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Divinely Superfluous Beauty

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Traditions". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Jack and Buffy catch up.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Friendship(Past Donor)PaxFR131977053,8766 Dec 076 Dec 07Yes
Disclaimer: Sadly, not mine.
Summary: Traditions: a glance into The Council
Crossover: BTVS/Stargate SG1
Pairing: Buffy/Jack
A/N: Takes place about 5 years after Chosen. All other cross over time-lines are out of cannon to suit this story.

The title of this is taken from a Robinson Jeffers poem “Divinely Superfluous Beauty”


4/7: Divinely superfluous beauty

Rules the games, presides over destinies, makes trees grow

And hill tower, waves fall.

Buffy smiles brilliantly as she greets the arriving guests. She stopped nagging Giles to let her get out of this duty years back but it doesn’t mean she enjoys it any better now. However her eyes light up with genuine delight as the next group of people slide in. Three men and a woman, moving together as a unit, old habits dying hard even when they’re in evening-wear.

“Hiya squirt.”

He’s got more grey at the temples now but he’s still got that crooked smile and eyes that seem to be laughing. She leans up on her toes and he hunches down to plant a chaste kiss on her cheek.

“Old man, you still trying to flirt with me?”

He places his hand over his heart and his face is the picture of mock hurt.

“I know when I’m outclassed.”

She smiles sweetly and maybe blushes a little, not that she’s admitting to that.

“Hi Daniel. Sam you look beautiful. Teal’c, nice hat.”

They exchange greetings and Teal’s raises his impeccable black fedora and smiles.

“It is a pleasure to see you again Buffy Summers.”

They pass her by all except Jack and Buffy smiles watching Giles and Sam already talking animatedly.

“So, Summers, how bored are you?”

He eyes swivel back to him and she frowns.


Jack grins the boyish grin that usually gets him his way.

“Well, I know how much you love doing this whole welcoming thing.”

She sticks her tongue out at him, he laughs.

“Real mature.”

She glares indignantly.

“Look who’s talking. I saw you and Andrew going over your comic collection.”

He scowls at her, but then his face clears and he grins again.

“Care to go for a stroll?”

Thinking for a moment, she makes her decision quickly and takes his proffered arm. Her eyes catch his and they stare a little too intensely for a moment.

“Soo…kill anything lately?”

He chuckles.

“They don’t let Generals in the field so much. I might murder my staff sergeant, but they seem to frown on that in the military.”

She nods thoughtfully.

“They’re just wacky that way, I guess.”

The stroll the hallway silently and when they both reach the gardens they look up at the calm and starry sky.

“It’s still beautiful.”

She smiles again and disentangles her arm to walk and sit on the bench by the fountain.

“I know what you mean. Sometimes you just look up and wonder how it is that there is still a perfect sky. Or people who are good. Or tomorrows that are not awful.”

He strolls around to join her on the bench.

“Didn’t know you’ve become a philosopher.”

She shrugs and tugs at the hem of her dress.

“Gotta do something with the downtime.”

He laughs.

“Yeah, you get a lot of that.”

The sarcasm isn’t even that thick. He watches her face and on some level is still unable to believe that this tiny blonde, glib and mercurial girl is a hero.

“I wanted to come when I heard about what went down in Cleveland, but the President wasn’t really amenable.”

She shrugs again and her eyes go dark for a minute.

“I know how it is Jack. No big. We took care of it.”

His voice is really quiet.

“I still wanted to come.”

She turns to look at him and her smile is radiant and he can’t help but smile back.

“We took care of it Jack. And look at it this way, I didn’t even sink Cleveland into a giant crater this time. Think about all the paperwork I saved your friend the President this time.”

He chuckles warmly.

“I’m sure he’s very grateful.”

Nodding thoughtfully, she looks up at the sky again a cheeky smile on her face.

“Oh, he was. Even called to offer his thanks on the matter. He was very polite.”


She tears her eyes away for a minute.

“Let’s go back. If I’m gone too long Giles will get carpal tunnel from wiping his glasses and then in a panic send Faith to do door duty.”

He stands up to offer his arm again and she takes it.

“We wouldn’t want that.”

Buffy shrugs.

“It’s kinda amusing. Not too festive though if she scares the guests.”

He laughs.

“She’s still doing that?”

Her smile is arch.

“You have met Faith right? She keeps telling Giles it’s how she stays so young at hear. Then she mentions that Xander helps with that too. And he’s off to wiping his glasses.”

“Your life is complex.”

“Don’t I know it.”

They walk back silently through the hall and depositing Buffy at her post by the door he takes a glass from a passing waiter.

“You look good in your penguin suit, Jack.”

He scowls at her and she laughs. He raises his hands in a star trek salute, finger splayed, and boyish grin in place.

“Live long and prosper, Buffy Summers.”

She grins at him.

“You’re a dork.”

Chuckling, he raises his glass to her.

“To many un-awful tomorrows. And good people.”

She looks him in the eye with her direct hazel glare and nods slightly, a sweet smile on her lips. He has only a moment to smile back returning with a nod of his own and then she’s distracted by more arriving guests. They must have said something amusing because the sound of her laughter follows him as he makes his way through the crowds.

The End

You have reached the end of "Divinely Superfluous Beauty". This story is complete.

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