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Heaven or Hell

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Slayer's House". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy and House discuss theology. Spoilers House season 4

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Television > House, M.D. > Buffy-Centered(Recent Donor)kaelaFR1331,79711212,1216 Dec 0711 Feb 08Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter 2

See first chapter for disclaimers, time frame and spoilers.

A/N: I would like to thank Spring who kindly pointed out that the afterlife conversation wasn't quite done, and prompted this chapter.

House sat drinking a scotch when Buffy walked in at the standard time after a quick patrol.

"What about Hell?" he asked calmly.

"You know the rules snack first then questions," she answered automatically heading for the kitchen.

"Fine," agreed House as he watched her go to make and finish a sandwich before joining him on the couch and trying to straddle his lap.

"Questions before sex. Rules," replied House with amusement.

"Fine," pouted Buffy as she climbed off and settled beside him, "Ask away, but I don't feel like being called a liar, so if you don't believe me keep it to yourself."

"Alright," relented House, "Tell me about hell."

"Demanding much?" Buffy asked sarcastically, to which House glared. "Okay, okay. I've been involved in some incidents involving hell dimensions. Remember when I was explained my hatred of doctors and told you about Glory?" House nodded. "Well she was a hell god and needed the Key,my sister, to open a portal back to her hell dimension. Another time I sent Angel to one and I've also stopped slavery in another."

"Angel as in your ex, the vampire with a soul who uses too much gel, boyfriend?"

"One in the same."

"You sent your ex to hell?" asked House skeptically.

"Yeah," stated Buffy with finality, but a questioning look from House implored her to go on. "It's not something I like to replay, all that’s important is that to close a vortex that would have sucked the entire world into a hell dimension, I had to shove a sword into Angel's chest and send him through it. It was necessary and he understands."

House was going to press the issue, but seeing her sad eyes he changed topics. "And you also single handedly stopped slavery somewhere?" House asked equally skeptical .

Buffy sighed, "After the Angel thing I moved to LA. There were demons promising runaways hope only to force them into slavery in their hell dimension. I killed most them and closed their portal. Happy?"

"Never," replied House with a smirk, "And you still haven't told me anything about about these hell dimensions."

Buffy rolled her eyes and went into exposition mode, "We know for sure there are lots of them, they're ruled by demons or hell gods, time works differently in them and they really suck. We don't know how many they are, why demons prefer them, or if they're after-lives, because our experience with them always involved portals of some kind."

After a pause House asked, "Time work differently?"

"A day here is years there. Any more questions?" asked an increasingly impatient Buffy.

House considered everything Buffy had told him, then answered in a deceivingly pleasant voice, "Just one. Why did you ask me if I went to heaven or hell if you don't think that hell dimensions are after-lives?"

"Cos you're an ass, and that's where asses traditionally go," answered Buffy innocently. "So, no more questions?" she asked less innocently.

"Nope," smirked House.

"Buffy smiled wolfishly, "Good."
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