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The Amulet of Dagon

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Summary: The dagon sphere wasn't the only protective talisman that the monks had. There was another, that had been lost for many many years.

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Chapter One

Title: The Amulet of Dagon
Author: Eddie Witcher
crossover: BTVS and the 1987 film "Monster Squad" and a small cameo from the BPRD
Disclaimer: BTVS characters and any plot from the series belongs to Joss Whedon. Monster Squad belongs to Shane Black and Fred Dekker. The BPRD belongs to Mike Mignola.
Rating: PG-13 or a mild FR15 depending on which scale you use.
Summary: The dagon sphere wasn't the only protective talisman that the monks had. There was another, that had been lost for many many years.
Spoilers: The second half of the movie and Season seven of BTVS.
A/N: I was very surprised that no one has tried to do a crossover with this, that I've been able to find anyway. The film is now available on DVD, I highly recommend it. This story starts about a third to halfway through the movie Call it late summer or very early autumn of 1987. There's more, actually typed up to boot, just a short chapter to get this thing started.

Chapter One.

"Gee sir; You sure know a lot about monsters."

Otto winced inwardly before looking the boy, Horace, in the eye. "I suppose I do." As he closed the door, he glanced at the tattoo on his left arm. "Yes, I know a lot about many kinds of monsters." He slowly made his way to his study. With each step, he felt more of his seventy two years. He sat down at the old roll top desk his brother had built for him, a gift to welcome him to this new country. After all these years, he was still amazed at how much it was like the one their father had used while they were growing up. It was almost an exact replica. The one noticeable difference was the large pane of glass set in the top. When Hans had given it to him, It had five pictures of their family as they'd grown up. He'd wept for joy when he'd seen them. His copies, and their mother's originals had been destroyed the night he'd been taken from his home by the Nazis. Over the years, other pictures had been added. Wedding pictures of him and Margaret, Hans and Anna. The firstborn of the next generation: Hans' son, Ira. Otto's own daughter, and her son. The wedding reception for Ira and Sheila. The latest was of the last child that would bear their family name.

He lovingly passed his hand over the image of a smiling girl with dark red hair. He sighed and opened up the desk. There was much to do to ensure little Willow would have the chance to grow up. He pulled out a small address book. flipping towards the back, he quickly found the number he was looking for. Much to do indeed. The first task being to make an international phone call.
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