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Guardians of the Potential

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Summary: Xander Harris broke the prophecy and fractured the Slayer line all because of his Chaotic Potential, what if there was one who didn't like it? First Chapter now Edited.

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Chapter One Meet the Predacons

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters belong to Joss Whedon of Mutant Enemy Productions. Did I get the company name right? YAY! Er, anyway. The Transformers in all incarnations belong to Hasbro, the character of Unicron and his Heralds Hook, Line and Sinker belong to Hasbro and Marvel Comics, or Marvel/Sunbow whenever Unicron first appeared. The Beast Wars and all related characters belong to Hasbro and Mainframe. The bodies of Sinker, Hook and Line when they become Predacons belong to Hasbro and Saban or just Hasbro, Sinker shares Sky Bites' body from Robots in Disguise and Line and Hook share the bodies of Universe Toys Frostbite and Reptilion respectfully.
Last, but not least I am only borrowing these characters in an attempt to create a comedic adventure, so please don't sue me I'm meek and humble Fanfic writer # 500,058 or something like that and make no claims to ownership of any of these characters,just the wacky plot bunny that created them.

Full Summary: Xander Harris has fractured the Slayer Line and in so doing realized his full Chaotic Potential though the poor boy is as yet unawares of this development. The Dark God Unicron embodiment of Chaos across the Multiverse has detected this potentially lethal threat to his existence and has sent three powerful Heralds to destroy the human before he can realize his true potential. In order to prevent the disruption to the timeline the Vok, ancient Aliens of the past have sent six reluctant Guardians to protect Xander Harris, and so the story begins.

Author's Note:Re-edited this chapter to fix grammar & punctuation mistakes. Chapter's two and three will be edited today as well with fixes. Chapter Four going up today, yes it's not dead I am BACK to focus on this story until I get ten chapters worth of material under my belt. Six more to go now. Still looking for a Beta if anyone would care to help out.

Chaos is a powerful force it is neither Good nor Evil, but can be wielded by either side in the never ending conflict.  The God Unicron is pure Chaos twisted into evilness due to petty and selfish desires, or at least that is what some might claim as their understanding of his origins.
Unicron is a Dark God and one who desires to obliterate all of creation, not many are aware that there is in fact only one Unicron in all of existence.  He journeys from universe to universe intent on devouring all, quite literally, but sometimes there are developments that require not only his personal interference, but a more subtle approach.
For one particular moment in time has broken through the barriers of reality, a moment in which a human, a mere mortal flesh and blood man has erupted into full chaotic potential eradicating the outcome of a prophecy once set in stone.
And in so doing has fractured the Slayer line.  For a being encompassing Chaos itself this potential creates a feeling he has never once experienced within, fear.

Hook, Line, Sinker,” the booming mental summons reverberates through space and time itself, three indistinct forms appear before their master and creator.

“What is thy bidding Lord Unicron?” the central shadow requests supplicating before the planet sized God.

There is a being whose potential for Chaos could destroy everything including myself. You will journey to his home reality and destroy him.” An image of the human in question appeared before the Assassins.  He was young, adolescent, with brown hair and facial features that were plain as far as the mechanical beings regarding him were concerned. He was in the process of leaning over an adolescent female performing what Humans called CPR.

“Thy will be done,” the shadowed servant on the left stated.

“What name does he go by so that we may carve it into his flesh?” the rightmost one enquired.

Alexander LaVelle Harris. Go, proceed on your mission. Destroy the human,” Unicron ordered.

“With pleasure my lord,” the central figure smiled and all three vanished in an instant leaving the Dark God to await their success for these three never failed him.

Observing these events were beings of infinite power, power enough to shape realities and give life to whole worlds.  Their ultimate mission was a secret and yet they appeared to have a vested interest in the well being of Earth, some might even choose to classify them as Guardian Angels.
As soon as they detected the anomaly they convened to discuss the course of action, these creatures held no physical form that any mortal might comprehend, yet they did have form and substance.  The existed in a realm designated as Nexus Zero, located in the very center of their Universe.

“This could create a drastic disturbance in the established timeline; we must send our own mission.” They had no individual names, collectively they were known as the Vok and when one spoke each knew who they were without the need of such thing as names.  In some realities they also went by other titles, such as the Architects or even the Watchers, but each version of their race proved different some less benign then others and some equally as dangerous as the one known as Unicron.

The Powers would not take kindly to outside interference.”

If we do nothing their plans would be unraveled.”

Protectors, the Human needs Guardians.”

Cybertronians are far too noticeable even for a place such as the Hellmouth.”

“Have you forgotten? They could utilize the Pretender technology.”

Autobots and Decepticons are too large for blending in as Humans.”

“Then we must resort to others of their species.”


“No. Predacons.”

Impossible that faction would never concede to protect a human.”

“Oh but they will, if they do not, if they choose to refuse. We shall ensure that they relive the moment of their demise for all eternity.”

Without Megatron to influence them the Predacons may prove not to be so… Unruly.”

They are criminals.”

Not by choice.”

They would need a competent leader, one who has respect for life.”

“One has been selected already. The one who sees can not be destroyed his potential is far too important for the overall design”

Then it is decided?

Affirmative.” The trio of Vok, for there were only three, created a bridge between dimensions of time, space and reality.  Reaching into the past they took six individuals and sent them to their new destination and home, Sunnydale California U.S.A.

The cemetery was quiet in the dead of night nothing stirred, the Masters death had rendered this place practically a dead zone for the undead or things that went bump in the night.  At least for the summer, no one knew just why that was, but they didn’t question the benevolence of it all.  A Dimensional Gateway literally tore itself open depositing at first five distinct forms, a sixth then came through bare minutes after and landed crouched in a nearby tree watching the others.

“What in Tarnation,” the seemingly shortest one exclaimed shoulders twitching to ease cramps from the fall, his impossibly long left arm lanced out pointing at the closest form, “didn’t we leave you in pieces? And uh… Weren’t we blown up after that?”

“Yes, I don’t like the memories of that,” the tallest spoke up with a shiver, “the Royalty betrayed us.”

“Wazzzzzpinator told you to leave Dragon-Bot, but nooooo two-head and ant-bot never listen to Wazzzzzpinator.”

“How the slag did we get here and what in the Pit is he?” the apparently second shortest of the group demanded pointing a hand at the long armed unit.

“Yeah, the last thing I remember Scorponok and I were falling into the lava beneath the ship,” a screeching high pitched voice chimed in.

“Two-head is Fuzor; stasis pod DNA scanners go crazy. Give him fused beast mode,” Waspinator explained stepping further into the light the one who’d spoken with the screechy voice looked down at himself in shock.  His former red and light black toned body had changed drastically; he was purple and dark brown now with shiny metallic outer armor and organic almost beast-like robotic skin.

“That Transwarp wave seriously messed us up,” he exclaimed, a black and red beast-like robot mode Scorponok joined him in the light, treads seemed to rest on his back and his tail now served as a long whip-like weapon coiled around his right arm.

“Terrorsaur and Scorponok Transmetals now,” Waspinator pointed out, “Wazzzzzpinator jealous, Wazzzzzpinator still stuck in worthless organic body,” he complained petulantly. Terrorsaur rolled his optics.

“Transmetals, Fuzors what the Pit happened… And what are we doing here?” Scorponok growled impatiently, Inferno eyed their surroundings taking in the geography and searching for possible enemies.

“Maybe we’re in the Pit; this could be because we died,” the Fuzor whispered fear plaguing his features.

“Wazzzzzpinator didn’t die,” Waspinator cut in.

“Then you are the lucky one,” the shadow in the tree announced, five weapons trained on him ready to fire. Chuckling the mysterious sixth member leapt out of the tree and revealed himself, Waspinator cowered at the sight of him.

“Lizard-bot,” he whispered.

“The traitor to the colony, or the clone?” Inferno wondered questioning simply because the way things were despite the body belonging to the Transmetal Two clone, it was common knowledge that the spark of Protoform X had been destroyed.

“Neither. And both,” the Transmetal Two informed his tail flicking behind him slightly.

“Thunderin’ slag heap Dinobot you nearly made me self destruct,” Quickstrike complained. Terrorsaur and Scorponok shared confused looks.

“Megatron made another clone?  After the last one failed.” Terrorsaur observed with a grimace Dinobot ground his metallic teeth together and hauled the Transmetal up by his neck.

“Listen carefully. All of you!” he barked, “the Beast Wars are over, Megatron lost, and now those meddling aliens want us to protect some puny flesh creature from getting slagged by Unicrons Heralds.”

“What?” Scorponok hissed, “what’s so special about this human and why should we care? We’re Predacons not glorified babysitters.”

“Dead Predacons,” Dinobot countered, “most of us,” he amended shooting Waspinator a look. “The point is we either help or… Back to the Pit.”

“Neither option is very tasteful,” Terrorsaur grumbled crossing his arms over his torso.

“Got any better ideas Beak Face?” Quickstrike asked with a chuckle, Inferno saluted Dinobot already having made up his limited mind.

“I shall procure us a new colony my Queen,” he pronounced Dinobot shook his head exasperatedly.

“Megatron was the Queen,” he reminded, “and Quickstrike has a point; personally I’d rather do what they want us to if it means getting a second lease on life.”

“But we don’t have any supplies,” Scorponok protested, “and Humans are a slaggin’ waste of space.” He eyed Dinobot sourly, Waspinator wisely kept his mouth shut, no need to bring up the fact he’d been their king once or renounced his Predacon heritage in the bargain.

“We really don’t have much choice in the matter Scorponok,” Dinobot informed, “besides, would you leave even a Human to the fate his death at Unicrons hand would mean?”

“No,” Scorponok agreed, “our ancestors barely survived him, how can we take on his Heralds and hope to survive?”

“Cybertron doesn’t exist in this Dimension; they’ll have to adapt smaller forms to remain off the radar,” Dinobot stated with a grin, “did I also forget to mention there are creatures here we can.  Vent our frustrations on.”

“Killing things. Count me in pard,” Quickstrike exclaimed slapping Dinobots back with his snake arm.

“Our enemies shall buuuuuurn,” Inferno chimed in.

“What about Energon and CR Tanks?” Terrorsaur demanded.

“Wazzzzzpinator wants hazard pay.” Dinobot shot the flier a glare. “Wazzzzzpinator retracts previous statement.”

“Energon won’t be a problem, as for the CR Tanks… I believe they’ve also been taken care of,” he informed slyly. Terrorsaur sighed.

“Fine, at least there aren’t any Maximals around, but I still think we’d be better off trying to conquer this place,” he reluctantly agreed. Scorponok rolled his shoulders and his hands opened and closed reflexively.

“Living is better then death even if it means you’re in charge Dinobot, at least Tarantulas isn’t around to bother us,” he stated, “so who are we supposed to protect and how do we hide our true natures from the Primate?” Dinobot smiled winningly while Waspinator took a step back in silent fear.

“Wazzzzzpinator doesn’t think we’re going to like this,” he gulped his wings drooping.

The sun was rising as six rather impressive looking humans walked onto the streets of Sunnydale, there was a four foot nine inch Caucasian with faded jeans an honest to God leather brown duster covering the sickly yellow shirt he was wearing and a matching cowboy style hat with pepper red hair sticking out.  Next to him was a five foot two inch Navaho with short black hair, red and black checkered tee-shirt and grey Corduroys, a five foot five inch Asian with black hair and a three piece blood red suit with black tie and briefcase stood beside him surveying the area.
Six feet two inches of almost bone white flesh stood next to him wearing a casual maroon shirt and black jeans his hair was completely white as though he were an Albino.  Six feet and nine inches of solid muscle somewhat towered next to him wearing a crisp military outfit of olive and tan with of all things blonde hair, last, but not least a five foot three inch female stood a little off from the others tugging at her green skirt and matching yellow blouse uncomfortably, she was frowning.

“Tarnation these things pinch like a horned toad,” the cowboy complained with a growl.

“Two-head lucky, at least he got to stay male,” the girl complained for yes she was a teenager not an adult like the rest of them.

“Someone had to get close to them as an equal and you lost the toss,” the Navaho man pointed out with a smirk.

“Where is the new Colony?” the towering man of muscles asked blinking in the harsh morning glare.

“We’ll get to that Isaiah, first we need to establish our perimeter as planned,” the Albino snapped, “and for the last time act human.”

“Like Inferno could pass for one of them,” the Asian scoffed, “he still thinks and acts like a real fire ant.”

“Human names while in disguise Terrence,” the Albino reminded.

“That’s Mister Lee,” the Asian corrected, “do I really have to teach these pubescent brats at the local school?” he complained sourly. The Albino glared at him with his red irises. “All right, all right geeze.”

“Waspinator not want to be teenage female fleshiebot,” the girl whined fiddling with her breasts as though she had no idea what to do with them.

“Quit talkin’ in the third person bug eyes,” the cowboy threatened.

“Fine, but I am not calling any of you daddy,” she snapped back. The Navaho man snickered at that and turned away to hide it from Waspinator. “Do I need to be Wanda; couldn’t I pick a better name like Wallflower?”

“Stuff it tender foot,” Quickstrike shot back, “at least it ain’t as bad as Quincy. These humans got particularly peculiar namin’ ideas.”

“As opposed to us,” the Albino remarked a twinkle in his eye, “Tarantulas, Waspinator, Dinobot, Scorponok, Terrorsaur… Need I continue?”

“Stuff it Derrick.”

“Try and make me hillbilly.”

“Royalty… Derrick, our Colony?” Isaiah repeated looking strained as he attempted to talk human.

“We won’t need to get jobs will we?” the Navaho blurted horror spreading across his features at the thought of interacting with more humans then was absolutely necessary.

“By the Pit no Scott, that’s what Terrorsaur is for,” Derrick exclaimed slipping on the name thing, “as for the Colony… I mean our base, come on then and let’s get this over with.”

“Ugh… Waspinator just glad Pretender shells don’t need to bathe, acting like a fleshiebot female hard enough without worrying about all these bits and pieces,” Wanda muttered as the eclectic looking sextet made their way further into town, each and every one of them shuddered.

“I still don’t know what that dangly thang between my legs is,” Quincy mumbled quietly to himself briefly eyeing his lower half with pure disgust in his eyes.

The house wasn’t much to look at; it had been built rather suddenly to match the previous building that the Vok had transplanted last night while the Predacons argued about leadership status.  Therefore it still had drab and cracking paint of a puce green color and needed about everything done to it.
It was across the street from the home of their quarry, though quarry happened to be a misleading term. To anyone outside the house it looked like an ordinary three story home of brick and mortar or whatever humans used in constructing their domiciles, but once you got inside.
There were no stairs instead a highly sophisticated looking elevating platform led up to the higher floors, the living room was one big computer room with monitors and security systems, instead of a dining room four large liquid filled tanks rested sunken into the floor.  The second floor housed quarters for the six Predacons and on the third floor there was a Predacon equivalent to a recreation facility and also the Energon storage laboratory.

“Home slagging Home,” Scott remarked with curled lips.

“At least the floors aren’t made of molten rock,” Terrence commented with a relieved sigh.

“Why couldn’t we get a Femme ta keep us company?” Quincy complained.

“Two-head just angry that he has to babysit Fleshiebot,” Wanda teased sashaying as she walked having watched Black Arachnia enough times Waspinator knew how to look the part of a woman at least, though he’d hate to admit to that if questioned.

“We’re supposed ta be evil, this should be the job of those goodie-goodie Maxis,” Quincy growled tilting his hat up to shoot a withering glare at Wandas’ backside.

“Maximals protecting him,” Derrick scoffed a laugh escaping, “no Maximal would last ten days here, we Predacons are made of sterner materials.”

“The Royalty is right,” Isaiah agreed, “we shall make our enemies buuuuuurn and prove that the Maximals are insignificant,” he proclaimed. Terrence smirked slyly and approached the computer equipment.

“I got to admit Inferno’s right; no way could Maximals protect a Cybertronian crystal snake let alone somebody targeted by Unicron… Ya think if we keep the kid alive he can use these strange powers of his and make it so we won the Beast Wars and Megatron bites it?” he wondered. Scott rolled his eyes.

“Not even in your dreams Terrorsaur,” He mocked; Terrence glowered at the human shell concealing Scorponok and activated the monitors with a punch.

“What do we do while the kid’s in school?” Quincy wondered.

“Determine the lay of the land, terminate any large Vampire or Demon nests and avoid slagging one another,” Derrick replied simply, the others clearly didn’t think much of their chances; after all they could barely stand each other when they’d had the Maximals to kick around every other day.  Six Predacons alone together for any length of time with nobody to fight, it was a disaster waiting to happen.

“Waspinator wishes there was someone to fight,” Wanda muttered to herself, having recently just arrived on the Hellmouth the Predacon turned female human didn’t yet know that such words were always a bad sign.

Hook, Line and Sinker were close to their destination planet when a strange force seemed to stop them, the three Heralds of Unicron eyed each other curiously few could prevent their passage and for those that tried a swift and painful death had been their reward.

“Thou dares impede our passage?” Line demanded assuming that the Powers were involved, in response to his outrage a disembodied voice began to cackle. The Heralds shared a knowing look.

“They have sent someone to protect the boy,” the voice revealed as an indistinct form shimmered into existence.

“They will fall; none will stand in the way of the Sons of Chaos,” Sinker pronounced raising his weapon high.

“You’re old fossils compared to them,” he pointed out, “but I can grant you better forms to stand against them, and offer the services of myself and two others,” he stated generously his optics glowing malevolently.

“You have no such power,” Hook countered in response the being doubled in size and lanced a bolt of energy at him, crying out in pain Hook nearly collapsed, “I rescind my previous assessment. Why should thee help us?”

“Because the ones I hate sent those idiots to stop you and I would prefer to see their mission fail,” he explained angrily, the Heralds held a swift conference internally and reached a decision.

“You may proceed,” Line informed with a nod.

“Excellent.” Their benefactor cackled insanely as energy passed between them, Hook, Line and Sinker instantly began to reformat into new bodies.  In a matter of minutes they no longer resembled the beings they had once been; now they had more streamlined forms, Predacon bodies to match their new adversaries.
Sinker was the largest a massive muscled form dark blue, white, yellow and silver in color, Line was the shortest an ugly dark brown, bright green combination with metallic colors of gold and silver and a strange purple marking adding to the jarring impression his coloration made.  Hook was average height a unique combination of flat silver, purple as well as the metallic gold and silver shared by his fellow Herald Line, all three had been made into Transmetal Two bodies and gained a beast mode.

“Now you are ready,” the indistinct one stated smugly.

“Then onwards to Earth and Alexander LaVelle Harris,” Sinker cried pumping his four bladed left arm into the air.

“Patience, we still need to pick up a few things.”

“Be quick about it,” Line ordered a wicked cudgel appearing in his hand.

“Now, now. Remember we all work for the same side.”

“Have a care Tarantulas,” Hook cautioned brandishing a bladed weapon in his one true hand.

“Of course,” the spider returned with his customary laugh before vanishing as suddenly as he’d appeared, “I’ll be back in a nano-klick,” his disembodied voice called out, the three waited. After all their quarry had little hope of escaping, it was only a matter of time before the human perished by their hand.

To Be Continued
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