic, but from the few remarks he’d made, Legolas was one of the only one of his kind left. None of them had had the heart to ask him about it after seeing the bleak look in his eyes.

“Is there no way to break the curse?” Legolas finally asked.

“No. It’s been tried. Usually just kills the were or makes them insane. My control of the beast is the closest I’ve found to a cure and I’m satisfied with it.” He thought. “It gives me faster healing, better senses and better reflexes than humans. The price is having to control inhuman instincts and the possibility of accidentally passing it to another. But I’ve lived with it for ten years and have never infected another, even before I learned control.”

“You are strong then. I know of no such creatures in all of Arda.”

Oz accepted the compliment without pride or modesty. The moon of this world felt different and the compulsion to change wasn’t as strong. Consequently, the line between man and wolf felt even more blurred to him. However, the wolf seemed to be less a monster and more an animal as time went by.

Satisfied with their conversation, the two fell quiet again.

AN: Okay people discussion time. If I continue this series (yes, at the same slow pace), it will turn into a Legolas/Oz slash pairing. If that is a horrible idea, let me know, and it stops here. If you like it, let me know, and in between chapters for "But the Book Said...." I'll try to add more to the series.

The End

You have reached the end of "What are You". This story is complete.

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