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He's a WHAT?

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Civilian Consultant". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A young muscian is shot on a naval base, and NCIS is brought in to investigate...

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NCIS > Oz-CenteredShezziFR151114,69149667,7226 Dec 076 Apr 08Yes

Chapter One

AN: I don’t own NCIS or BtVS. Hope you like the story! Please leave reviews telling me your thoughts, good bad or ugly…just don’t flame it please (:

“All right, DiNozzo, what have we got?” Called Gibbs, striding into the crime scene. There was an ambulance, lights flashing, pulling out past him. He squinted in the gloom, wishing that the techs would hurry up and set up the floodlights to illuminate the scene. At least the full moon in the sky kept them from being completely blind.

“Guy was shot, Boss!” Called Tony from where he was looking over the scene.

“I got that from the call out, Tony, what have we got?”

“Visiting musician gunned down leaving the bar,” Tony filled him in. “Name’s Daniel Osbourne, 21 years old, recently arrived in the area. He got the gig here,” he indicated the naval base “through a friend who works in the bar.”

“What do we know about the shooter?” Asked Gibbs, turning slowly to examine the area.

“No one saw anything, and according to witnesses, they didn’t hear anything either, the guy just fell down. I sent Kate with him to the hospital to try to get a statement.”

Bethesda Naval Hospital

Special Agent Kate Todd slipped into the cubicle containing her gunshot victim, automatically taking stock of and profiling the young man. He was slight, with brilliantly green eyes and a fine bone structure. He also seemed to be a study in contradictions – his nails were painted black, his hair dyed the same colour with lurid blue streaks, but he wore strange charms at his wrists and neck that looked as though they had been hand carved. He was also silent, not moaning or, as could be expected, screaming or shouting.

“Mr Osbourne? I’m Special Agent Kate Todd, NCIS,” she introduced herself smoothly. He acknowledged her with a nod, glancing briefly up and down before once again meeting her eyes, and she couldn’t help but feel he had been doing the same thing she had a moment ago. Her attention was drawn then to the nurse, a slim blonde, who was preparing a syringe.

“Here, sir, I’m just going to give you a pain killer,” the nurse said softly, raising the needle.

“No drugs!” Declared the young man, shaking his head, his hair falling in his eyes.

“Sir, you’ve been shot!” Cried the nurse, scandalized.

“Been worse,” he replied indifferently, “I’m allergic to almost every drug, including all narcotics. I have a high threshold for pain, and the thing is only superficial, just get it out!”

“Can you tell me what happened?” Kate asked, hoping to get some idea of events leading up to the shooting.

“Got shot,” replied Oz.

“Do you know of anyone with a grudge against you?” She pressed, concerned. “Anyone who might be capable of doing this?”

“Can we not…do this now?” He demanded through clenched teeth. Despite his assertions of a high threshold for pain, his hands were fisted in the sheets.

Oz gripped the sheets tightly, using anything he could concentrate on to keep himself in human form. He couldn’t afford the distraction of talk or the fuzziness of drugs to push him over the edge. He also needed to get treated and get gone before Cain came looking to finish him off. A doctor entered the cubicle then, and Oz grunted acknowledgement of his greeting, but didn’t respond verbally, until he mentioned moving Oz to the operating room.

“No, I’m allergic to anaesthetics,” he insisted emphatically.

“All of them?” Asked the doctor, grasping at straws.

“Yep.” Replied Oz succinctly.

“Very well then,” said the doctor, stepping up beside the bed. “This is going to hurt.” He took a scalpel and a pair of forceps. He quickly cut, then reached in and pulled the bullet out.

“Don’t get any of my blood on you!” Oz suddenly barked, seeing the scalpel laid aside.

“HIV?” Asked the doctor, concerned.

“Not exactly. Just treat it as extremely hazardous and you’ll be fine.”

“We’ll need the bullet,” Kate spoke up from the other side of the cubicle, where she had been pushed by the nurse.

“Of course,” replied the doctor, dropping the bullet into a plastic evidence bag. “Now, I’ll just stitch you up and we’ll get you up on the ward for observation.” He told Oz. He pulled away the gauze, and stared in amazement, before grabbing a clean piece of gauze, wetting it, and carefully wiping the area clean of blood. “Impossible!” He stared at Oz, who looked back at him, expression completely neutral.

“What?” Demanded Kate, shoving past the doctor, and staring at Oz’s unblemished shoulder. “How is that possible?” She stared in amazement, unable to comprehend.

“I have to go,” Oz said, standing quickly.

“You can’t!” Replied Kate, firmly.

“I have to!” He returned, matching her scary glare for scary glare.

“You were shot on a naval base. You could have been killed! We have to investigate that!”

“If I stay here, someone else could get hurt. I have to take care of this.” His voice was calm and even, as he pulled his coat back on, and slouched out of the cubicle.

"Sir, sir, we'll need you to sign some forms, and we need a blood sample." The doctor stood in his way, waving a clipboard and syringe. Oz looked at him, and allowed some of the wolf to creep into his gaze.

"No blood. I'll sign your forms." He grabbed the clipboard and scribbled his signature several times. Suddenly he stiffened, and, raising his head in the air like an animal, he sniffed loudly.

"I have to go!" He shoved the clipboard back at the doctor, and took off down the corridor.

"Wait!" Shouted Kate, running after him. "Who is chasing you? Why are you so afraid? And how did you do that?" Suddenly, Oz froze, and Kate ran into him, almost knocking him over. He grabbed her arm and dragged her down another corridor, through a door into a linen cupboard, where he pressed a finger against her lips, pushing the door to, but not closing it completely.

They stood silently together, Kate staring wide eyed at Oz. They heard slow, deliberate footsteps, and Kate reached towards the door, intending to close it, but Oz caught her hand, shaking his head when she turned towards him. The footsteps continued past the door, not slowing.

Kate went to draw her weapon, intending to take the stranger down, but Oz shook his head emphatically. Finally, the footsteps disappeared into the distance. Oz waited a moment, then slipped out the door, pulling Kate with him. He led her back down the way they had come, moving silently.

"You have to come with me," Kate told him, and he shrugged. She led him out of the hospital to her car, and he slouched down in the front seat.

“So, what brings you to Washington?” Asked Kate, hoping to break the ice and get the young man talking.

"Travelling," Oz replied shortly. Kate pushed down a small surge of irritation and tried again. “Do you have family in the area?” Oz tilted his head, as though considering the question, then shrugged, as though uncertain. Kate felt her frustration grow, but kept it under control, and kept asking questions, occasionally even receiving a one or two word response.

"This place has excellent security," she assured him, breaking the silence that had existed between them since the hospital, leading him inside and into the elevator.

They exited at the bullpen, Kate glancing around for any sight of the team. "Now, who was that?" She asked, concerned.

"Cain. My shoulda'" replied Oz with a laconic shrug. He glanced around the bullpen, but with no real curiosity, more as though he was learning the area. He carefully scented the air, learning the place.

"Shoulda'?" Questioned Kate, not understanding.

"Means shoulda' killed, Kate!" Said Gibbs loudly from behind her. Oz didn't even flinch, as though he had known Gibbs was there the whole time, while Kate jumped, startled. "Right?" He asked Oz. Oz nodded, shrugging slightly. "Now, Kate, please explain to me why my gunshot victim is in my bullpen instead of flat on his back in the hospital?"

"I heal fast." Oz offered, unconcerned. Gibbs, raising an eyebrow, grabbed the younger man's previously injured shoulder, squeezing gently, then tighter. He raised an eyebrow, but Oz just smiled softly at him.

"All right. Now, why is this guy out to kill you?" Demanded Gibbs, wanting answers.

"Because I am," replied Oz, not offering anything else.

"Because you are?" Asked Gibbs, disbelieving.

"I exist. That's enough for him." Oz met Gibb's eyes, and saw some level of understanding. Kate, on the other hand...

"Who is this guy?" She demanded, angry.


"Of what?" Demanded Kate, hoping to get answers as to what the young man was as well. Oz just shrugged, unresponsive.

"What does he look like?" Asked Gibbs, deciding to be more practical.

"You got a pad and pen?" Asked Oz, glancing around.

"Here," offered Kate, fetching her own sketch pad and pencils. Oz sat, and sketched rapidly, before pulling off the piece of paper and handing it to Gibbs. Looking at it, Gibbs saw an intense man with hate-filled eyes wearing a necklace that looked to be made out of animal teeth. Gibbs looked at it, raising an eyebrow.

"Kate, he's better than you," he told her, handing her the picture. On the side, Oz had noted down Cain's particulars - height, weight, and so on. Oz twitched, raising his head in the air and sniffing.

"Uh oh..." suddenly, he growled, and took off running. Kate and Gibbs glanced at each other before following him. He led them into the stairwell, and down to Abby's lab. He burst in the door, and stopped, glancing around. Abby was backed up against the far wall, holding a chair in front of her, trying to fend off a huge animal. “Oh no you don’t!” Growled Oz, pulling a dart gun from somewhere, and shooting the animal. It yelped softly and collapsed boneless on the floor.

“What is that thing?” Asked Kate from the doorway. Gibbs was standing looking thoughtful. Oz sighed, and shrugged again.

“A complication. You got someplace we can lock him up for a few hours? When he comes to, I’ll talk to him.”

“What are you talking about? It’s an animal! You can talk to it, we should destroy it!” Cried Kate, horrified. Oz snapped around to stare at her, his gaze narrowing dangerously. He moved slightly, placing himself in a defensive position between the agent and the wolf. He could smell her fear, and it had the wolf inside tearing at the walls, trying to break free.

“In a few hours, the kid’ll be normal again. I’ll talk to him, get him help if he’s willing to take it. If not, I’ll take care of him.” Kate gulped at the implacability in his eyes.

“So, you’re a were?” Asked Gibbs, calmly. Oz simply nodded. “Full moon tonight,” Gibbs continued, still completely calm.

“Yep,” agreed Oz.

“Saw one of yours on TOD in the gulf,” Gibbs commented. “Freaked the poor kid who shot him something awful; he thought he’d killed a rabid animal, only to find out he’d shot a superior officer. Then the whole just got hushed up. Wouldn’t have believed it except I was there, saw it myself. So, how come you’re not...” He trailed off.

AN: OK, thanks for all the reviews! Thank you to everyone who reminded me the name was Bethesda, it was right on the tip of my brain but refused to come out! Love you all! Shezzi
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