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The Lovers

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Traditions". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Time strengthens bonds and heals wounds.

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Multiple Crossings > Kennedy-Centered(Past Donor)PaxFR1311,088011,5946 Dec 076 Dec 07Yes
Disclaimer: Sadly, not mine.
Summary: Traditions: a glance into The Council
Crossover: BTVS/The Runaways/X-men/Doctor Who (by mention)
Pairing: Willow/Kennedy
A/N: Takes place about 5 years after Chosen. All other cross over time-lines are out of cannon to suit this story.

The title of this is taken from a Sara Teasdale poem “Gray Eyes”


5/7: It was April when you came

The first time to me,

And my first look in your eyes

Was like my first look at the sea.

“Hon, you look amazing.”

Willow blushes slightly at her girlfriend’s lust-filled compliment.

“Not too shabby yourself there, Ken.”

They grin at each other. It’s nice being together in a room full of friends and allies, especially when it’s not a tactical meeting or a battle prep session. They’ve been so busy lately. Kennedy working with the girls in South America and Willow jetting from place to place, training witches, holding Council conferences. Downtime had been non existent for them in the last couple of months. The closing of the Cleveland Hellmouth, while not nearly as dramatic as the one in Sunnydale has still taken months of prep work and took its fair share of casualties. But tonight was not a night for mourning. They were alive and that counted for a lot. Willow inhaled a steadying breath and smiled at Kennedy in her long black dress.

“Dance with me.”

They swayed to the music of the band, happy to be in their own world.

“You know I love you, right?”

Kennedy’s words are soft in her ear. Willow holds her closer.

“I love you too.”

They haven’t said that to each other in a while, and it bears repeating. Content, they continue to sway until a clearing of the throat draws them apart and before Willow can be annoyed for the interruption her face splits into a happy grin.


Kennedy chuckles indulgently and lets Oz plant a greeting kiss on her cheek and then on Willow’s.

“Hey wolf-man.”

“Can I steal her for a dance Kennedy?”

It’s one of the longer sentences Kennedy has ever heard him utter in the seven years that she’s known him and she smiles her consent.

“You better return her.”

“Will do.”

She leaves them in the middle of the dance floor and smiles as she can hear Willow begin her rapid fire babble of questions.

She’s distracted by her Willow themed reverie by a sharp poke into her side and by the proffered glass of champagne.

“You’re a lucky lady.”

She surveys the willowy blonde in front of her with surreptitious concern. She’s not familiar with her and raises a quizzical brow in answer.

“I’m Karolina Dean.”

Kennedy takes the offered hand. She’s heard of the chick from Rona. Some crazy kid who with a bunch of her friends overthrew the plan of her evil parents to dominate earth. Founded an organization. Fighting evil like the rest of them.

“Kennedy James.”

The blonde with the baby blues grins.

“I know.”

They both watch the dance floor as Willow and Oz dance and talk. Well, it’s mostly Willow talking and Oz inserting monosyllables, but that’s they way things go.

“Enjoying yourself?”

Kennedy doesn’t know why she’s making small talk. Maybe it’s her mother’s drills about how to behave at a proper social gathering that are finally kicking in, but that’s kind of unlikely and very belated. The blonde grins and Kennedy does have to say that she’s gorgeous in that movie star way. Even if she may be a little too pushy.

“Yes, thank you. Sometimes, even I have to admit, it’s nice to be an adult.”

Not really following Kennedy tares her eyes from Willow and glances at Karolina who continues.

“For one, you get to dress up. And there’s champagne. I do love champagne.”

Kennedy grins.

“I’m more of a gin and tonic kinda girl.”

Karolina has the gall to sidle closer and smirk right up into Kennedy’s face.

“Pity. You’ll miss the bubbles. And that light headed, dizzy feeling that makes everything right with the world.”

Deftly disentangling herself from almost having a lap full of blonde Kennedy’s eyes are not too kind.

“You don’t say.”

This kid has balls and that annoys and amuses Kennedy at once. After all, she’s taken and not blind and this girl is hot, even if she might be jail-bait. It’s then that the music ends and Willow and Oz come strolling back.

“Catch you later.”

He gives Willow another peck and a hug and waives at Kennedy. Willow, evidently amused, smiles at the tall blonde chatting up her girlfriend. The eyes she turns on Kennedy are twinkling with laughter.

“Want to you introduce me to your new friend?”

Kennedy scowls.

“Karolina Dean, Willow Rosenberg.”

The blonde’s eyes go wide and she extends an unsure hand.

“Uh, it’s really nice to meet you.”

Kennedy chuckles inwardly. Everyone’s heard of Willow.

“You too. I heard you guys did a nice job helping out at Xavier’s when they had that little accident.”

Willow has a talent for understatement. The accident was practically a full blown apocalypse of the not demon kind.

“Ah, yeah, thanks.”

Karolina is still wide eyed and blushing slightly and Kennedy takes the opportunity to snake a proprietary arm around Willow and is pleased to see Karolina’s eyes widen.

“Are you ready sweetie? Giles said something about saying hello to a doctor. Apparently it’s important.”

Willow’s eyes widen with alarm.

“Oh, he came? I wasn’t sure, well not after the last time…”

Kennedy pats her back to calm her down.

“Shall we?”

They clasp hands.

“Nice to have met you Miss Dean.”

Kennedy’s voice is as formal and strict as she can make it and she’s had a lot of practice being den mother to a house full of slayers.

Karolina just nods with a slightly bewildered smile.

When they are far enough away, Willows finger pokes her side.

“Where you having lascivious thoughts about the jail-bait?”

Kennedy laughs.

“All my lascivious thoughts are for you babe.”


Kennedy kisses her shoulder gently.

“I’ll show you tonight.”

Willow’s stomach clenches and she smiles.

Kennedy reaches for the passing waiter and hands Willow her drink.

“So you don’t think she was pretty?”

Willow’s voice is petulant. But there is humour in it.

“She was pretty. I’m taken not blind, and as my gorgeous girlfriend you should be damn proud of my good taste. ‘Sides, you’re the only girl for me.”

Willow preens and raises her glass to Kennedy.

“To your good taste.”

The End

You have reached the end of "The Lovers". This story is complete.

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