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It's for Texture

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Summary: There was something strange about his new assistant.

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Television > Moonlight(Past Donor)CharlotteFR719141253,0096 Dec 076 Dec 07Yes
I own absolutely NOTHING but the idea of the storyline...

There was something strange about his new assistant.

Brutally efficient, she had a sharp wit and refused to put up with his ‘crap’. Ms. Summers had a very intriguing vocabulary on occasion. It suited his whim to accept her occasional insubordination.

Josef couldn’t exactly figure out what, but the fact that it took him six months to notice was irritating. Even at the height of his feral madness, he would have noticed the odd sort of ‘ping’ Ms. Summers’ presence sent through his senses for the first time last week. This awareness of her wasn’t a constant thing. But he had started taking notice of her on more than a professional level. He caught himself watching her from the corner of his eye. No woman since Lola had incited this much interest. To her credit, Ms. Summers didn’t have the problem of vampyric psychosis either. That was a definite plus for her.

Josef supposed his first clue that Ms. Summers was more than your average human was when she brought him his usual cup of ‘coffee’ this afternoon. He never actually drank it, but kept up the façade of humanity for the sake of his employees. She always brought it to him in a special sealed travel mug to prevent spillage. Her words, not his. For all of her efficiency, his assistant was a klutz and the lid was necessary to avoid the mess spilled coffee would and unfortunately had on occasion produced.

Reading over the financial section, he barely managed to hold onto his dignity and swallow instead of choke.

She had served him… blood. Warmed perfectly. And if his taste buds were right, it was out of his private stock. That she didn’t have access to, much less knowledge of.

Mick had been seated on the couch and had obviously noticed his already fair complexion pale.


Josef waved Mick silent until the door closed with a quiet click, signaling Ms. Summers’ exit from the room.

“What’s wrong?”

Josef silently handed Mick his mug even though they could now both smell the blood.

Mick looked at him incredulously. “You have your secretary serving your blood now?”

Josef glared. “She’s my personal assistant and no, there’s no reason she should know what I am. Much less have access to my private stock. And how would she know what temperature to heat it to?” To Mick’s dismay, Josef took another large drink and screwed his face up in confusion. “There’s something more than blood in this.”

“What? She didn’t poison you did she?”

“No, it’s thick, like fibrous or something…” Josef punched the intercom and paged his assistant. “Ms. Summers, would you come in here please?” Mick raised his brow at the solicitous tone and Josef rolled his eyes. The other man had no idea what he had to go through to find a trustworthy, efficient assistant. Ms. Summers had been the best so far and that was saying something considering his age.

He waved at Mick and the man sat back down as she entered the room as if nothing strange had happened. Her face was calm and her voice steady.

“Yes Josef, is there something I can do for you?”

He raised his mug and quirked his brow. “What is this?”

Her face fell in disappointment. “Oh, you didn’t like it?”

“What are you talking about? Like what? Why did you bring this to me?” He waved the mug around, careful to not spill any of the liquid.

Her brow rose. “Oh please spare me the histrionics Josef. The whole coffee drinking act was getting tiresome. Especially since you’ve killed three potted plants in the six months I’ve worked here. I simply couldn’t stand the coffee abuse.” She looked at Mick. “I make an awesome cup of coffee and he was wasting it. Would you like some?”

Mick shook his head no.

“Why did you come to work for me?”

“You are kidding right? Successfully completing a year as your personal assistant would open so many doors that my career choices would be endless. That and my sister and her husband were driving me crazy. I’m twenty one for goodness sake and they still treat me like some newbie fourteen year old.”

Josef looked at Mick and if his face was any indication, the PI was just as confused as he was.

“I ran a thorough background check on you and there was no mention of a sister or husband.”

Ms. Summers rolled her eyes. “Like you would have hired me if you would have known who my relatives are.”

He swallowed the lump in his throat. “Just who are your relatives? Sister and brother in law to be exact.”

“Before I tell you, let me remind you that I have a contract for a year’s employment and I’ve been the best assistant you’ve ever had.”

“Duly noted.”

“Buffy Summers and William le Sanglant, but he prefers Spike.”

“Holy hell.” Mick had stood at the mention of Buffy’s name but collapsed when she said Spike.

Josef gathered his wits and shook off the momentary terror and smiled coolly. “I assume they have no plans to visit our fair city anytime soon?”

Ms. Summers smiled brightly and said, “Not unless I call them.”

“Fine then. One more thing… What did you put in my blood?”

“Burba-weed. Spike likes it that way, says it adds texture.”

“Please don’t do it again.”


The End

You have reached the end of "It's for Texture". This story is complete.

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