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Inspector Xander

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Summary: One-Shot for now featuring the all-famous Xander goes as someone else for Halloween. Mums the word on what it crosses over with, but it's someone I haven't seen before.

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Cartoons > Inspector GadgetSithicusFR1321,9571154,0756 Dec 0713 Mar 08Yes

Chapter One

Blinking in confusion the man wondered why it was suddenly night time and why there appeared to be a horror film in the progress of being shot, snapping his fingers he smiled.

“That’s got to be it; I must have taken a wrong turn and walked into the studio.” He proclaimed. “Excuse me, terribly sorry for ruining the take.” He called out to who he thought was a studio actor, in response the child turned demon growled and leaped at him only to be bashed in the head by an overgrown mallet mysteriously appearing as if from nowhere. “Wowzers, how clumsy of you here let me help you up.”

Hours later the soul behind the eyes was once again the young man born and raised in the body formerly possessed by the unnamed individual, but unfortunately for this young man something rather Hellmouthy had happened despite a certain librarians assurances.

“What…I-I can’t take my costume off.” He exclaimed terrified as he struggled to undo the long gray trench coat he’d been wearing as part of his costume, of course he had no way of knowing presently that his costume was in fact not a costume anymore.

“Harris, ruddy blighter.” A weak voice growled, spinning around on the street he was shocked to find a thoroughly beat up Spike standing not to far away being supported by one of his minions. “I may not have gotten the Slayer, but I’ll settle for being satisfied with her little preppy.” He cursed leaping at Xander, just like before however the mallet mysteriously appeared and crowned the self professed Master Vampire on the head.

“You need to be more careful.” A strangely alluring voice chastised inside Xander's head, the voice was genderless and only served to freak one Xander Harris out more then he was moments ago. Spike groaned, the clonk to the head proving to be surprisingly effective against the Vampire.

“Who, how, wha?” The teen stammered clueless.

“Not again Inspector, don’t you remember me?” The voice demanded in a whining tone.

“Inspector.” Xander repeated lacking anything better to say, fishing into his pocket he found a genuine police badge with Inspector written across it in big gold letters.

“Here we go again.” The voice sighed. “All right my name is Genetically Advanced Designated Genomic Extrasensory Toolbox and your name is John Brown former security officer of Bradford Technologies. With me so far?” The mysterious voices’ only answer was a bewildered look and a strained laugh.

“I think we need to see Giles.” He decided while his new internal voice sighed.

“Well hurry up the dead yet living blonde perp is getting back up.” It warned. “Use the helicopter hat.” It advised.

“O K.” Xander agreed questioningly. “How do I do that again?”

“Oh let me.” G.A.D.G.E.T. cut in.  The top of Xander's hat slid open and twin rotor blades, an engine and control handles popped out quite literally. “Hold on.” Xander let out a shout as he lifted off the ground spinning upside down in the process, Spike stared after him dumbfounded.

“Bugger.” The Billy Idol wannabe slurred.

Landing in front of Giles’ house half an hour later Xander thanked God he was alive, flying was not something he wanted to experience again, at least not without seat belts, sexy stewardesses, a pair of wings and those little bags of peanuts. He could do without the bad in-flight movies though.  Giles answered his door somewhat, though understandably surprised, Xander smiled sheepishly from beneath his new fedora like hat.

“Uh… Giles, I’ve got a problem.” He stated.

“What might that be Xander, and couldn’t it wait for morning?” The librarian slash watcher wondered trying not to look at a clock or his watch for fear of realizing just how late it actually was might make him understandably grumpy with the late night visitor.

“Well I think it’s better to just show you and let you decide.” The newly discovered cybernetic teenager remarked in a sheepish tone. “Go-Go Gadget Arm.” He stated having recovered enough to realize somewhat exactly what had happened to him tonight. Giles watched agape as Xander's left hand shot out of his sleeve on a combination of rods and springs.

“Good lord.” Giles exclaimed removing his glasses and polishing them, returning them to their accustomed perch he continued to stare at the elongated arm for all intents and purposes flabbergasted.

The End…?

Disclaimers are a pain to word correctly, but alloweth me to make things abundantly clear I do not own these characters, or rather what characters appear here. Joss Whedon owns anything and everything to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I don't know who owns the rights to Inspector Gadget exactly considering I've created a sort of Hybrid back-story between the character as seen in the Cartoon and the Movie made by you know who. So I'll cover both bases, Inspector Gadget belongs to Walt Disney and DIC Cartoons I believe. The fact of the matter is this, don't sue me I'm unemployed, dead broke and uh... Just like to write for fun using borrowed characters I fancy as it were. That is all.

Author's Notes: What you have just read is a ficlet that hit me and so I wrote it down to become my first contribution to this wonderful and illustrious sight.
For now it is a One-Shot only, I may choose to continue it if my muse can inspire me with further exploits of the newly dubbed Inspector Xander. That shouldn't stop anyone else from taking what I started with here and expanding on it further, I wholeheartedly encourage it because there just isn't enough good Inspector Gadget crossovers out there, or maybe I haven't looked hard enough.
The back story for Inspector Gadget is a hybrid crossing cartoon and movie interpretations of the character.
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