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Star Light, Star Bright

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Summary: Sometimes life manages to surprise you with utterly delightful things. Who would have thunk it?

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Smallville > Dawn-Centered(Past Donor)PaxFR1311,163131,6056 Dec 076 Dec 07Yes
Star Light, Star Bright

Disclaimer: Sadly, nothing is mine.
I don't really follow Smallville so I have no idea what's going on. There happened to be some writing and a need for a male lead and he's easy on the eyes and it was Bam! here be Clark. Any out of character behaviour is the consequence of the above.


She doesn’t like to be noticed. She’s got secrets and they’re not just hers. She knows that she won’t fit in, doesn’t even try. What has she got in common with small town kids and their cornfields? They’re innocents that live in the light. Her world is always in half shadow.

She doesn’t begrudge them their innocence. In the dusky corners of the library, as she does her homework alone, she lets herself envy them a little.

But there’s something off about the town. Strange stories and that look people have, the one that says they’ve seen something they’ve chosen to repress.

She’s got a crush on a guy in her lit class, but he’s only got eyes for Lana Lang, resident Fairy Princess. He smiles at her once and she wants to tell him about life as Dawn Summers. Key and Watcher Junior. She suppresses the urge.

She goes hunting with Vi and Faith. The vamps in this town are quiet, but sometimes stragglers wander in. Much mayhem goes unnoticed in the cornfields. They make quick work of the five that drove in last night. Dawn even bags a vamp. They’re laughing as they stumble out of the alley into main street.

She smiles uncertainly under the quizzical glances of Chloe Sullivan. She’s sure that she hasn’t seen anything, but that girl’s got a nose for weird. Dawn’s sneaked a peak at the wall. She vows to stay away from Chloe.

It’s harder when Chloe tries to be friends. Dawn would like to have friends but she knows there is no need to bring more people into her wacky world. Chloe’s better off in blissful ignorance.

The rumours run rampant through school. Lana and Clark, cute as can be. Dawn doesn’t know why, it’s not even jealousy, she just knows it won’t last. She watches them from the sidelines.

Chloe tries to be friends. Dawn even likes her. But unlike Buffy she never had the desire to mix with the norms. Pretending is too hard. She chooses Faith’s reasoning. Stick to your own. Everything else is too much hassle in a life full of it.

She doesn’t know how she slips into her casual chats with Chloe, but she does. It isn’t even weird. What’s weird is that Clark tends to pop out of nowhere always needing Chloe’s help.

There’s something weird in this town and it’s not the visiting vampires. Of those there’s almost none and Faith talks of boredom and moving on. Dawn understands that soon they will go once more onto the road leaving another cornfield town behind. No one will miss them. They wouldn’t be too sure if they were really there.

Faith says there was a guy whom she saw fly into the sky after setting a vamp on fire. He had dark hair and a varsity jacket. She didn’t see his face.

Chloe and Dawn eat their lunch together. Clark broods next to them, the Lana thing being over. Dawn sort of hates being right. People deserve to be happy, don’t they?

She never counts herself in.

She’s in a dark alley coming back from a study group making her way to the cemetery to meet up with Vi and Faith. The vamp comes out of nowhere. He’s a fledgling and she thinks he was in her chemistry class. It’s always the same. The stake is sure in her hand, but it’s still a vamp and she’s still just a girl. She hasn’t a chance to call Faith before the cell phone flies out of her hand.

Damn, this is not where she dies.

She fights. Like Buffy taught her. Like Faith has drilled into her. A fledgling vamp will not be the end of her. He turns to dust as they all do and she freezes for a moment, stake clutched tightly, body still locked in the forward motion. Elation is beginning to surge through her. That’s when the rest of them crawl out of the night.

They came to make mince meet of The Slayer’s little sister. So they know who she is. One of them is old; she can feel his age crawling along her skin. These ones are too strong; she won’t be able to take all three. But she tries. She has never felt the fight fill her like this. Must be what a slayer feels. The rush keeps her alive a little a longer and she bags a vamp. One down, two to go. Although she knows she won’t win. Buffy will be mad, it’s her last thought as she’s bodily slammed into the alley wall. Except the teeth come no closer, she hears a scream and sees one of the vamps explode in a fireball. Oddly she registers a reaction: pretty.

The vamp holding her growls. His age suffocates her a little. She’s not thinking; somewhere deep inside she knows this is her last chance. She knees him in the groin, the stake plunges home. He’s dust. The ground rushes up to meet her and she gets up heaving.

Their eyes lock. The lights from the street light him from behind and she cannot suppress the silly thought that all he’s missing is a cape flapping in the wind. She grins at him widely.

He extends a helping hand and she grasps it. It’s warm and solid and sure. She’s never touched anything more sure. She stands up and their eyes meet.

He asks her if she’s hurt. She shakes her head unable to tear her eyes away.

Clark Kent, local jock and all around good guy. Clark Kent who shoots fire out of his eyes. She looks around at the piles of dust. He smirks.


Again, dumbly she nods. His smile is brilliant.

“Well, that’s new.”

He puts an arm around her shoulders. She wonders if vampires are new to him, what’s old. Boy’s got secrets, she can see them swimming in his eyes. Maybe he’s not one of the norms either.

“Let me take you home.”

Gees, the guy is all apple pie. And yet, he shoots fire from his eyes. She wonders what other tricks he’s got up his sleeve.

“I’ve got to meet some friends.”

He nods understandingly.

“I’ll take you.”

She’s surprised at the comfort of his arms around her and lets out a woof as they soar into the sky. Well, now, that’s definitely new. He smirks at her and her little heart goes pitter- patter.

“Where to?”

There’s a bit of laughter in his voice and gentleness in his eyes. Dawn snuggles in closer as the ground swims beneath them.

She’s never seen the stars so bright.

The End

You have reached the end of "Star Light, Star Bright". This story is complete.

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