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He's a WHAT?

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Civilian Consultant". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A young muscian is shot on a naval base, and NCIS is brought in to investigate...

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NCIS > Oz-CenteredShezziFR151114,69149667,7236 Dec 076 Apr 08Yes

Shoot Out

A/N: Hey guys sorry about it taking so long to get this last chapter out, it's springer season...and for those of you who think that has something to do with a day time talk show, think again. It means that the cows that got in calf in late spring are now dropping their calves...which means that anyone who works, lives or helps out on a farm is busy taking care of them. So....yeah. Sorry. Hope you like the chapter! please leave reviews! love xx Shezzi By the way, if anyone reading this is into ABJD's, could you email me? I'm meant to help out a friend but need some info and can't seem to contact her :)

The Twilight Room

Oz and Jordie sat together on stage, Jordie at Oz's feet with his drums angled on the floor in front of him, Oz on a chair, his guitar cradled in his lap. He nodded to Jordie, who started a rhythmic tribal beat, waited an eight count then swung into the song.

Kate and Tony sat at a small table, scanning the club warily. Kate smiled appreciatively at the music, nodding her head in time to the beat. Tony's attention was caught by a dark skinned brunette on the dance floor, her body swaying in time to the beat, until Kate's hand met the back of his head firmly.

“Pay attention,” she hissed, annoyed.

Tony bit his lip sheepishly, and returned to surreptitiously scanning the interior of the club.

The Rooftop

Gibbs and Riley, dressed in black, with balaclavas and binoculars, carefully scanning the surrounding areas. They had already picked out the most likely sniper nests, sending teams to clear each one. Now they scanned for the less likely, the unseen.

Location three, clear and secured, came the tinny voice of one of the team commanders over the radio.

Suddenly, Riley caught a glint of light in the bushes, one of the less likely, but still possible, nests. “Gibbs,” he said, catching the older man's attention. “Eight o'clock, behind the sycamore. You see that?”

The older man sighted through his binoculars. “Yep.”

“We don't have anyone else to send,” Riley pointed out, already heading down off the roof, Gibbs following. While they had no direct proof that what they saw was a gun barrel, not a piece of glass or metal reflecting the light, they both knew what it was, had both seen it before.

They slipped out the door, being sure to catch Kate and Tony's attention before they went so the two agents knew the lay of the land.

They slipped out into the dark, separating with the ease of long practice, finding it easy to fall in sync. Gibbs signaled Riley to circle around behind the location, and started his own approach.

Closing in on the nest, they gripped their weapons carefully, then swung round into the small clearing. They stopped, facing each other, over the rifle that had been carefully propped up in the perfect position to reflect the light.

“SHIT!” Gibbs swore violently, whirling to run towards the club, just as the first sounds of violence reached them.

In The Club

Kate and Tony watched as the other two slipped out the side entrance, catching Gibb's eye before he went. They returned to scanning the crowd, they hadn't seen their target, although one or two other people were pinging the radar. They were sitting together, near the back, hidden in shadows, and something about them just set Tony's teeth on edge.

The front door to the club opened, and a man entered wearing a battered leather coat, a broad brimmed hat pulled low over his eyes.

“Kate!” hissed Tony, sitting up straight.

On the stage, time seemed to slow down for the two wolves as the scent of the man reached them. They turned to look at him even as he raised a gun, aiming towards them. Oz grabbed Jordie and rolled out of the way, his guitar, which had fortunately not been on its strap, falling to the side.

The stage exploded in a rain of bullets coming not only from Cain, but the two who had been sitting in the shadows.

Under Oz, Jordie's back arched as he felt the change grip him as it hadn't since his cousin first came back into his life, since he first taught him the techniques to resist it. He threw his head back and howled as his body contorted, bones snapping and reforming, his face elongating.

Feeling the first pangs of the change hit his cousin, Oz swore, pushing himself off him, placing himself between the boy and the rest of the room, which had erupted in pandemonium when the shots rang out.

Kate and Tony came to their feet, Kate sighting on the man by the door while Tony drew a bead on the other two. “Drop your weapons! Federal Agents, DROP YOUR WEAPONS!” they thundered in sync. The men took no notice, but Kate and Tony couldn't fire on them because of the civilians caught in between, a compunction not shared by their targets.

People were screaming, the smarter ones cowering on the floor under tables, and they were soon joined by others as the shots ceased briefly, smoke from the destroyed sound equipment blocking their view of the stage. Finally, Tony had a clear path to the two over by the wall.

“Federal agent, drop your weapons!” he yelled. One of them turned, sighting on him, and he fired, taking the man down, even as Kate did the same for his associate.

They both whirled to cover the man by the door, and froze when they heard a loud, mournful howl fill the club. The hunter, Cain, stood inside the door, tossing his pistol aside and pulled around a rifle that had been slung on his back, trying to sight into the smoke that billowed around the stage.

Oz glanced over his shoulder at Jordie, his eyes watering against the smoke. He stared in amazement, unable to believe what he was seeing. He realized he had never seen Jordie's wolf form, but couldn't believe his cousin hadn't told him. He knew that, as a wolf, he retained some human like features, although it seemed, from his research, that his form would become more animal like as the years went on. His cousin, on the other hand, looked like a wolf, the biggest wolf Oz had ever seen.

Jordie he growled, grabbing his cousin's head and forcing him to focus on him. Stay! ordered Oz, and the wolf nodded, hunkering down on the ground.

Oz slowly stood, the smoke billowing thickly around his form. Jordie whined quietly, afraid of what his cousin was going to do.

“You want me, Cain?” called Oz, furious. “Come and get me!” He went silent then, slipping to the side of the stage, where the main circuit breaker was located. Knowing that he was going to completely freak out the agents, he flipped it, plunging the room into complete darkness.

Kate and Tony swore as the room was plunged into darkness, unable to see anything. They quickly pointed their guns at the floor and put the safeties on, not wanting to risk any accidental shootings.

Oz and Jordie, the only two in the room not inconvenienced by the darkness, crept around the room in opposite directions.

Jordie had waited until Oz moved off before disregarding his instructions and slipping out from behind the stage. He felt the compulsion that Oz had placed on him, the direct command compelling him to stay where he was, but still, he moved. His fear was giving him the strength to disobey his cousin, his alpha.

Oz slipped away from Jordie, sure that the younger wolf was safe where he was. He pushed the puzzle of his cousin's were-form to the back of his mind to contemplate later, and focused on the hunt. The wolf pulsed in his mind, trying to come to the fore, wanting to kill this threat to its pack.

Wait Oz whispered internally, and it listened. It was a technique he had been working on for a while, and the wolf seemed to be becoming more receptive of it. He slipped around the edge of the room on silent feet, his night vision warning him of obstacles, his heightened smell and hearing keeping track of the warm bodies.

He neared the door and slowed, wanting to take the man by surprise, when another smell reached him and he had to force himself not to curse. Of all the times for the boy to disobey a direct order, he had to choose now to stand up to Oz? His musk was thick with fear, but now that Oz was aware of him, he could sense him moving, his path mirroring Oz's.

Realising there was nothing he could do about it, Oz returned his attention to the hunter, who had not been idle. He had moved into the room, and Oz realised, horrified, that he was heading for Tony and Kate, planning on taking out the threat. Apparently, Jordie had come to the same conclusion, because he was now between the supernatural bounty hunter and his prey, low to the ground, waiting for him. Oz shifted, coming up behind the other man, and was about to jump him when several things happened at once.

The door to the room slammed open, allowing light from the street in. Seeing the opening, people tried to get out, the stampede blocking the two men from entering to rescue their friends.

At the sound of the door opening, Cain whirled, coming face to face with Oz in the now lit room.

Jordie, seeing Cain turning towards his cousin, leapt, hitting the hunter in the back, burying his teeth in the man's neck. Cain stumbled and fell, crying out in pain, and Jordie whipped his head around, breaking the man's neck.

Oz stared at Jordie in horror and amazement. His baby cousin had just killed a man. Granted, it was the same man who had killed the boy's parents and had been about to kill the two of them, but he had still killed a man. He was nosing around the corpse, licking the blood, and Oz didn't know what to do about it.

The smell of blood was thick in Jordie's nostrils, thick and sweet. He wanted to lap it up, to bite into the body to get more of it. He licked it, and the taste lay thick on his tongue.

Tony and Kate stared at the man they had come to stop. The biggest wolf either of them had ever seen was standing over the body, licking up the blood. Kate gagged, but forced her stomach back under control. The wolf could only be Jordie, because Oz was standing there, staring at the wolf, not seeming to know what to do.

Gibbs and Riley finally forced their way into the room, stopping at the sight that met their eyes. Gibbs took in the scene at a glance, and was moving up beside Oz. “You have to control him,” he told the younger man. “If you don' won't be pretty.” When Oz didn't react in any way, Gibbs hand moved, almost of its own accord, slapping him on the back of the head. He flinched, and his eyes met Gibbs.

Oz felt so lost, his ears buzzing as he watched his cousin nosing the body of a man he should have killed years ago, before he had the chance to leave Jordie parent-less, before he could kill so many other innocent wolves. He didn't know how to react, what to do with his cousin. Suddenly, a hand hit the back of his head, startling him, and he could hear again.

“You have to control him,” Gibbs repeated, holding the young man's eyes with his own. “You have to stop him.” Oz slowly nodded, and dropped to his knees. A growl bubbled from his throat, and the wolf turned away from the corpse, whining.

Jordie, stop! Oz growled. You disobeyed me, youngling.

I had to, he would have killed you too, and then he would have skinned me like he did mom, Jordie whined, turning away from the carcass.

It's time to stop. Change back, NOW!

Jordie moved away from the body, horrified, and fell to the floor, convulsing as the change hit. Oz grabbed him, cradling him against his body as became human once more. He passed out, unable to cope with the change after so long without it.

Oz stood, cradling Jordie in his arms and faced Gibbs over the body. “So, what now?” he asked, uncertain.

“I think you said you were looking for a job? I'd like to talk to you about that,” Gibbs said, leading the way out as Riley's local team moved in to clean up the scene.


The End

You have reached the end of "He's a WHAT?". This story is complete.

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