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Faith So Not In The Middle

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Summary: Malcolm in the Middle X-over. Post-Chosen, Faith goes home to her real family, the Wilkersons and hilarity ensues... I hope it's funny, anyway!

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Television > Malcom in the MiddleAnoronFR151625,81425116,03225 Jul 0331 Oct 03No

Chapter the second

Still own nothing. Still wish I had it all. Ok, this chapter is way too short, I shoulda just tacked it onto the last bit, so that’s why you’re not having a wait a week for this little bit.
R&R ~Anoron

Faith slouched at the kitchen table surrounded by her three brothers who still lived at home. She could hear her father talking to her mother on the phone in the other room. Her Slayer senses meant that she could also hear her Mom’s screeching easily over the distance, and she had reached level five rage, which was on par with a nuclear meltdown, or an apocalypse.

“Why’s Mom at her sister’s?” she asked Malcolm, who thankfully had showered and smelled remotely normal, which was pretty good for this household sometimes.

“She’s resting while she’s pregnant-”

“Again!? All right Hal!... Also, eew.” Faith pulled a face.

Malcolm and Reese gave small laughs, terrified of being overheard by their parents, but Dewey just put his head down.

Faith turned to him and forced him to meet her eyes. “You don’t remember me much, do you, Dew? You were practically just a baby when I left-”

“Where did you go?” the innocent youngest sibling so far asked. He didn’t remember much about Faith, just that she had been a lot of fun, and it had hurt when she’d disappeared without even saying goodbye.

“A lot of places, Dewey, maybe we’ll talk about it later. So, guess I missed a lot with you, huh?” she changed the subject smoothly, grinning to herself as he nodded. “Well, does a twenty start to cover the costs? And some pizza later on?”

“I’m starting to get over it,” Dewey nodded happily, examining his crisp new twenty dollar bill before putting it away.

Faith glared pointedly at Reese, who was actually salivating over the table. “I will break any part of your body that comes in contact with that twenty.”

Reese gulped. “I’ll be good,” his voice squeaked the tiniest bit and his eyes were wide as saucers. Faith wasn’t bluffing.

“Well, your mother’s coming home, she’ll be here in a few hours,” Hal announced as he bustled back in. He didn’t notice the disappointed sighs his sons gave at the thought of Lois’ early return. “And then you’ve got some explaining to do!” he promised Faith.

Faith was about to give a smart-ass remark, as was in her bloodline to do so when a pained groan erupted from across the living room.

“What the hell?” Faith snapped, jumping out of her seat. In the blink of an eye, her slayer speed had her at the side of the large man coming to in their living room. Another blink had the man pinned against the wall, a hand pressuring his throat just enough to make breathing uncomfortable.

The others were still in the kitchen, only just reacting to Faith’s outburst of power.

Malcolm’s Aside: “I have no idea what just happened. But it was funny.”

Malcolm joined Reese’s mindless giggling at the sight of their sister so easily pinning the formidable bulk of Craig against the wall.

“Why are you in my family’s house?” Faith snarled.

“Reese- hose- window-...” Craig tried to choke out with what little air he was receiving.

“Faith, it’s ok- put him down,” Hal called out at length. He had been enjoying the spectacle just as much as his boys and was a little reluctant to end it. “Craig’s been helping us out while your Mom is away.”

“Ok.” Relenting, Faith backed away and put Craig down.

As if nothing at all strange had just occurred, Hal said sweetly, “Faith, this is Craig. Craig, our eldest, Faith.”

“Hey,” the brunette Slayer said coolly.

* * * * *
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