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Inspector Xander

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Summary: One-Shot for now featuring the all-famous Xander goes as someone else for Halloween. Mums the word on what it crosses over with, but it's someone I haven't seen before.

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Cartoons > Inspector GadgetSithicusFR1321,9571154,0756 Dec 0713 Mar 08Yes

Dr. Angelus

Author's Notes: I was inspired last night to write this companion piece up for my Inspecto Xander story. I don't know guess I was just feeling nostalgic. Anyway hope it will meet with your approval folks, be kind review away and now...

Cue Theme Music

Inspector Xander Chapter Two.
Dr. Angelus

Willow, Oz, Buffy and the others discussed the Judge and the problem they would have in dealing with it, but Giles knew instinctively that the Judge was just something Buffy couldn’t handle alone and so he excused himself under the pretense of calling up the Council for information. Who he was actually calling was someone that had been missing from the group dynamic since Halloween, and Giles just knew he was sorely needed.

He sat in his office studying a book as part of his home schooling course, ever since Halloween he’d been amazed at the level of intelligence he’d developed it just astounded, considering the character he’d dressed up as hadn’t been known for his brains.
He’d gotten emancipated as soon as possible; it wasn’t hard to do when you threatened your dead beat parents with jail time. Getting his private investigators license had been a little trickier, but with the help of Giles he’d managed and now he helped the helpless.
Suddenly a phone began to ring, startled from his book he glanced at the silent phone sitting atop his desk, of course that was just for show. Holding up his right hand he stuck up his thumb, curled his three fingers in and left his pinky rigid, a short antenna popped out of the top of his thumb and Xander Harris answered his very own Top Secret Xander Phone.

“Hello Chief.” He automatically responded with a smirk.

“Xander I am not your Chief, I do wish you’d answer this thing without your usual flair.” Giles on the other end commented with a probable frown gracing his lips, chuckling Xander put the book back in his hat via the third hand holding it and leaned forward all business like.

“What have you got for me this time, you know vampire nests just aren’t as challenging anymore since I perfected my Gadget Stake Launcher.” He remarked.

“Ahem, who perfected it Inspector?” G.A.D.G.E.T. spoke up; rolling his eyes Xander ignored it and listened intently as Giles explained all about the Judge.

“Wowzers that sounds serious.” He exclaimed climbing to his feet. “Never fear G-Man. Inspector Xander is always on duty.” He informed before hanging up.

“Must you constantly use that infernal nickname?” Giles groaned before realizing Xander had hung up; with a sigh he replaced the receiver on the cradle and frowned thoughtfully. “Ah well at least Xander doesn’t constantly cause me to suffer such indignities as Chief Quimby.” He noted with a shudder.

That night at the Sunnydale Mall Angelus, Drusilla and the Judge entered via a set of double doors close to the movie theatre and took in the surroundings, some of the minions smiled sinisterly as the Judge claimed his first victim.

“Lock the exits boys.” Angelus ordered, his minions quickly rushed down the stairs to fulfill his command. “It’s all yours.” He said turning to the Judge, the Judge smiled. Striding down a few of the steps the Judge paused as a young couple approached from his right, fully prepared to kill them too he stopped short as one of the skylights imploded raining glass and a male human in a trench coat down upon the floor.

“Who dares interrupt us?” The Judge demanded.

“I’m never going to get used to the landing part.” The male complained climbing to his feet and brushing off the glass from his sleeves.

“You said you wanted to get down fast Inspector.” G.A.D.G.E.T. pointed out.

“Harris?” Angelus stared dumbfounded.

“Kitten.” Drusilla cooed and clapped her hands happily. “Oh goody.”

“I’m hurt no Buffy tonight? I would have loved for her to see this.” Angelus commented, Xander had by now made his way up the stairs to confront the trio. He stood just below the Judge a deep conviction in his eyes.

“Sorry Deadboy, but Giles called in the professionals for tonight.” He quipped removing both his badge and a stake from his pocket. He plunged the stake into the Judge’s chest and flipped the badge open. “You’re under arrest.” He proclaimed.

“You’re a fool.” He growled grabbing Xander by the throat and hauling him to eye level, the vampires laughed cruelly really hoping to see the blood fly this time. “No weapon forged can stop me.” He stated. The smile on Xander’s face confused him and the Judge paused instead of killing him.

“I know, just had to get you close enough for this.” He stated startling the vampires and the Judge with the fact that he could talk despite his wind pipe being crushed in the Judge’s vice like grip. “Go-Go Gadget Compact Liquid Oxygen Bomb.” He said, in response his hat popped open serving to confound the villains even further and a third hand emerged holding a tiny canister marked LOX. It exploded in the Judge’s face and covered him with a fine mist which froze the Judge into a statue of ice, Angelus and Drusilla watched in horror as the Judge shattered into thousands of tiny pieces due to the pressure placed on him by the change and Harris landed on his feet on the stair previously occupied by the Judge.
“Try and put him back together now.” Xander mocked. “Go-Go Gadget Helicopter.” He called and his hat sprouted a miniature helicopter assembly, he took to the sky somehow missing the previous hole he’d made and crashing through another skylight. Drusilla and Angelus blinked as they stared at each other and then the pile of frozen shards that used to be the ultimate Demon, Drusilla howled in pain and ran from the mall.
Angelus glared up at the holes in the skylight and his eyes flared with fury, how dare Harris do this to him, how dare he.

“I’ll get you for this Harris, next time Harris, next time!” He hollered at the heavens.

The End…?

The End

You have reached the end of "Inspector Xander". This story is complete.

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