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Chuck versus the Prophecy

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Summary: “Listen, all you Children of the Dog, to the Prophecy of the Fount of Knowledge.” Translation: Hey Scoobies, keep an eye on the Intersect!

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Television > ChuckElvenBookwyrmFR743,0221245,8555 Dec 077 Jan 08No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own it. Also, time moves at the speed of plot in this story, so don’t expect events to take the right amount of time in this. Alternate universe, people!

The Fount shall see the Key, and shall know her better than she is known.
-excerpt from the Prophecy of the Fount of Knowledge, Greece, circa 300 BC

Chuck Bartowski looked at the invoice in front of him and, very briefly, contemplated suicide. It would be quick, and noticeably less painful than telling Big Mike that the computer he’d ordered for his mother’s birthday wasn’t here yet. Of course, he thought as he watched Sara walk in on her lunch break, that meant he would probably never see his fake girlfriend again. Plus, who would take care of Morgan?

“Hey,” said Sara. “How are things?”

“Ugh,” said Chuck. “Not good. Big Mike ordered a computer for his mom and it didn’t come. Her birthday is on Wednesday, and we don’t get another shipment until next week.”

“Ooh,” she said with a sympathetic wince. “Makes me glad we’ve got enough hot dogs to last us for an ice age.”

“Seriously? That makes you glad?”

“No, not really. After this is all over, I don’t think I’m going to eat a hot dog ever again.”

“Hey, Chuck,” said Casey, before Sara’s sentence really had a chance to register. “Big Mike hired a new girl today by the name of Susan. There’s something about her… I think you should check her out.”

“That’s very… Morgan of you, Casey,” said Chuck.

“Yeah, except Morgan would have remembered the whole ‘supposed to be dating Sara’ thing,” added Sara, reproachfully.

“Listen,” Casey said. “You know me pretty well by now, so this should mean something to you: she creeps me out, and I get the distinct feeling she isn’t afraid of me. I think Chuck should… check her out.”

Without another word, Chuck went to find this new girl. A moment later, he came power-walking back, pale faced and shocked.


He nodded. “Twice.”

“Why would you have flashed on Susan twice? Wouldn’t they have integrated the information?”

“Her name’s not Susan. She’s Dawn Summers, a free agent that is allowed anything she wants, from information to bombs, all inclusive. She’s also something called the Key, which I’m not even sure she knows about. Two entries, one person.”

Sara and Casey looked at each other, grabbed Chuck by the arms, and started dragging him out of the Buy More. “No arguing,” Casey said. “There is no way we’re leaving you alone in a vulnerable situation with an unknown variable like that.”

They should have paid better attention to their surroundings. If they had, they would have noticed the customer among the CDs who watched them leave and muttered, “It couldn’t be that easy, could it?”


So here’s my contribution to help fill the TV-less void left by the writer’s strike. The only problem is, I don’t know where I’m going with this. Figuring out who the customer in the CD aisle is would help a lot. So here’s the deal. I’m not going to post another chapter until the 10th. In the meantime, you guys vote as to which Scooby (aside from Dawn, obviously,) is going to star in this story. Guy or girl, it doesn’t matter, and it can even be a temporary Scooby, like Oz or Cordy. Post a review to vote. See you on the 10th!
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